XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota


I started this rotation this morning. I'll be alternating weeks: one week split, one week endurance. Did LIS Total Body Upper + Cardio Supersets with modifications to keep low impact. Boy, I was drenched by the end of it. Love it. Day one down. Don't know how long I can keep up the longer workouts but I'm going to give it a try.
Do those of you doing this rotation have any interest in posting your meals? Eating clean/and eating enough sometimes gets hard to stay on track and maybe there are some new meal/snack ideas out there along with ideas to eat enough to do this rotation I would post. We don't have to do it everyday if you don't want just maybe to jumpstart this rotation along with a good eating plan. And I too love this rotation


Day 3 done! Boy were my arms shaking by the end of it. Can't believe I made through the entire premix: 89 minutes. I did have to take a couple of breaks to get additional water and a potty break, but I made it. I wouldn't mind a check in with this rotation. I'm not so good at keeping track of my meals, but I can give it a try.


Hi again, Measuredoak! Thanks for giving this a try! I have split up the longer days when needed according to my schedule-I made it through one month alternating like you are going to do-this month I will do two and two!
Thanks, Roselyn! I hope you enjoy the whole month!
I am all about food, so I will gladly chime in where you want-I eat 4 times a day (protein/carb/healthy fat) I don't count calories. I eat 97% organic/grass-fed/non-GMO/carageenan or guar gum. The other 5% is the occasional pizza, beer, wine or Bailey's. I prepare everything from scratch.
I eat unlimited veggies/fruits. I aim for 1 starch a day-2 on these longer days. The starch would be sweet potato/or brown rice. I eat white potatoes. I do not view them as evil. I do not eat low-fat.
I do not believe in fad foods or fad diets, eating at certain times or whatever-impossible for me to do based on husband's work schedule.
eggs/fruit/sweet potato-breakfast or kefir smoothie with berries/greens/avocado or coconut
(this morning I made a sweet potato pancake)
Lunch-leftovers of meat/veggies/potato from night before or similar meat/veggies/healthy fat
Dinner-meat(chicken/fish/pork/beef)veggies/potato. Occasionally pasta type dish.
My snack between lunch and dinner is Nick's sticks/fruit or veggie/almonds/nuts/cheese or anthing that would end up being protein/carb/fat.
Hi Marih

I don't count calories either and I try to prepare from scratch also.

I eat more veggies than fruit, i do love berries and strawberries.

I am trying to wean myself off protein shakes, i usually have one mid afternoon for a snack, or I am trying to drink after my workout, what is your opinion on protein/bars? I usually make my own bars unless i buy QUest bars.

Today so far went like this
Breakfast was oatmeal and berries
Lunch chicken and asparagus sweet potato
snack protein shake
dinner will be chicken and brussel sprouts
then i sometimes have some casein with peanut butter for a snack at night


Hi Roselyn-
I love all veggies and fruit. And meat. Ha. I could live on that and eat very simply.
Since I try and eat as natural as possible, I don't do the bars/shakes anymore. I make my own version of Larabars, as you know most of them are glorified candy bars it seems! I used to do protein shakes, now I try and amp the protein as naturally as possible-as long as I get around 20 grams, that works for me as I do eat a lot of protein spaced through the day.
The hardest part about eating well is that I wished I lived in a major city, where I had access to better stores with a variety of whole organic foods.

Your dinner last night sounds like what mine will be tonight! Last night I roasted a chicken in the crockpot, made smashed Yukon potatoes, and spinach. Having some of that for lunch along with some grapes, tonight will be the rest of the chicken, which I will make with gravy, and hubby will need that over more smashed potatoes-but I will roast or grill the asparagus!
This am I was rushed so ate a bunch of strawberries and drank some plain kefir. Starving by 9am.
Oh and I love Peanut butter too! Sometimes for a snack I will slice open a banana and spread some on and eat it.


I'm lurking on this thread, because the rotation looks wonderful! Interested in what everyone eats as well.
I've (mentally) committed myself to another rotation for the rest of June - but would like to try this one at some point. Keep posting - please- it's good motivation for me.
I'm another clean eater, and always cook from scratch. To be honest, I have no choice - I live in the middle of nowhere, and it's just easier to grow our own than to traipse to a supermarket.


Hi Justine!
Let me know if you give it a try and thanks!
I know what you mean-if I go to a store that has everything I need (want), it takes up a great deal of the day, and I just don't have that kind of time every weekend!
I put in a small garden this year and some things in pots. We live on a 4 acre wooded lot and have to deal with shade and clay soil-am keeping my fingers crossed for a good crop.


My problem is I WANT to grow my own, yet we have sand for soil! Yuk and so hard to grow anything ! I live in a small town that has grocery stores like food lion and IGA but they do not have to many organic things. Food lion is trying. No farmers market unless I go to an hour away.
I'm from another state that had rich soul and I lived in the country we could grow our own food but here I have no green thumb in sand! Lol
I am still eating veggies that's available and washing as good as I can. I love this thread it does give good ideas on eats and I'm gonna do this rotation once I get my nerve up!
I can't wait to hear y'all's results to.
Eats today went like this
I had 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and blueberries for breakfast.

Lunch was chicken and brussel sprouts (leftovers)

snack almonds,

dinner was fish, salad, and asparagus

I am trying to wean off protein bars i make my own usually, i am hooked on the chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar but very expensive.


Hi Renee-Do you have room for container gardening? I put some tomatoes and peppers in pots on our deck. Lettuces work also.
Also, if you are able, I have seen some beautiful raised beds for gardening-doesn't have to be too big. I begged the hub for one but instead he roto-tilled up a spot for me in the back yard. We are experimenting without spending too much.

Oh Roselyn, you did so much better than I have this weekend!
Yesterday I started off with strawberries and kefir again. Threw some coconut on top for fat. Lunch was eaten out with coworker and my 13 year old granddaughter at Grinder's. So-I had grilled vegetables, French fries and boneless wings (why they call them that I will never know;) I know I could have eaten better, but didn't want to!
Dinner, the grand-d and I made homemade taco pizza and pepperoni pizza with fruit salad for dessert. I had a beer in there sometime too and snacked on a meat stick and a few grapes.
Today hasn't been too much better-egg, ham, fruit, coffee for breakfast
leftover pizza for lunch/iced tea.
Split a bag of organic sea salt/vinegar chips and beer with hub sometime in afternoon.
But dinner was grilled chicken salad!
I do start off my day with a large 16 oz mug of hot lemon water on an empty stomach. Have been doing that for years.
I also drink coffee and iced tea(I put 2 tbls. of organic evaporated cane sugar in half a gallon)and about 6-8 glasses of water a day.
Last edited:
Saturday eating was pretty good,
today started off with egg white omelet with spinach and a slice of ezekial bread
lunch will be grilled chicken on a spinach salad, hubby grilled so that will probably be dinner too, maybe just chicken and veggies no salad

snacks probably peanut butter, apple

ready to start my second week of your rotation


Just finished TB. I hope Cathe comes out with more like this one!
Eating-Sunday-Egg, fruit and coconut butter. Lunch was just a turkey stick and a veggie or fruit-had calling hours and family get-together where I drank one beer and didn't eat. (It sounds like I drink a lot of beer!!) Dinner was a hamburger, oven fries and sauteed greens and grilled mini-peppers.
Yesterday and today breakfast-homemade ricotta with fruit (found grass-fed organic milk at store and made own) Yesterday lunch leftover taco fixings from pizza with salad fixings/grapes. Snack was turkey stick and nectarine. Lunch hub wanted sweet and sour pork/rice so made that (put tons of extra peppers in)
Lunch today will be grilled chicken/kale/sweet potato (with butter) dinner-chicken over salad-all the veggies I have in house with avocado too. Hub can eat leftover sweet and sour-it is an awesome recipe but too sweet for me all the time.
Turbo Barre Lower Express today and abs,
breakfast was cream of wheat with some protein powder made with water
Lunch chicken and asparagus
snack protein shake
dinner will be chicken and salad maybe some brussel sprouts


yesterday eating-
chicken breast/avocado/tomato/peppers
snack turkey sticks/grapes
( I am sure there were other random things thrown in there too)

Roselyn- I have to ask-
Is this typical eating for you or just this month?
I feel like a cow comparing our meals, ha ha !;)
I actually ate pretty close to you the last 6 weeks of my 2014 STS rotation and my husband said I was getting too skinny! I felt good but I was constantly thinking about food all the time too. Does this happen to you?

No this is not typical but I will tell you that yesterday and today I am starving, I think this amazing rotation is kicking in

Today breakfast was 2 rice cakes with PB2 and Sugar free jam
Lunch was a protein shake
snack today I think will be some turkey and brussel sprouts
dinner is going to be fish, and a salad
and my evening snack probably will be casein with some PB


my eating yesterday was a sweet potato pancake for breakfast and fruit, leftovers- lunch, turkey stick and grapes-snack, and pizza hubby picked up dinner. Bad!
haha-Roselyn-I am looking at Cathe's premixes i haven't done yet and have another rotation in mind for July-iam going to try and keep it no more than an hour a day, different variation on a split routine, but hard still! i hope you get good results. i almost wish i didnt split mine up but the next 2 weeks are busy so i will appreciate the shorter workouts.
Oh can't wait for you to put another one together.

Do you eat before you exercise? I get up early (between 4:30 and 4:45) to get exercise in before work, any ideas what would be good, I do eat my breakfast within an hour after.

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