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I am 67 years old and have been active all my life including using Cathe's tapes for the last 20 years. I am very small-boned, 103 pounds 5'3". This year I am finding that both strength and endurance are on the decline though I hate to admit this. Have been doing STS series faithfully for the last year and a half. Recently purchased the LIC and can do all except the Afterburn which requires I take a break quite frequently. This is also true of all the Advanced step cardio routines even though I use a 4" step. My question is should I fight this (which I've been doing for the last year) or ask that you develop an over 60 series that is more intermediate re the cardio. With the STS I was able to increase strength in the chest, back and legs but NOT the biceps or shoulders. In fact, injured shoulder 3 months ago and it's still on the mend. Can do about 1 dozen pushups on toes which I think is good for my age but I have no way of gauging this. Anybody out there my age with similar issues? Would love to hear from you...and Cathe, please remember there are some really older fans out there who love a good workout but aren't up to the challenge of 100 jumping jacks!


I'm not over 60 but there are days I feel like I am! LOL. Actually I like your idea. I know Cathe does "Silver Sneakers" class at her gym so I bet she could do a DVD. I just had knee surgery for the second time last week and I just know he's going to tell me no more high impact:( which means I will be looking for more options too. My hat is off to you for your continued commitment to working out. I hope I can say the same when it's my turn!


I'm almost 65. I modify a few things for safety and to prevent problems. I don't do much high impact jumping moves just because my knees are good yet and I don't want to accelerate any declines. I pause for short breaks during Afterburn. If I am too out of breath, I pause for 20-30 seconds. My DVD player also has an 80% mode that plays the disk slower.
make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. as we get older, the sense of thirst may not be as strong as when younger.

I've done STS 4 + times and enjoy the slower pace with heavy weight. I record my weights and have increased a lot since the first time but each time thru I notice fewer big changes so maybe I'm close to the maximum I can achieve with the time and energy I have to spend.
at some point you will be maintaining and maybe not increasing. I think that's true(at different ages) for almost everyone. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't think I'd ever be as strong as Cathe even if I was young again. age is one factor, genetics, and how hard you want to work for minimal gains. we're all put together differently.

You are probably in better shape that >99% of the women your age so that should feel great.
IMO getting injured is the biggest risk because we recover more slowly as we get older. I'm careful to modify when necessary and to prevent trouble.
Silver Sneakers? Ha ha. I just bought a know those Ash sneakers with the 3" wedge. I think that proves I'm not giving up easily! Good luck with the knees. Oddly, I found that Yoga produced pain in my knees not the high impact. The high impact is difficult for me because of oxygen deprivation! Once my heart rate gets to 150 I'm all done and have to rest. I'm going to work on increasing my endurance doing the STS 1 for one thing and some kind of easier cardio. Thanks for the reply...
Good point with the "just maintaining." I think that's where I'm at. I think my mind's in the 20's but the body is just not buying it!


Susan- thanks for the wishes about the knees. That's a bummer about the yoga and the pain......I just have balance issues so my pain is from falling flat on my face! Haha. Like you, I'm still going for it, even if my body says otherwise: I will not be taken down easily:)


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Did you over 60 gals order Xtrain? I pre-ordered but was wondering if it would be good for me.



I ordered xtrain.
I've always been active , not planning on quitting anything! so many older people get into serious trouble because they don't exercise/work out and gradually get weaker because they lose their muscle mass. even if you reduce calories and stay active... you burn fewer calories and get fatter unless you're diligent. I have more muscle now than when I was younger. I think I can still make strength gains but they're more modest than when I first started weights. and if you don't use it, you'll lose it! I was always active but didn't do specific strength training. now I do.
I'm more careful because injuries set you back and it's a longer recovery if you're 60+ versus 25 or 35.

I do more varied things now rather than just rely on running for staying fit. I'd rather modify tougher workouts myself if necessary. I know what I can do and what might cause problems for me and work around it. I'm more careful with knees and shoulders than I used to be.
Hi Lizh, I did not order XTrain (yet). I'm having a difficult enough time with the Low Impact Challenge which was the last series I ordered! I get out of breath simply put so the XTrain looked a little formidable to me. I probably should be "modifying" as Traildoggie suggested but I always feel like I don't have a good exercise session when I take too many breaks. Guess I have to get over that. Let me know how you make out with Xtrain....
Hi Mare145, You're a riot! Yes, balance is yet another issue...can't count the times I've tripped over the step or simply fallen over in the one-legged yoga arabesque. Oh well...ya just hafta keep on moving. I'm wondering how many over 60's are out there still pursuing Cathe's workouts. I know all my friends aren't doing anything like that (they walk like normal people!). My sister, who is 70, does 1 mile with Leslie Sansone but not consistently. I find that to be so boring and of course, it does relatively nothing for increasing muscle. The others that I like okay, are Jari Love, Amy Bento and Karen Voight. How about you? Cathe is the best in my opinion.

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