Workout Warriors Wounded and Otherwise May 17-23

I thought for sure someone would get here before I did! I wasn't feeling so great this morning, headache and queasy. :( I stayed up late last night reading a book from a series that I've been waiting almost a year for and that always comes back and bites me in the butt! I'm very consistent about being in bed by 10:00 and it was 11:40 when I made it in there. Then I was too hot, headachy etc. and Sparty woke me up at 5:15. So, once I finally got him settled back down, I took the comforter and went and slept in the basement and got back up at 7:30, laid back down around 10:45 until noon. Feeling better now. Busy night as Nicholas has a scrimmage, Derek practice (same location) and DH is off to his softball game. He keeps score for both the boys teams, but since it was a scrimmage and he misses a good portion of his games he opted to go play.

Yesterday I finally got my bike out and did the rounds of our "block" which is country miles and got in 4 miles. My bike did ok, though the brakes squeak and it could really use a bath. Sparty ate the hose though, so that's not happening. :rolleyes: Felt good to be out riding again. Just me and the birds, bunnies and cows. I love riding weekend mornings because there is very little traffic out here. I've done 20 miles before and only seen a handful of cars.

Ok, I have to admit I'm sitting here rather :eek: Here I am slowly rehabbing from my latest injury and my success story is now a spotlight story. My calf did ok yesterday and I've been stretching it quite a bit. Weather permitting, I want to do a couple more 4 mile rides this week and then next week start going farther and also adding back in cardio DVD's. I'm going to look over the rotation I created and back off the cardios some. Keep everything else and just start off slow with those.

Hope you are all having a good day! I'm going to go walk around the yard with Sparty and get back to functional.
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Hi Warriors!

I'm going to try to jump back in the saddle this week. I haven't done weights in awhile, so I thought I'd try Travel Fit. I did only half of it as it is right before bedtime here & I'm tuckered! But it seems like a good toning workout. It has a mild cardio factor too, although I consider more strength than cardio & wouldn't count it as a cardio workout.
Tomorrow, I think I'll give HiiT 30/30 a whirl & maybe do the second half of Travel fit.

Cathy, I didn't realize your success story was being highlighted! I'll go check it out! :)
Hope the queasies leave you alone & that your day goes well.

Janis, Heather & MJ, Hope your week is starting out good!

Hope to be back tomorrow!



Hey Everyone

This is the message that I had posted this morning...
I had really hoped to get some other form of a workout in today but that did not happen... Oh well. Tomorrow will be another busy day.
Hope everyone had a great Monday and I'll try and send some sleep your way Cathy!

Happy Monday Everyone

This morning was a shorter workout as I had to go to work this morning at a site, but half way there they cancelled and now I am going to have to go tomorrow. I did Lauren Brooks Vol. 1 and used my 16kg bell for the two handed swings and it really upped the cardio factor! I was really happy because I could do 3 close grip push-ups on my toes!!! I have always had a really hard time with those. Anyways, I had better get to work! Tara glad to hear from you and glad that you got a workout in!

Talk to you soon
Ok, NOW I'm frustrated. I AM FRUSTRATED! There I got that out. :( Tonight when I was watching Nicholas' game a foul ball landed over by the other field and since I was sitting in the top row of the bleachers I had the guy toss it to me. Nicholas was on deck, so I went to go over and give it to him and as soon as my left foot hit the ground. There went my calf again - only worse. :mad: I really don't understand what is up with them. I have no history of calf problems until I hurt the first one in December. And every time I hurt them, I'm at one of the boys games. Strange, just strange. I guess come Monday, I'll be starting up STS upper body with abs and stretching and floor work. Rerun and it's getting old. I think this one is actually the most painful. I'm icing and wrapping it. I may go to the doctor just to ask him what he thinks is the underlying issue and how to prevent it in the future!

I took several naps today and hopefully can get a good nights sleep tonight.


Hey Ladies,

I did 30/30 today. Whew, I can tell I lost some ground by not working out the last few weeks! I huffed & puffed through & pushed pause a few times, but I managed to get it done! :) I'm just in a mix it up mood--tomorrow I'm going to do 4DS Kickbox + legs.

Cathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your calf. I'm frustrated right along with you. I had just read your testimony before I read your post! I'm like, "That's unreal!" At least you know that by resting it & building back up slowly, it will recover. I hope that your MD is able to give you some answers about what it keeps on going out though.

Heather, I'd almost forgot about trying a kettlebell workout. You've renewed my motivation to do so. :) I bet your week feels a little out of whack since they abruptly changed the day you're suppose to work. Hope the remainder of the week will bring no more work surprises!

Speaking of work, I think the prep for the inspection was busier than the inspection itself! It's been a lot quieter and not so busy. I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to get in a full week of exercise! :D

Janis & MJ, Hello & hope to hear from you soon! :)
I went to the doctor this morning. He told me to stay off bleachers and the next time I come in for something he wants it to be because I was doing something like rounding first base and heading for second. :D I just need to do the same things I did last time until it's ready to go again. I asked him if there was anything I could do to prevent it and he said not really. I just basically stepped down wrong on it. Though I gathered from what he was saying that because the muscles in that area are strong, they gave enough support that it wasn't worse. Tendon is fine and no bleeding which apparently happens sometimes. :eek: He didn't even tell me to make another appt as he seems to feel that I know what to do.

He cracks me up though because he's been in sports med for a long time and his exam room walls are filled up with pictures of him playing sports, him with sports figures and his family. Quite a few with Earvin Johnson because he's from Lansing and went to MSU. He's even got one with Hulk Hogan. :D

Tara that's great that things have finally calmed down and you can get your workouts in! You guys all have to give regular reports so I can again live vicariously through you!


Hey Warriors!

It's a busy time around my house.

I took several days off from working out to give my right hip/glute a break and also my left calf. Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes and then was out of town all day. Today I ran on the treadmill, per Cathe's posted intervals, then I, too, did Lauren's vol 1 KB dvd. After that I did power yoga with Rodney Yee. I am trying to get the blood flowing and the kink out of my sciatica and piriformis.

Cathy - I am sorry to hear your left calf bailed on you, but glad that you got a fairly positive response from your doctor. Personally, I hate bleechers. I am intimidated by the riser spacing and always fear I am going to fall down or, worse, fall through. Cheer up butter cup, you can always bike, right?

Heather - seems we are on the same page today, well, except for the going to work business. Were you able to do anything before you left today?

Tara - It is lovely to hear from you. Yay! on tackling Hiit workouts. You're one ambitious girl!

MJ - Hi ya!

Tomorrow - not sure what I have on tap. More KB and a leg workout, I think.



Hello my fellow Warriors!

I got up eaarrrrrly this morning & did 4DS-Kickbox. I didn't get up quite as early as I needed to have time to do the leg wt portion, but the KB routine was fun and invigorating. :) I feeling motivated to try to get the early AM workout routine going, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow! I definitely in the mood to do some legs; I think it'll either be one of STS plyo legs or the 4DS legwork.

Cathy, so glad that your doctor was encouraging. I'd love to see all the pics in his office! I hope it won't be too long before your back to doing lower body.

Janis, sounds like your leg & hip are recovering well and that you are just about ready to go at it with full force! Although, between running on the TM, the KB workout & the power yoga, it sounds like you are already there! :D

Heather, hope your workday was a good one & that you got a decent workout in. :)

MJ, Hey you! Miss you & hope life is good!

See you tomorrow,
Tara YAY on your early workout! I know you can get in the swing of early mornings. It just takes a bit of time to adjust.

Janis any bike riding will have to wait until I can at least walk properly again! This time was very different as the first day after I could only walk on my toes on that leg, and last time I couldn't go up on my toes at all! Amazing how doing something a few inches up can change so much in how you can move. Today, I'm trying to walk more with my foot flat and short steps. He told me to start walking normally as soon as I can.

I haven't been off it today as much as I should because I'm watching a friend's kids and I had to clean up the house. So right now, I have 6,7,8 and 11 yo's playing happily in the basement. Hoping it stays that way as Nicholas (11) sometimes has issues about playing with "little" kids. Though he doesn't have problems playing with Derek. :rolleyes: Thankfully, they are basically self sufficient and I just have to keep an eye on them and put food in front of them regularly.

Baseball tonight! and not at a place where there are bleachers, so I'll be safely in my camping chair. :rolleyes:


Good Morning Everyone

Today I am sort of having a rest day. I was achy when I woke up so I decided to take it easy for now but I may workout later today. It is actually supposed to be hot here today so hopefully something outside! Yesterday I did a Body weight circuit before I left for work and it was short but killer. Then my sister came over last night and I taught her some kettlebell stuff.
Today is a crazy day as I have to go meet with the lawyer about the house stuff and then get a bunch of work done. At least a long weekend is coming!

Janis - I say the run Cathe posted and I might try that today. Glad to hear that you are taking a break and letting things get better. Frustrating but I am sure that it will be helpful in the long run. I plan on doing Vol 2 of Lauren's tomorrow. I think my next rotation will be the Enter the Kettlebell Rite of Passage. I have downloaded the work book from the Art of Strength site so I think I know what to do... I got my 12 kg bell yesterday and it is the perfect weight for me for the presses and two handed swings!

Cathy - Glad to hear that you have a rotation planned for upper body! I am sure that you won't loose too much ground and will be back at it sooner than later.! I was baseball last night too and I was looking at the bleachers and debating if I actually wanted to use them!!

Tara - I really love 4DS Kickboxing! The workout just flies by and and is so much fun! How's the running going?

MJ - Hope all is well!

Baseball was so much fun last night! Last time we played that team they beat us 12-2 and this time we won 13-1! Nicholas had his best hit ever, too. Today is sunny and supposed to be near 80! A little to hot for me, but I'll take it over the crappy weather we had beginning of the week.

My leg is doing better. I found after one day of walking on my toes that that was going to create more pain in other areas so yesterday I made myself just shuffle along flat footed. Going to only wrap it when I have to be up a lot. Especially since I'm wearing shorts and the wrap would make me look dorky. And, yes, I feel that way even if no one but the boys sees me. I may wear jeans to the field tonight in 80 degree heat just to hide it. :eek:

Have fun with all your workouts. I'm vacating this area as Sparty is smelling rather like rotten eggs and sleeping on the floor beside me. :rolleyes:


Hey Everyone

This morning I did a 6km run and then did a Kettlebell circuit. I did 12 minutes of swings alternating with either jump rope or mountain climbers. It was way harder than it sounds! It was such a beautiful morning that I couldn't help but go for a run even though I had planned something else!
Hope everyone has a good day!

Talk to you soon
Hope you are all off having fun and keeping busy! My fun day was getting a filling and then back home. Then took the boys to a friends while I did the shopping I normally do on Saturday. Now we're getting dumped on with rain, so the games tomorrow are looking very unlikely. Looking forward to the warmth and sunshine headed back our way on Sunday.

Heather sounds like you got a great workout in this morning!

Oh, I finally got a new bike helmet, so I'm all set for riding....once I can. ;)


Hey Everyone

Today is my rest day but yesteday I did a killer workout that pretty much killed me! I did Turkish Get ups for 10 min and then the Brutal Body Blast from I was a sweaty heap. Today will have lots of yard work so that will be good for "active rest" I planted half the garden on Friday so I am hoping to get the rest done today.

Cathy - Hopefully you get a nice day today (we are hoping too) and get to have that bike ride! Are things getting better?

Janis - How have your workouts been going? What is new. How is the hip?

Tara - Hope you are having a great weekend. What's up?

MJ - Hope all is well.

Talk to you soon

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