Workout Warriors the Healthy and the Healing May 24-30

Finally back at it this morning! I did yoga for warm-up and then biceps on my own and then more yoga and then AC Medicine Ball abs. I got extra motivation Saturday when I decided to go looking for more shorts and jeans. :( Nothing like a dressing room mirror to add a little enlightenment to your life. :eek: Ended up just getting a couple more sundresses and decided that I'd just stick to wearing dresses away from home for awhile. And since it's 80's and sunny this week that'll work fine. These last 6 months have not been kind to my lower body at all. I often have trouble finding things to fit because my waist doesn't match up well with my hips/thighs and now it's even worse. :rolleyes:

As of yesterday, I can pretty much walk normally unless I've been on my feet too much, but I still don't have full range of motion in my calf and it's still tight and a bit sore. When I lunge with that leg back it's pretty uncomfortable and I can't get full range of motion on that side for down dog and have to keep my heel up. I can do calf raises with my feet forward or toes in, but not toes point out towards the side. I'm hoping that by next Monday it'll be safe to ride again.

Very hot day of sitting in the sun for an afternoon of baseball yesterday. Derek overheated during the middle game when his team wasn't playing so he sat in the shade and drank cold stuff, but he only managed to play the first inning and his at bat in the second and then he lost it again and ended up sitting on my lap under the canopy with the music equipment the rest of the game. View of the batter was blocked by bleachers, but we could see enough to figure out what was going on. I think if he hadn't been playing with friends after his first game he might not have had a problem. Definitely going to limit that from now on when it's hot. We were flooded out on Saturday but we now don't have an off day until June 5th!

I hope all of you are feeling fine and enjoying sunshiny weather!
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Oh, and I got my $100 gift certifcate from yesterday, so I'm trying to decide what to get. I know I want the slanted risers and an 8 lb medicine ball, but I'm trying to decide between getting Ab Hits and another shirt. Thoughts?

Oh, and I'm really contemplating getting some vibrams. I really don't need to put anything more on my credit card, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't help my calves to be wearing something like that regularly. Not sure I can get past the clown foot look though. :p


Hi Warriors

Last week I focused on yoga, I did at least an hour session everyday and once a two hour session. Daily yoga has made a huge difference in my body, but more importantly has helped work out the kinks and balance the muscles. I also did a couple of KB workouts.

Yesterday I ran my very first race, a 10k, I came home with a third place medal for my age division. It was a small community race, so the field of runners in my age group was probably somewhat small. Even so, it was fun to receive a medal and recognition. The announcer told the group it was my first race.

Morningstar gave me a shout out on Open Discussion yesterday. Very sweet too.

This week's plan is Slow & Heavy. I need to lift MWF this week as my middle ds is having his wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow. Fun stuff, I tell ya!

Cathy - woo hoo! $$ to spend on fitness! You could stock up on resistance bands, and yes! definitely buy another t-shirt. Your dressing room conundrum has been my life experience since I was about 14 years old, which is when I stopped wearing shorts. Even with all the running and exercise I will not wear shorts - except to exercise, of course. I have a large selection of skirts I wear all summer.

Heather - Your 6km run followed by your KB circuit work sounded like a BRUTAL workout, and the next day you did 10 MINUTES of TGU's and a Body Blast workout! which sounds like an even more BRUTAL workout. I bet you were a sweaty heap! Did you get your garden planted? (we had hail on Saturday - Hail!) What are you doing this week?

Tara and MJ - Hi ladies, how are you both?

Ok - I am off to wake up, and think about my workout.

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Janis a big YAY!!! on your race! Have you found a good place to display your medal. :D

I never used to have problems with the shorts/pants thing until a few years ago. I don't have a full length mirror at home and none in the basement bathroom I use to shower in. I've decided that's a definite plus!! I really hadn't realized how bad it had gotten and it was a definite wake up call. Now I just need my calf to get on the wagon with me.

I'm going to peruse the shopcathe site again, but I'll probably mull it over for another day or two. I really don't need more bands and I thought about the heavier wrist weights, but I'm making due pretty well with what I have. I looked at the Vibrams and they do now have all black ones. I just really couldn't bring myself to by the multi-colored ones, I just don't live in an area where you could easily pull that off in public.


Hello All!

Inspection is over! Yay! Our clinic got the scored in the highest range--"Outstanding"! So, all the extra work paid off! :) It's nice to have that over and done with.

I did a 5K jog on Thursday! I walked a little, but most of it was jogging. I'm planning on jogging every Tues & Thursday. Heather & Janis, I'd love for you to send me info about the Cardio Coach. I rested on Friday & Saturday. On Sunday I did Athletic Step. Today, I did cardio+weights 4DS/LIS.

Janis, Congrats on the 10K! You are the official Warrior Queen for this week! :) You and Heather inspire me. I hope all goes well with your son's wisdom teeth extraction.

Cathy, That's a toughie, deciding what to spend your $100 gift certificate on. I actually got a gift certificate for Cathe stuff as a Christmas gift, but I still haven't used it because I can't make up my mind what to get! Decisions, decisions....
Glad that your calf is feeling a little better. I hope it'll continue to heal well and quickly.

Heather, Hope this week is starting out as strong as last week ended for you! I planted some flowers this weekend. I thought about planting some veggies, but flowers won out. They're so pretty!

Okay, so the plan is tomorrow to jog; I'll let you know how it goes!



Hey there Warriors!

Sorry I have been MIA the last weeks, I needed to take a break from focusing on everything too much and just get through some stuff and work and do whatever exercise I felt like doing with no structure. It helped to check out for a while as I was beating myself up too much for not being able to stay on track. I am ready now and started off this morning with meso 2 disc 14 legs and the step portion of SJP as a warm-up. Tonight I am going to walk either on the treadmill or I may get outside.

Cathy- I am glad to hear you are starting to heal enough to get some workouts in, pretty soon you will be back to your full ability. Enjoy your gift certificate!

Tara - Glad you got through your inspection at work and it went well. Congrats on picking up the jogging/running. I am still not ready to tackle that one yet, maybe someday I will get the bug for it.

Heather - I hope all is well with you today.

Janis - Way to go on the race! You are a medalist, how cool is that? :D Okay, how can you be in the shape that you are in and not wear shorts? I understand the childhood and adulthood trauma from the dressing room very well, but there is no way you are going to convince me that you cannot wear shorts based on where you are now. I think you have a new challenge for yourself, must get into some shorts. lol

Alright, I am off to walk. Catch up again tomorrow.


Hey Everyone

Today is a holiday here in Canada and it was a HOT sunny day! I did my kettlebell workout on the deck and then did a bodyrock cardio/ab circuit. I must be doing something right as Sat. night we went to a friends for dinner and I was trying to decide what to wear and clothes that were a little tight before were fitting. So that is a good thing!
Kettlebells was 13 min of swings with jump rope and a few other things thrown in for variety and then more jump rope, high kicks etc and ab work in between. I was VERY sweaty and had to jump in the pool.

You guys are making me laugh about the shorts thing and wearing skirts and sundresses all summer! I put a skirt on the other day and my youngest said "What is that!" I said it's a skirt and he informed me that it looked nice but did not know that I could wear them. I NEVER wear skirts or dresses! I can't handle is my legs rub together. I just feel all wrong. I don't have great legs for sure but for me shorts beat skirts. Having said that I have decided that this is the summer I will try!

Janis - Congratulations on your run. I read your story on the OD and that sounds crazy. SO glad that they came and told you were on the wrong path! So you got 3rd and you ran extra! Nice going. CC really pays off! I wish I had read your story yesterday as I was going to get up early today and go for a run but didn't! Tomorrow and I'll take Sean with me!
Your yoga week sounded great! I need to do some more but I am not loving any of the dvd's I have and refuse to let myself buy more as I am not sure if I'll like them either! Maybe I will try a live class...

Cathy - I bet it's hard to decide what to get with your 100 bucks! I didn't actually use my % off that I got from the STS cardio presale. I downloaded anything that I was pining after. Slanted risers seem like a good bet and a medicine ball and be used for so many things. Once you get biking you'll find that everything will get back to normal. Shopping does suck when it is a rude shock! Hope you got the same beautiful day that we got!

Tara - Great going on your inspection! My fav. CC is #4. I don't know why specifically but it might be the first one that I did. The music is good and it is not too long. Start with one and then wait till he has a sale and get a few more. You can do one part of the workout and add challenges as you are ready.

MJ - Sometimes a break is required! We're still here! Glad to hear your back at it and things are going better!

Talk to you all soon
Today was some yoga/stretching, shoulders and B&G Stability Ball Abs. I'm doing everything barefoot this week since I'm not doing any cardio it's working out just fine. I did break down and order some Vibrams yesterday, and I got black because I just couldn't deal with the idea of the colored ones. :p I spent a good portion of the day trying to find a small size in black though as just like with all other shoes they appear to make a miniscule number of them available in the small sizes. There must me lots of other women out there with feet the size of 7 year olds, right. :rolleyes:

Still dithering on what to get with my gift certificate beyond the slanted risers and the 8 lb ball. I'll think about that more today.

On the subject of clothing, yesterday Derek my 8 yo says "you look good in dresses and tank tops, but you don't look so hot in long sleeves." I do look pretty good in sleeveless stuff cause my arms are in good shape, but it sounded really funny coming from him. Thankfully, I have a decent number of sundresses to get me through this little bumpy period. The boys are NOT used to seeing me in dresses at all, though as I told them last night there were times in my life where I'd hardly wear anything else for months on end.

Tara that's great that your inspection went so well AND that it's behind you now and you'll have more time for yourself.

MJ sounds like your break was very productive. So did you walk inside or out? I know my sister's trying to get her walks in early mornings now because of the heat down there.

Heather that's wonderful that you were able to get into your smaller clothes!! Working out on a deck sounds like fun and the mornings this week are perfect for it. We've been sleeping with the windows open the last couple nights which is almost unheard of here in May!

Janis what are you planning for today?

Boys and I are off to their last yoga class today and they are very happy they will be done with it and I'm happy that I won't have to hear anymore about are much they don't like it! Tonight is our first league game conflict, so DH and I are each taking one and heading in opposite directions. Thankfully it doesn't happen often.

Hope you all are having beautiful weather like we are here! Though I'm guessing I'm the only one with the rooster crowing constantly in the background. :rolleyes:


Hey Everyone

I got up before things heated up and did my 6km run to CC5. Unfortunately none of the hills actually timed with my hills but hey. I managed it less than 30 which is a world record for me! Then I did 12 Turkish Get-ups on each side for 10 minutes. That was it! If it cools down tonight I might do something more. I had better get back to work!

Cathy - Let me know how the Vibrams go. My feet are on the other end of the spectrum... size 10. They don't make many of those either! I still stretch my achilles all the time but I have noticed that the semi-hard lumps that were on them have gone away. Hopefully they work for you. I would start slow with them though!

Janis - Thanks for the inspiration this morning. I was going to do the whole CC but at 30 minutes I was completely soaked and still had to do the TGU's so I called it. I never feels right to stop early, but hey!

Tara - What do you have planned for this week?

MJ - Is it sweltering in Florida???

Talk to you all soon
This morning I ran through the yoga routine that the boys got at their class and included the breathing exercises and it took me 42 minutes. Then I did triceps. I'm hoping to get the yoga in most days and to start doing it outside in the sunshine like she suggests. One of the kids asked her why you should use a mat and she said that it's to keep your energy from going into the ground/floor and reflect it back to you. She also said that it's preferred to use natural fiber mats. She has a beautiful cotton one. Being from India she has very traditional views of yoga.

Heather if you have size 10 feet I sure hope you're a lot taller than me. ;) My feet are actually pretty funny as not only are they small, but I have these really stubby little toes. :D I'll probably just wear the Vibrams when I'm not working out for awhile to get adjusted to them. Your runs sound wonderful and reading about them makes me really wish I could run, but it's one thing that my body just doesn't handle well at all.

Enjoy your workouts today everyone!!


Hi Warriors,

Yesterday, I jogged a 5K (with a little walking). It's getting easier! :D Today, I got up early & did 4DS HIS/Chest & Back. I think this will be a 4DS week for me.
Tomorrow, I'm planning another jog with maybe doing a Cathe workout. We'll see how it goes!

We had unusually hot weather here on Sunday & Monday. It was in the 80s. Since most German homes & the buildings on base don't have air conditioning, I was thankful that the temps got back to highs in the low 60s & lows in the 50s. Much more comfortable! :)

Well, I'm very sleepy from getting up early this AM, so I'm going to say goodnight & go to bed! Cathy & Heather, sounds like you are both having a great week & good experiences with summer clothes & Vibrams! ;)

MJ & Janis, Hope Tuesday & Wednesday (thus far) have been good for you!

See ya later!


Hey Everyone

This morning I did a 12 min intense bodyweight workout and then did a kettlebell snatch tabata. I also tried a bunch of deep squats and rollbacks as they are supposed to help you get ready for pistols.... I may be dreaming but it is a goal!

I have been trying to do shorter but intenser workouts as I have been a pretty tired at night and I am thinking that trying to do very intense workouts for a the same time as before may be the root of the problem.

Cathy - I am only 5'5" so I have BIG feet! Either that or I was meant to be taller! How are you likeing your Vibrams. Do the kids love them? Hope they help.

Tara - your run sounded great! I really liked 4DS too. We are still in the middle of a heat wave and setting records in Toronto for heat! Crazy!.

Janis and MJ - Hope all is well!

Talk to you soon
Yoga on the porch this morning with the sun rising, the birds singing and a strange sounding rooster crowing. I think it's the banty and he sounds very un-rooster like. He feels the need to crow a LOT all day long. I hadn't actually realized how funny he sounded until a friend, who grew up on a farm in Nebraska, asked what was making the noise and said she'd never heard a rooster sound like that. Then one of the big ones crowed and we got a good comparison. :D They are just on the other side of our backyard fence so we get to hear them very well.

Anyway, so I did about 40 minutes of yoga, 150 push-ups in various positions and about 7 minutes of ab work.

Boys and I are going to go up to the ball field in a few minutes and pick up all the trash that's laying around the fence and the small stuff that no one seems inclined to pick up, but is driving me crazy to look at. We'll get things looking all nice for the tournament this weekend.

Going to be another hot one today - around 80. Then we're cooling off to the upper 70's for a few days. ;) Two more evening games in the heat and then Saturday/Sunday we have morning games!

Tara I hope your weather stays cooler for you! A big high five on your running!! And getting in another morning workout!!

Heather I don't have the shoes yet. Hoping they'll come before Saturday. Then will see if I'm brave enough to wear them in public. :eek: I'm just hoping that my little toes are too little for them to fit properly. Size 10 does seem big for your height - do big feet run in your family? Sometimes shorter workouts are just what is needed. I hope you figure things out.

Janis and MJ how are you guys doing?


Good Morning Warriors!

I have been full-on at home, with very little down time. All of a sudden the whole crew is home all day. My older two sons just finished college finals, and like I posted earlier in the week, I took my middle ds, on Tuesday, to the oral surgeon to have his wisdom teeth removed. Just you two, Cathy and Heather, wait until your boys are older. Don't get me wrong, he has been a very sweet patient, who was absolutely hilarious while he was doped up, he has no memory of any of it, it's just - well - it's one of those crossing a threshold events. On one hand you're the nurturing concerned mother, yet on the other you know deep down this marks the beginning of their adult life on their own.

My youngest son was offered, by his teacher, to finish the last three weeks of school at home. He is the top student, and is exceedingly bored in class. He is working on a science project at home.

My husband, when he isn't traveling, is working from home now.

What all this means is, I seem to have less time to play around on the computer. I am getting my workouts in though, so that's good.

Yesterday I ran at the vineyard. Breathtaking. The views that is.:)p) Then I came home and did an hour of yoga with Rodney Yee. I just love that guy.

Today I am doing Slow&Heavy, Legs and Shoulders, and later Hiit 40/20. I'm hoping to squeeze in some yoga before the onslaught in the kitchen.

Heather - I noticed that there are a lot of audio yoga downloads at yogajournal, there must be some at iTunes or a similar place. I was thinking you could follow along on your Shuffle, outside on your porch. You have a skating rink and a swimming pool!? Your place sounds like Shangrila.

Cathy - You MUST send us photos of your teeny-tiny feet in the Vibrams! Seriously, I would like to see what the black ones look like, my oldest ds is interested in wearing them everyday all day. Good for you for being such a good Samaritan and cleaning up field detritus. That always drives me mad. Especially when I see adults carelessly drop their food wrappers. Was your 150 push ups before during or after yoga?

Tara - Yay! on your 5k! (high fives ^^^). I love Cardio Coach, I think you will too. My favorites are 4 and 6, however I would start with 1 and then work forward as they do increase in difficulty and length as you progress. It is raining here. It's like March not the end of May. My garden is suffering. I sure wish we would have a heat wave.

MJ - Are you going to the Texas road trip? (say yes, say yes, say yes). How are you doing this week with your workouts? Are you suffering from a heat wave too? Naw - no shorts for me. After three pregnancies and 46 years, and a lifetime of being sedentary before finding Cathe - my legs are not shorts ready. But it is a worthy goal!

Ok - I have to get back to my posse. I do LOVE having them around all the time, I just have less goofing off time. (Which I suppose is a good thing, cuz then I'm not sitting on my bum burning zero calories.)

Have a great Warrior like day every one.
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Hey Warriors

Still in the heat here but at least the pool is there. It is above ground but built into the deck so it feels inground. It is only 4 feet deep so it is pretty much bath water!
This morning I just did a 20 min run to start and the 12 mins of swings alternating with jump rope and mountain climbers and then 10 min of various squats and deadlifts. I feel very worked out!

Janis - Glad to hear your pose is home and happening. That can be so much fun when everyone is together... for a while! Hopefully you get some heat, we are so not used to getting this much heat this time of year but really July is usually like this. I may have to try some Rodney... which do you recommend?
I actually remember getting my wisdom teeth out because the drug sort of got me all fired up. They had to tie my hands down during the surgery because I kept trying to hit them, then on the way home I tried to get out of the car at a stop light, and then at home I had a panic attack because I couldn't see the bottom of the pool (I was lifeguarding at the time and the carpet was brown in my room!) Wow was I ever messed up! I don't know how I will handle them growing up! My youngest is 6 and I am having a hard time with that!

Cathy - Yoga on the deck sounds wonderful! Maybe this calf thing is a mixed blessing. Ahh not really but I tried! Our neighbours have a rooster too but they don't seem to wake me up. I think they are far enough away not to bother me. I vote yes for a photo of your feet in vibrams too!
SOOO 150 push-ups! No wonder your arms look so ripped! You rock!
Oh, yeah big feet don't seem to run in the family there is just nothing dainty about me!:p

Tara - How is 4DS going?

MJ - Big wave!

Talk to you soon
Heather having a pool and ice rink definitely sounds like pluses especially with kids! Our neighbors have one that we can use, but they had to get it refilled do to a leak. Pool water truck came yesterday and it's supposed to be ready to go for the weekend. So, if the boys come home from the field all hot and sweaty they can go jump in. It's NEVER warm though because it rarely gets warm enough to warm all the water up. It's partially in ground, partially out. I think the deep end is about 8'. If the dog is home that lives there though, she may join you as she LOVES to swim in the pool.

Janis sounds like your life is definitely busy right now. Fun, but crazy hmmm? I have to say that recently it wouldn't bother me a great deal if Nicholas just jumped right to be adult as 11 1/2 seems to be a really rough age for him. And a good many of his teammates, too, from what I've gathered talking to their parents. Your run through the vineyard sounds heavenly. I do hope you get some warmer weather soon. I'd be happy to send you about 5-10 degrees of what we have from noon on, but so far I haven't found a way to do that.

We got up to the field around 9:30 and I was hoping it would be reasonably cool, but within a few minutes I was sweating. The boys lasted about 50 minutes, but I worked for about 90. Trash is one of those things that multiplies when your back is turned and you can think you cleaned up an area and turn around and spot something else. Most of it is little stuff that people seem inclined to view as fair game for tossing on the ground, but it just screams at me every time I look around the field. Definitely looks better now.

Ok, I'll try and remember to take a picture when I get the shoes. I'm guessing you'll all help me remember, huh? ;)

The 150 push-ups was after yoga and it's no where near as grand as it might seem based on the number. I did sets of 15, but only the first one on my toes, some were using a bench, some the table, the wall, my knees. I was liking being on the porch and since it was chest day and I really didn't feel like going downstairs and dragging equipment out I decided just to do push-ups.

I also really liked using the porch - though I could have done without Sparty's helping me at times. I'm now tossing the idea around of just working out on the porch doing yoga and body weight exercises and riding my bike for cardio and ditching weights all together for awhile. Being out in the fresh air just feels so much better than inside.


Janis - Are you going to the Texas Roadtrip???

Ha! LOL! No. I sure made it sound like I was, huh? As I was typing I was thinking how close Florida is to Texas, and it could be a fun, vigorous, inspiring way to spend a weekend and perfect for MJ. :D

Autumn is an especially busy season for us, so I don't think it will work for me.

The Rodney Yee dvd I use the most is Power Yoga. He has had mixed reviews, but I never tire of him or this dvd.

LOL! about your wisdom teeth story. You had power locks on the doors, right? :)
This morning was yoga and back. Was in the 50's this morning so I opted to not do it on the porch. Yes, I'm a wimp ;)

The Vibrams arrived. The jury is still out on them. I think mainly because of those stubby little toes. The first time I tried them on they were very uncomfortable. Managed about 15 minutes. Second time still pretty uncomfortable and about another 15 minutes. This morning I put them on and it was a little better. Because my toes are so small, there isn't much of a slit between them, so even though not one of my toes goes all the way up into the toe spaces, because of the lack of space between my toes there's a lot of pressure in that area. Since there was a noticeable difference between how they felt last night and this morning, I'm hoping that by wearing them for short periods a few times a day it'll get better. They definitely are VERY different in the way they feel than regular shoes.

Boys and I are shopping this morning as Nicholas tournament games start tonight. Going to be a busy weekend!

Enjoy your day everyone and the long weekend! Tara do you do American holidays there as far as time off since you're on base or do you only get the German holidays off.


Hey Everyone

Today was crazy busy so I am just going to do a quick update and wish all you American's a great long weekend!

I did a good warm-up today, 10 min of TGU and then a kettlebell circuit. It had rear lunges with a kettlebell for 45 sec. It was very apparent that my right leg is so much weaker. I need to work on this!

Cathy - Hopefully your little toes work out with the Vibrams! I can see why that would be an issue! Great work with the yoga!

Janis - Hope you are having fun with your housefull!

Tara - How are things?

MJ - Hope all is well

Talk to you soon

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