Workout Warriors July 19-25th Rising and Returning


Hi Warriors!

Gosh, where do I begin? First sorry for disappearing for so long! I have missed you all!

I think I just got consumed with my Mother's visit from mid to late June. Then, she & my daughter left, and I just got swamped in several projects at work. On top of that I had walking pneumonia for a week and another minor health issue to work out.

Now, my health is better & I'm vacationing in Madrid until Wednesday. Then I'll go to London until Saturday & then back to the U.S for a week before returning to Germany.

Exercise has been rare & sporadic, but since I've arrived in Madrid, I've been walking everywhere, purposing not to use the Metro at all. This is my way of easing myself back into working out. I plan to really get back to it in August (probably the week of Aug 9th) once I'm back to hopefully a normal routine.

So, other than walking, I won't be exercising too much this week, but I'll at least pop in more to see what you all are doing! :)

Glad to be back & hope you all are getting a good start to your week!

Tara!! (Big wave :D ) You're in Madrid? How cool - or rather perhaps not very cool this time of year. Very glad you are feeling better now - doesn't sound like you've been having fun healthwise. Stuff like that's not supposed to happen in summer - yet there have been lots of summer colds going around here this year. Please pop in regularly so we know how you are doing.

Me, I got back to STS today with Disk 13. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Really struggled through chest - with all those "WTH am I doing this!" thoughts. But, once I got past that part I was fine. Haven't had a terribly productive day so far. Boys and I are going to DH's softball game tonight. First one we'll get to this year and next week will be the last one!

Oh, and in the "look how fun my life is" column, Sparty came in at bedtime last night and plopped down on Nicholas' comforter with a bit of eau du of skunk! Thankfully, it much have been a very minimal encounter. Seemed to be just his head, but not even enough to make his eyes water or anything. I doused him with a bit of odor begone stuff and it was quite tolerable. Hopefully, it taught him not to try and play with cute little black and white creatures!


Hi Warriors!

Tara - it is fantastic to hear from you! Your travels sound exciting and fun. I have always wanted to visit Spain. How is the weather in the summer months? I've had an exercise set-back too, and am working towards getting back on track. It's always a process, the trick is to not give up or give in.

Cathy - HEY! HIGH FIVEs on locating a new home for the girlies. Having rodents in the house does feel a little odd, doesn't it? Although I am sort of partial to rats; pet rats can be awesome. How is your ankle? How did you get rid of the German Shepard that was charging you?

Heather - We see very little rain in the summer, I would love to see a thunderstorm! I actually like tumultuous weather. I watched Jill Miller's Core Integration dvd last night, the workshop portion, her instruction is very, very good; I have learned a lot. How is your blister? Were you able to pick up the chalk?

MJ- How is this week going for you?

Yesterday I did a short round of Pilates, then ran errands and came home and cooked with my ds18. We had a good time standing side by side making pot stickers. Today I am going to do yoga, I am going to attempt all three
Jill Miller yoga link dvds, shoulders, hips, and core. I still have not heard from the orthopedist about my bone scan, even though I know the results I am still expecting to hear from them, at the very least I need a physio referral.

Have a great Tuesday Warriors!
This morning I did 4DS Kick Box just the cardio. I'd planned on doing MMA Fusion, but the Universe is messing with my sleep on nights before cardio, so I opted for something easier. On my own, I would have slept the night away, but the dog, cat, DH's nightmare ........

Janis I have no issue with rodents, I just prefer they be my choice! I've had mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, a rescue prairie dog. :D Oh, and back in '91 when I moved into the old house I bought I trapped a couple dozen house and deer mice over the winter and released them in the spring. Deer mice are so cute, but one thing I can tell you is that mice whether wild or pet store ones stink. For whatever reason the others don't.

I'm so glad that you're able to do some workouts and work on strengthening and healing your body. How cool that you and your son cook together. Mine are still in the stage of being more work than they are help. ;)

Hope the rest of you are doing well! Baseball tonight as long as that 50% rain stays away!


Today was a bit off because my sister was here and she left after lunch and I had an appointment at I had to fit something in fast! I decided to do a combo workout of both a MissFit.TV and
WU: Forgot!!!
WO: 12 min Logan-ators while holding 5lb weights in each hand - 20 rounds with weights 15 rounds no weights = 35
CO: 13.3 min 6 rounds of
6 Dynamic Squats with Jump lunges changed to 12 Dynamic Squats and 12 Side jump lunge L/R after round 4
6 Close grip push-ups on knees
6 Double sumo squat jumps with burpee (no push-up)
10 pike press

Logan-ators (named after her son) are basically a burpee with two revers lunges instead of a jump and after the push-up you do two two elbow pulls. Melissa did it with a weighted vest. My right knee really doesn't like when it is close to the ground during I had to stop the jump lunges especially after the Logan-ators.

Cathy - Ode to skunk!!! so much fun! I once got skunked with my dog and I didn't realize that I smelled too... I tried to go to a party later that night and basically got kicked out. Great job on the 4DS kickbox workout with only a little sleep. My youngest had wet the bed last night and I was up 4 times so not great sleep for me either.

Janis - Do you think that core Jill Miller is worth getting? I would be nice if your doc would get you to a physio....but maybe he is trying to keep you immobile as long as possible? Can you call him?

Tara - YEAH for all the cool travelling! That sucks that you were sick! Walking pneumonia is the pits!I know that you'll get back into it when the time is right!

MJ- How's it going?

Gotta run
It was a leg day! Disk 14 and trisets. Does anyone else think that the workouts with trisets just seem to go faster? And why is it that leg workouts make me sweat worse than cardio? I was drenched.

Heather is must have been the day for sisters! My sister is up here from FL this week because she brought her son and a friend up to a hockey camp at MSU. Last night she came to Nicholas' game and since he had to be there earlier than usual we had about 3 hours to sit and chat. She's doing a breast cancer walk in October and training, so she'd walked 10 miles around campus that day. It's 20 miles three days in a row. She wasn't going to be walking today though because she got a blister. I'm running the idea past DH of all of us going down there for a week this fall. We wouldn't need a hotel and maybe not even a rental car, since her husband will likely be on the road most if not all that week. Even then not sure we can swing it, but we'll see. At least he didn't reject the idea immediately.

That is too funny about the skunk smell! When I was doing wildlife rehab, a friend got skunked and then came to meet us where we were working a table at a pet store. She thought she'd cleaned herself up completely and she couldn't smell it anymore! We sure could though! :eek: :D

Hope you all are having a great week! We're off to homeschool group this afternoon.


Hey Warriors
I got up early and got my workout in but man is already super humid here! I had my medium day but after i got done with the swings I think that it might have been more of a heavy day. I could really feel yesterdays workout in my shoulders so I need to take it easy tomorrow on my arms!
WU: dislocates, pumps, sumo stretch, wall squats (14)
WO: C&P with assisted pull-ups 5 x 4 with 12kg
8 min of HTH swings with 16kg. 233 swings in multiples of 50.
CO: 50 hamstring curls with stability ball
25/25 one legged sit and stands
100 firewalkers
100 Duck walks
25/25 hamstring leg raises

I am going to do some yoga this afternoon to help with all the hamstring work. I could really feel my butt when doing the HTH swings. The blister actually came off... so I really need to find a way to get that hand better sooner than later!

Cathy - That's great that you got so much time to chat with your sister! I really hope that you can swing your trip to Florida. It's nice to have something to look forward to and saving for it seems easier when your excited about it. Those Tri-sets always seemed to fly by! Great job on them!

Janis - Hope your hanging in there. Did you get through all that yoga?

MJ and Tara - Hope all is well
Gotta run


Hi Heather and Cathy

I only managed one of the yoga dvds, the core integration. While it is somewhat simple - compared to Cathe, for example - it was difficult for me and I was exhausted when I was done.

The core integration dvd works all the abdominal muscles, parts of the hips, the lower back, and glutes. There were isolation holds, strength/toning elements, plus stretching and breathing. I don't think my lower back has ever felt better. When I was finished I was standing taller, with abs pulled in and breathing more fully. All the breathing instruction made me aware of how frequently I hold my breath while exercising and executing moves.

Today I did the Hip Helpers and followed it up with Pilates for Dummies Intermediate Practice. I am paying the price now for all the times I avoided doing core/ab work in the last year. Every rehabilitation movement for my hip/glute begins with a strong core. Weak abdominals definitely contributed to my injury.

Cathy - A trip to Florida does sound nice. Do it while the boys are young and they still think you are cool and interesting. I meant to comment on the skunk event too. My neighbor, who used to have a wildlife rescue center on her property, came to the aid of a skunk stuck in a fence and was sprayed for her efforts. I could smell her from half an acre away!!! I emailed her with..."Peeeuuuuuwwww is that you!?" and she wrote back, "Yes, can I come over?" LOL. Way to go on your tri-sets, they do make an hour fly by and make a sweaty workout in the process.

Heather - OUCHIE - take care of that blister! Maybe you should keep it moist with a bandaid so it doesn't form a hard crust. I hope your shoulders and hamstrings feel better tomorrow. Your workouts continue to sound awesome. Have you done any running?

Tara and MJ - Howdy!



Good Day Dearies! (That's how some phrase it here in London!)

I had a terrific time in Madrid! I stayed away from the Metro & did nothing but walk. :) However, I did indulge in some Spanish hot chocolate & churros. I now realize that the stuff we have in the U.S. which is called hot chocolate is not the real thing at all! I had to attach a picture to prove it! You see the hot chocolate in Spain is much creamier & thicker, but not to rich. More just pure chocolate with just a tad of sweetness; not just sugared powder with some chocolate flavoring (as we get in the supermarket!). Well, I guess uploading a pic of true hot chocolate is not conducive to getting in shape, but just had to share! :)

Anyway, I'm in London, but my suitcase did not make it here with me. So, I sit eagerly in my hotel room, waiting for news that hopefully my bag has arrived! I feel so icky in the same clothes that I wore yesterday. :( But at least I had a decent shower. :)

Okay, back to the subject we should be focusing on! I'm still planning to walk around town. London is a bit more spread out than Madrid, so I will take the tube (subway) some, but still should get in some walking around.

Janis, the yoga, pilates & Hip helpers you been doing sound challenging, but rejuevenating for your body. It sounds like it was your hip that was injured? I hope the road to recovery is a quick one; it sounds like you are making great progress.

Heather, you are still rocking it with your workouts! I know the humidity doesn't make it pleasant though. I hope it will lessen up some. All you do is inspiring to me. Keep it up! (I need lots of inspiration these days!) ;)

Cathy, You are doing all of my favorites! I do think that the Meso 2 leg triset workouts just fly by. In a sense, you feel you are only doing 9 exercises during the entire workout (not counting the calf-work), but what a workout! I have sorely missed STS & my favorite-4DS. I think I may start out with 4DS once I get back to doing more than walking.

MJ, Hello to you & hope all is well!

I'll try to pop in again this week or next, but if you don't hear from me, it's because my family in the U.S. will be monopolizing my time! I'll get back in August, if not sooner!

Keep working it! :D



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Hey Everyone

I just finished the Art of Strength, Providence DVD. I am a sweat heap and fell pretty good so I think it was a good workout. I had to wear my gloves as my blister is still healing but really nothing to complain about....

Janis I got the Core Perfomance for Woman out of the Library and they have a testimonial from a lady who sounds alot like you. She works out alot and is super fit but still continues to have injuries. They talk alot about hip stability and core strength. He suggests doing a set of movement preps and pre-hap moves before starting a workout to wake up the muscles and make sure that your body is ready for what is in store. Anyways, they actually have locations in California. It may be worthwhile looking into... Who knows. Anyways, as I am reading it, it made sense on alot of levels. I haven't done as much running lately because of the heat.

Tara - Your travels sound incredible! London was a very interesting city and Dh and I loved the tours and sites to see. It just felt so old, like you were walking the streets with ghosts! Have a great trip and just worry about having fun! That hot chocolate looks divine!

Cathy - How is it going today?

MJ - Hope all is well
Well Heather if you are gonna fall, it always helps if it was a "pretty good" one. :p

Today, was good. Disk 15 Back and Biceps. Not my fave parts to work by any means, but I did it. Backed off my weights on the deadlifts because my lower back is just a little bit unhappy and I didn't want to make it more so.

Yesterday, OTOH, was a cardio day and the night before neither one of the boys could go to sleep, and kept me up until after 11:00 and I finally ended up sleeping with Derek. Apparently he was having issues from going through the Haunted House at the fair - TEN days after it happened and he'd been fine that whole time. Not sure what was up with Nicholas. That translated into no workout.

Baseball tournament starting tonight! It is stifling here. :( With heat warnings - not the greatest day to sit out and watch a baseball game or play, but it's not till 6:30 at least.
Rest day today and I'll probably take another tomorrow as we have the early game and have to be at the field at 7:45. My biceps are really quite sore today. Forearms, too! So, I guess I hit them well yesterday!

Crazy day as we had a major rainstorm come through during the night and this morning. Had to get 6 games in, so they moved half of them, including ours, to the town we actually live by and didn't start until afternoon. Hopefully, no more rain before tomorrow and everything on schedule. We can't make the championship game, but we can still get another win tomorrow.

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