YAY -- I'm me again!!!!

L Sass

WoooHooo to SNM and all the folks working tirelessly to get the password isse resolved. I am back and despite my "senior member" status, which doesn't bother me, I feel like a kid again. Hope it's ok but I will be seeking your "friendship" again. I'm not LAS anymore, but L Sass. Enjoy your day kids!

Congratulations Lorrie!! How -- when -- how did this come about? I've persisted in trying to get a new password and I still haven't had any luck.

And do you know what Chris meant when he talked about merging user names?
Michele -- see if there is a private message in your inbox. That has details of what you need to do. I assume Chris meant they would try to merge the make shift or new info with your old stuff on file, so eg if you wanted to go back to mf545 you wouldn't have to enter your Miss Lee stuff all over again. But I'm not sure. I'm just doing it all again. YAY!
Thanks Lorrie. I checked and I don't have any PM's. I really don't mind keeping my new user name -- I just want my old post count. :(
Thanks for this post!! I went and checked my pm and had one. I have sent the requested info and hope to be me again soon too :)

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