XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota


Yes, Roselyn-
I do eat before I exercise, but what depends on the day. On days off or a late work morning, I eat a full breakfast. On other days, I will eat a date or two stuffed with pb/pb and coconut shreds or a few almonds. If I make homemade fruit and nut bars, I will have one of those. I have done a banana or half an avocado sprinkled with sea salt. I need some kind of protein/fat usually or I will get light-headed.
I am another early riser! Worked out 30 years in the evening mostly, until about a year and a half ago.


I'm also an early riser. I'm usually up by 4 a.m. & start my workouts about 4:30/5:00 a.m. I've gotten into the habit of drinking at least 12-16 oz of water when I 1st wake up; then I drink 1/2 my protein shake & keep drinking water when needed during my workout; then finish the protein drink when I'm done. I can't seem to manage to eat before working out. I know everyone handles things differently & this seems to work for me. I like some of your option Marih & may try some of those.
I may try 1/2 protein shake I too cannot manage to eat that early before my workout. Unless I happen to wake up before i have to I sometimes pop a homemade protein ball and lay back down for about 1/2 hour then there is something in my stomach.


i might try drinking half a shake too-i tend to drink more smoothies in summer for some reason.
do either of you go to bed early? i find that is the hardest thing and usually do not as early as i need. i can certainly feel it in my workouts!
I am lame Marih and go to bed early, I am usually in bed at 9 during the week (since i get up between 4:15 and 4:30) and i have to say I usually do not see our 10:00 news!! I will turn 50 in November and I also try to go to bed early since every now and then a hot flash will wake me up, not as bad as it was about 6 months ago, and I fall back asleep pretty good when it does happen. I have read that eating clean and exercising makes the peri-menopause time not as bad. Anyone else notice? I am going to miss the rotation while on vacation:( I leave next Thursday.


Hi Roselyn-
my peri-menopause has been virtually non-existent except for irregular periods-i use to be every 31 days, then the past couple years, it has been all over the place. my hot flashes only really bothered me for about 3 weeks around Easter I think. my mom and sisters (all overweight) went thru menopause much earlier in their 40's and with more issues. i am very fortunate.
i am glad you are enjoying the rotation. i just finished one for july last night which is a shorter version of the split, with around an hour or so daily.
i hope you have a wonderful relaxing time on your vacation!(you sound like me-hate missing a workout!)
well, you will be ready to work out when you get back!
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Finally got around to trying this rotation. Will finish week 1 today. Boy, did it kick my butt, but I think it is just what I needed to get me out of my rut. I swear, my jeans already feel better in the legs and yesterday DH commented about my butt. :eek: Hope you come up with some more rotations, especially when the new series comes out.



thank you, regina! i alternated between the two for a month, then did 2 weeks and 2 weeks. still hard.
i am coming up with an sts undulating for august and sept this week. i can't wait for the new workouts to come out!

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