Workout Warriors the Healthy and the Healing May 24-30


Happy Saturday & Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I'm lucky, I get a 4 day weekend. Since the clinic got an outstanding on the recent inspection, the base commander gave our staff Tuesday off. Yippee!!!! :D

I got somewhat swamped at work on Thursday & Friday; didn't get to run or do a DVD. :(

Today, I did 4DS Bootcamp as soon as I woke up. I did 2 rounds of the biceps & then decided that was enough for me today. I'm trying to jumpstart the weight loss again, so I've lowered my daily caloric intake. The downside is that I run out of steam once I hit around 40 min into a workout. I hope my body will adjust soon.

Okay, I think I'm going to get some Vibrams. I have a co-worker would bought some about 2 months ago. She doesn't regularly exercise, but since wearing the Vibrams, she says she lost 10 lbs! One of my pts says that she did Nutrisystem for 1.5 months & wore Vibrams--she lost 30 lbs in that month & 1/2! I don't think losing 30 lbs in approx 45 days is safe, but I was happy for her all the same. Anyway, I don't know if I'll do nutrisystem, but I think I'll definitely try the Vibrams. :)

Janis, You're such a good Mommy! ;) Although you're house sounds full, I'm sure it's nice have your sons all there. My Mom tells me that she likes nothing better than when me & my sisters are at home at the same time.

Heather, I hope the Canadian heatwave ends soon! It's tricky figuring out how to get the intense, calorie burning workouts in, but not overdoing it. Hopefully, you'll find that perfect balance that works for you soon!

Cathy, How nice it sounds to workout on your porch with nature, birds and a weird sounding rooster in the background! I live in a small village with a lot of dairy farmers. So, when I go out on my balcony, I hear mooing & birds singing. It actually is quite relaxing! Too bad my balcony is too small for me to exercise on! ;)

MJ, Hope you're workouts continued throughout the week & that you get a chance to tell us about it! I know work and life's busyness make it tough sometimes! :)

Tomorrow, I'm planning to finish up my 4DS week with kickbox & legs.
See you all then!

Tara that's great that you get four days off! Have fun. We have plenty of cows out our way, but the closest ones are about 1/2 mile away. Don't see them, but we do hear them sometimes.

I have the Vibrams on again. I've matched them up with my feet and they really seem to be the right size, it's just my very strange funky toes that are the issue. Maybe if I wear them for short times here and there my big toes will actually start to straighten out. Though I don't ever remember them being straight, I do they think are more curved than they used to be. And truly my little toes are barely more than 1/2" long. They don't even have a regular nail, just a little slit that grow straight up from the toe. :rolleyes:

I've got to start getting food for the boys and I for all day and (if they wake up) we're heading up for the 8:30 game that one of our other teams is playing. We don't have to be there until 9:45, so I'll let them sleep in if they will. DH is just coming for Nicholas game at 10:30. 1) because he's really not into watching other kids play - especially when it's really hot and 2) because then Sparty won't have to be crated all day. OTOH the boys and I like to hang out at the field and the club has 3 other teams in the tournament.


Hey Everyone

Just popping in to say WOW is it still hot! I managed to get my workout in outside before it got really hot. I did a kettlebell workout - Fat Blasting - or something. It was blasting by the end! Just the right amount of time too. I felt energized so that was good because we had to mow the lawn for a couple hours and then wiper snip. Good times.

Cathy - I really hope your Vibrams workout! I have been really enjoying workout out barefoot. How is your week looking?

Tara - I wonder how the Vibrams make you loose weight? Have a good loooooong weekend!

Janis - I have been thinking about your son getting the last few weeks of school off and have to say that amazing that he is so smart. I don't dare mention it my oldest. He would be all over it. He too is very bored, I think he is doing the grade 3 work for his class (he is grade 2). Hope you have a great weekend too. Anymore Vineyard runs?

MJ - Hope all is well
Heather I'm right there with you on the heat! It was upper 80's here again today. We had morning games the last two days and thought we'd get a break and we could wear tanks at 8 a.m. and be comfortable! Very fun weekend. We ended up 2-1, they played great and we lost out on a chance at the championship because of the tie-breaker rules. But, we beat the team that won! A huge boost for the kids mentally.

My right foot is feeling better in the Vibrams, but the left still needs more time.

I'm planning on riding in the morning if it doesn't rain.

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