Workout Warriors October

Ok, everyone front and center for role call! Are we hanging together or have we fallen apart?

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to play with the new workouts for the rest of this year and then do the regular version of STS come the beginning of January. Anyone else interested in joining me for that?

I did yoga/stretching again this morning. My neck was much improved during the night and only slightly stiff this morning. A very pleasant change!

Dentist visit was not good. :( He left the part of the filling that he could to minimize how long he had to mess with it, but it was still quite unpleasant. Hopefully, what he did will hold it for a good, long time!


Hi Ladies

It is probably a good idea to put our check-in on hiatus. I have hardly been on the computer let alone the Cathe Forum page in a couple of weeks, I am really trying to not sit.

Cathy - please feel free to email me when you are ready to begin STS in January. I'll likely be ready for a regular rotation by then. Have fun in Florida. Oh, are you aware of the blog function here? You could write a daily report there, and we could post a little comment or two.:)

Heather - Please feel free to email me too! Someday I am going to achieve my pull up goal and find a way to do Kettlebells again, your workouts have always inspired me. Plus, I love your sense of humor.:D

MJ and Tara - I am not sure if you have my email address, but I can always be reaching through the PM function. :):)

Best wishes,
Janis, I'll think about the blog idea when I'm in Florida. Actually, I've never managed in my lifetime to keep diaries, blogs etc. going for any real length of time. I do, however, really need to get serious when I get back from vacation, so starting a blog might help with that. If I do decide to do STS in January, I may put out a general post for anyone looking to start it again as that seems like a time when others might well be interested in jumping on the bandwagon.


Hi Ladies,

Sorry to have been absent for soooooo long. Life has really kept me busy. Like Janis, I have not only neglected the forums, but my home computer as a whole. My relatives keep emailing me asking if I'm okay as I'll go a week or more without replying to them! ;-)

I love our check-in and hate to see it come to an end, however I had decided to post that I probably should not commit to checking in regularly as my busy life keeps me from having time to do so often. I hope to finally get back to working out regularly. I have my fitness test coming up in late October, so the next 2 wks, I'll be working out like crazy to be ready! I feel pretty confident, but do need to get some running practice in.

I'd love to hear from you all every so often, so please send me a PM from time to time. I'll plan on doing the same to each one of you!

Thanks so much for the motivation and for caring. It made a big difference! If you all every start up a new thread, let me know. I might be in at a point where I'm not as busy and can join in. :)

Cathy, I usually get very motivated when new workouts come! So, if you are doing a check-in thread for the new workouts, I'll pop in every so often as time allows. I watched the clip of the Intensity workout and I can't wait to try it!

Take care,


AH HA! MorningStar!!!! I had great suspicion that there was at least 1 lurker checking out our thread!!!! ;-) Next time, don't lurk, join in!!! :) In all seriousness, I know you probably already check in on other threads, so checking in on ours too would have been too much!

Who knows? Maybe we'll get a new thread started in January as Cathy suggested. Keep a look out for us as you secretly lurk here and there---we hopefully will be back in January!

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