YEA!!! Towers arrived!


I can't wait to get my shipping confirmation! I plan to start my 2nd round of STS next week. Anyone else re-starting soon? I'd love to skip meso 1 & go right into Meso 2 since I did use alot of meso 1 last month in my workouts. But, I'm not sure if I should do that or not...



I'm so excited about the towers! and will probably start another round of STS within the next few weeks now that I have that! YAY!!

Denise R

Yippee skippee! :)

I start my 2nd round of STS tonight so this is great timing!! I'm super excited to use the tower and see if I can go as high as my 1rm suggests. (I couldn't last time because it was difficult to lift it up off floor and arc it up and into position--you all know what I mean!) This will make it so much easier. Can't wait!



SO excited!! I start meso 3 next week so timing is PERFECT!! I just wish I had the tower for all the pull-ups in M2! But I'm not complaining, just so glad I pre-ordered the tower! It's like Christmas came early :)


I'm so happy for all you who are getting the Power Tower. I just can't imagine trying to do past Meso 1 without something like that. I have the Valor Squat Stands and was so thankful to have them. Enjoy and good luck!

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