Workout Warriors Jan 3rd - Jan 9th


Hello Warriors,

Melissa- You live outside of rochester. I lived in Perinton for about 15 years. I am so glad to be away from all the snow!

Cathy- I too do alot of cycling. I love outdoor cycling although when I am training I put my racing bike on a trainer for indoor training or I ride my spin bike. Sometimes we have a three team triathlon in which each member does one part. Now I usually do the cycling segment, although a few years ago I did the swimming portion. I have done the compound only pre- mix from STS total body but funny thing, as soon as I finished the compound only pre-mix, I went back and did the isolation exercises.

Tara- You and I have much in common.You are in the Air Force! I recently retired from the Army. I am both a NP and CNM although I do not practice either much anymore. Currently, I am a full time Professor.

I see that many of you are doing STS. I completed three sounds of STS. One round I did standard and the other two were undulating. I recently stopped Power Lifting so STS Meso One was challenging for me because aalthough I had alot of strength I did not have much endurance and STS helped in that regard.

Workout this am- Turbo Fire -HIIT 20 and Rodney Yee - Yoga

Have a great day!


Hi All,

What fun it is to see this check-in so active! I'm so glad there are so many of us committing to achieve our various goals and share our experiences while on the journey. :)

This AM, I did the first 30 min of intensity (Step routine and Blast). Cathy, I had "tried" doing Intensity before, but only made it through the first 15 min or so. Today, toward the end of the Step part, I was thinking that I must be in the blast part as it was so intense! Then Cathe announced the beginning of the blast ---I was like "WHAT? You're kidding, right???" I made it through it, but the pause button was pressed more times than I'd care to admit. Can't imagine what it is like to do the full hour! I see why you feel such a sense of accomplishment after doing the entire thing!

Regina! So nice that we have so much in common! I fantasize about what my life will be like once I retire from the Air Force---but I try not to get to excited as I have 6-8 years to go! I have thought about teaching, but I do love the pt care. I may be ready to switch to something different in a few years, though.

Hello to everyone else---I have enjoyed reading all about you & your goals. Look forward to "seeing" you regularly!

Tomorrow, I'm going to do the second half of STS total body. See you all then!

Tara truthfully after the step part of Intensity the Hiit parts actually are easier because of the rest breaks. I swear I never thought step could be THAT hard. :eek:

Regina, I just stick to outdoor cycling during warm weather. I live out in the boonies and to the south of me there are lots of rolling hills, that make for lots of variation in speed and intensity. Last year I didn't ride much at all, but this year, I'm hoping to get back into it. I like to do 20 mile rides one day on the weekend and since I leave as soon as it's light enough, I can often go the whole distance and only see a couple of vehicles.

Ly10up, it's been a long time since I've done all of Body Max 2, but I love the cardio segments in that one and use it quite often. Also, has great ab work.

Furry friends. We have a 1 1/2 year old lab/shepard/retriever mix. He's a very sweet dog, but loves to dig up moles and when he doesn't get his way will steal things and destroy them. Hoping he outgrows those things at some point. We also share cats with the neighbors. Three of them technically belong to the neighbors, but hate their dog. Definitely weren't thrilled when we got Sparty, but he has a fenced backyard and can't get to them to play. Two of them will come in and stay for long periods, but they've always lived outdoors and are clueless about what a litter box is for. One of the others will let us touch her, but clearly comes from from a very abusive background before she wound up here and is highly skittish. The other is a stray that showed up about a year ago. He comes morning and night to eat on the porch and will tolerate me opening the door and slipping food and water in and out while he sits a few feet away, but that's as close as he'll tolerate. :( Oh, and a small opossum has decided to adopt us and keeps showing up in the backyard in the afternoon to eat whatever he can find. Trying to make sure he and Sparty don't meet.

Suzie, love you goals. :)

wake up eager


Love your story @ the furry friends in your life! Sparty will calm down ---1&1/2 is still very young!! We adopted a stray cat - Felix - he was an outdoor guy & he fell in love with Oscar our dog. when we'd walk he could not get wait to walk with and be @ Oscar.

Last year Felix disappeared for 9 weeks!! I put fliers everywhere and at all vets @ ---he was found 2 miles away (we had construction project going on and not sure if he got in someone's vehicle by accident or what).

Any way --- our miracle cat Felix is back home and he now comes in at night and sits in my lap ALL the time!!

Animals are such a blessing, aren't they?? Everything will always be okay if we can have pure love & joy animals in our life, right?

Did Cardio Coach #4 today --- felt great. Creator Sean O. is so encouraging and uplifting. Love that! Tomorrow - upper body workout. Yea. Like the feeling of a stronger upper body being built over time...

All the Best!


Hey Workout Warriors!

What an amazing group that has assembled, we have runners, cyclists, marathoners, triathletes, tennis players, steppers...and the most awe inspiring of all - early risers! I admire all of you who wake early to get your workout in.

Midget Dog - what kind of dogs do you have? Were you able to lift this afternoon? I remember fondly getting two workouts in in a day...sigh... When you run on the treadmill, what do you listen to or watch?

Regina - I love Rodney Yee. I have pretty much all of his dvds, plus dvds from many other yoga instructors, but I always default to Rodney. My fav is Power Yoga, but Yoga Burn has grown on me. Do you still swim?

Gayle - It sounds like you have a busy busy life. I have a 13 year old too. I seem to keep asking myself, "what happened to that sweet child." He is still sweet, but is starting to say some teenage type stuff, jokes and things that remind me he is no longer a child. Sigh. Btw....I love to cook and bake too. Last year I taught myself how to make artisan sourdough bread, this year it is pasta. Last night I made everyone fettuccine alfredo. I didn't eat any though, trying to lose those pounds. Your club runs and workouts at the track sound great. Please report back what y'all do, I always could use the inspiration.

Cathy - I can't believe how old Sparty is now. Where has the time gone? I'll come to Michigan and teach your son to drive, 'k? lol!

Tara - Hey, I know, when you get to a tough spot in Intensity say to yourself, "I'm doing this one for Janis!" We won't be doing a joint workout for a while but you can do one for me.:D:D:D Are you pretty much snowed in? Did you do the Christmas Shopping bus tour this year?

Kimberley Please do not feel daunted by joining an 'established' group. We LOVE having new workout friends, and we are all a very happy, uncomplicated group. Besides - the new now out number the old.:):):) Congrats on your long marriage, we are into a 24th year and are committed to the long haul.

Mary (mkeefe) - I have two DS's in college. It's nice having them home, isn't it. The last few weeks have been a food making, laundry doing, grocery shopping blur...but I love it. When my older two left I replaced them with a dog. LOL!

MJ- My dear, did you lift this evening? How did it go with the push ups?

Kadet Kim - Ah, a Brit. Love it that you are a step junkie and found Cathe along the way. I only just discovered Cathe a couple of years ago myself. What do you enjoy cooking and baking? One of my DS's is 21. I am glad you found our check-in and joined in. It's great to have the like-minded support.

Suzie - I am so happy you joined us. I used to read your blog when you posted here. Your positive outlook on life, your openness and happiness is inspiring to me. Oh and I love Coach Sean too. CC4 is one of my fav's...although 8, wow, with 8 you get such a deep, fantastic workout. I can't imagine doing all of those challenges on an elliptical. That's tough! I was sad to hear Jim MacLaren left the body, do you ever use PressPlay? Talk about inspiring, no matter how many times I hear it, I weep. I love the story about Felix.

Melissa - I am 47 too, and 7 pounds heavier than I'd like to be. We'll get it off soon enough. You have a gym at work!? That's a fantastic option to have! Have you used any of Cathe's downloads?

As for me - today was my physical therapy/rehab day. The whole routine, with stationary bike, hot pads, stretching, and exercises takes 1.5hr, I followed that up with Stott's Pilates and a walk with my dog. I slipped on some snow (uneven terrain) and tweaked my injury. I popped some ibuprofen and stretched a little, even so, it hurts and I feel really bummed. BUT I am making pita bread, just warmed the oven, and have falafel already to fry (light light application of oil), keeping on my feet and busy in the kitchen seems to keep my iliopsoas loose and I am finally getting some relief.

Tomorrow is STS disc 3 (I am putting legs in between upper body workouts), followed by Abs, and then another walk with the dog.

See everyone tomorrow. (I am on the Pacific Coast, and I am not an early riser! lol!)

p.s. Heather? Are you out there? I am dying to know if you made an ice-rink this winter.


I decided to take a rest day today. I have been doing Insanity for the last 9 weeks. I cannot do that strenuous of a work-out early in the morning, so I have had to do all my workouts after work. Tough for me to be motivated EVERY night to work out that hard. I am a big fan of sometimes being able to get up in the morning and treadmill or do weights so I have a free evening every now and then. I was also very strict with following the program, so a night off was never an option. I do admit I feel a little guilty doing nothing....but rest days are imortant too!!

I enjoy reading everyone's posts, and I will be referring back to this initial check-in with introductions. It's hard to remember everyone's info, but it's fun to get to know everyone.

Gayle: I feel like I know you already. I've read a lot of posts from you over the years, you're very inspirational, and I am very impressed by you.



Janis, I think YOU take the cake with all those personals! LOL Me? I'm sure I'll be asking you girls all the stuff you just shared in your intros! LOL ....short term memory stinks these days.

TEENAGERS! I feel like the day he turned 13 they flipped the switch on me. His voice started changing, mild acne kicked in, takes 2 showers a day (he's an athlete), and goofy teenage boy stuff. He's a great kid and although he won't admit it, he IS a Mama's Boy...but a tough guy Mama's Boy! :D

My running club is just AWESOME! I found them thru Facebook and began running with them this past summer. So I've only been with them for about 6 months now. But I've become good friends with many of them. It's just an awesome group of inspirational, caring, generous and FUNNY people! Our club name is Breakfast Club Runners...we meet at a different trail or path every Saturday morning and we all go for breakfast afterward! LOL It's awesome. Seriously, I feel like I've been given this big wrapped GIFT and I'm NOT taking it for granted. My 2011 event schedule includes a lot of tough things, but the cool thing is that many of us are doing them together. Anyway....

,........tonight's stadium steps:
There they are. :eek: 63 steps to the first landing, 100 all the way to the top. Another woman and I did the UP/DOWN 20 TIMES! We went UP, did 10 knee-ins, came DOWN, did 10 obliques twists with a kettlebell, repeated 10 times....ran 1/4 mile.....did 5 more up/knee-in/down/twists circuits....then finished with 5 more up/down only. Uhhhhh....I'm tired now! LOL It was about 20 degrees out but I was dripping with sweat.

HOLY RAMBLE....blame it on the endorphins!

g'night everyone! I have GS Legs on tap tomorrow morning and a swim in the afternoon.


Oh, Kimberly, ya snuck in while I was rambling! LOL THANK YOU so much for your kind words....very embarrassing, but appreciated! :D


Hi I would like to join your check in. I just turned 40 last month, married and have a step daughter who will be 13 in 11 days as she just reminded me. :D

Today was a day of firsts for me. I had my first mammogram and took my first spin class. My sister and I joined the local Y today also. Spin class was not my thing. My booty hurts, when I stood to pedal it made my knee hurt. And it was way to long for my attention span. :eek:

I look forward to getting to know you all better.



Im here, im here...Good evening Warriors!

Didnt get a chance to post this morning...this getting back into working out before work is going to take a bit of time to get on track again. Its the never ending fight in my head when the alarm goes off...sleep more or workout....sleep more or workout...eventually I kicked myself out of bed and pushed myself through Hiit 30/30 bemoaning every interval like a whiner, but finished it anyway. lol I know the whining will stop after a week or two back on track. :rolleyes:

Tonight was better, I came home after work and got right on the treadmill to walk for a half hour then did the dreaded STS disc 1 with the neverending pushups...on my knees of course...perhaps someday I will master those, but for now I am just trying to do it without judging where I am with it.

I was able to read quickly everyone's posts, but definitely need to go back and put some details into my is really great to see such a diverse group of people in the check-in. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and sharing our journeys together. You can never have too much support. :D

Alright, must go get a few things done before I sleep. Will catch up tomorrow. Great job everyone on your efforts today. :cool:


Wow, It's really going to take me a while to get to remember everyone! But it's such an interesting assortment of people!

Banslung - reading your running workout made me tired! WOW!

Kim - where in England are you? I'm involved with a Brit (who plans on moving to this freezing state!), and last year I went to Devon (beautiful!) and to London with him. A few years before we visited Kent. I just loved all the places we went to.

Well, yesterday, I did end up taking a rest day. I guess that's good, it was supposed to be my rest day anyway but I did feel like working out, only my day didn't go that way. Soon I'll have my house back though and can do more dvds. Today will have to have to be the gym again...stepmill and elliptical and see if I have the motivation to change into my swimsuit and do a few laps.

My son also turns 21 today!

Have a happy hump day everyone!


My son also turns 21 today!

Well then, happy birthday to your son, AND to YOU!!!

Quickie for me this morning. My calves are talking to me from the stairs last night! LOL I was up early for GS Legs, and my bag is packed to hit the pool this afternoon. I'm soooooooooo not a swimmer and trying to be patient and remind myself that when I started running, I wasn't very good at it either! :D

Happy Hump Day!
I had a 2:30 wake up call from Derek who had his braces adjusted yesterday and was in a lot of pain. He has a very high pain tolerance, so when he complains I know it's bad. So, I got him something and laid down with him to make sure he'd go back to sleep. Woke up 50 minutes late and was only able to get in Legs & Glutes before I had to do other stuff. Planning to do Drill Max cardio only with Nick during his workout later this morning. Be back then to catch up with everyone.


Good morning ladies!

Janis - my oldest dog is a puggle (beagle/pug) named Buster. He's 2 1/2 and a real character. I can see Charles Schultz's inspiration for Snoopy in the beagle part of him all the time. The way he dances when it's suppertime, and how he sits on my piano while I'm practicing. Really funny dog. My other dog is an Austratlian Shepherd named Winston. He's 1 1/2 and a bit of a nutcase. He's very sweet and loveable, but protective and nervous. He doesn't like strangers - human or canine, so I have to be pretty careful with him. I was nervous about taking him to the vet yesterday, but other than a border collie giving him a bit of a hard time when I brought him inside, everything went well. He didn't even growl at the vet, which is what I had feared.

I did get my weight workout in last night and loved every second of it. Well, except the chin-ups. I just don't enjoy those that much.

This morning was just a 40 minute treadmill run. No weight workout this afternoon, it's piano lessons day. When I run, I have 3 different Playlists I've made from various artists, but it seems most of the music is hip hop. Sort of cracks me up that I started loving that genre when I hit middle age. :) There is really a mix of rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance and even a little Willie Nelson thrown together. The only genre that I listen to that hasn't made it into my playlists is classical, for obvious reasons. Though, now that I think of it, "O Fortuna!" would be really good for warm-up. I may need to put that on one of them. I also found some Podcasts with running music that I like.

Banslug that stadium run is excellent. I live right down the street from Ralph Wilson Stadium (Buffalo Bills) and wish they'd let us run it. I have a park nearby with some pretty psycho hills that I should start using. I'm looking to join a running group myself, but just haven't done it yet. I think I'm waiting for spring. I would really like someone to run with, other than my dog. It would be nice to have a partner that doesn't stop to pee every 5 minutes, or chase squirrels.

wake up eager

Wednesday's workout...

Today I did an oldie but a goodie---Upper Body Split from Cross Train Express. Was filed in 2000 - Cathe is great. And of course it was a thorough workout.

Sounds so meat-head-like to say this, but --- I love the 'pumped' up feeling from doing upper body. Does really feel good. Makes me feel stronger in every area of my life! Love that...

I think this DVD set is the only I've seen that does NOT have Cedie in it!!

Tomorrow is the new Lower Body Blast --- love ALL of Cathe's 'stuff'

Back to work now... (BTW-how does this check in thing work --- do we keep one weekly message going?? Have not done this before...) Also, I likw "our" name ---WARRIORS.... yes we are --- warriors on the hunt for good-feeling, strong-living, happy-with-who-we-are-and-who-others-are, the-good-life-indeed-WARRIORS!

All the Best,
Got in Drill Max with Nick. He was a bit choreographically challenged on some things, but hopefully still got a decent workout. The Hiit's work much better for him and they are easier moves to master.

Suzie for the most part we stick with a week long check in and then on Monday morning whoever gets here first starts a new one. We did sort of peter out to monthly I think last fall before we finally went on hiatus. Very glad to be back and getting lots of posts here again.

Gotta run again! Off to homeschool group. We're meeting at a warming house and likely staying inside to play games as there isn't enough snow for sledding.


Happy Hump Day!!

Regina- I'm not far from Perinton, and yes, the snow gets stupid deep around here. Where are you now?

Cathy- Another furry friend family here. 109 lb black Lab mut who answers to "Divot" He's almost 12, and a bit slower than he used to be, but a love.

Suzie- I adore CC. Cedie missed one????? LOL

Janis- you are the queen of personals! I have ripped many of my DVDs to my Ipod for use at the work gym. Especially STS, helps me with the timing.

Michelle- Disc 1 is dreaded!!(that's why I skipped right to Meso 2) But job well done with those endless push ups.

Gayle- How are you GF? Have a great swim!

Midge- I was in Buffalo this morning on a call. The weather held out for the drive back to Rochester. Thank God, or I'd still be trying to get down Rte. 90.

Hey to anyone I missed!

I got my butt outta bed at 5:30. I managed to catch a bit of a cold, so I eased up with Absolute Kickboxing and some stretching from P90X. I plan on Disc 16 this afternoon.

Have a great afternoon and we'll see you all later.


Sounds so meat-head-like to say this, but --- I love the 'pumped' up feeling from doing upper body. Does really feel good. Makes me feel stronger in every area of my life! Love that...

Are you kidding? I love seeing how my muscles bulge when I'm lifting (especially my shoulders - they look so cool). My daughter even told me my muscles were "gross" the other day. How great is THAT? She was kidding, of course, and then she commented on how my arms and belly aren't squishy anymore. Awwwww.... it is nice not having her comment on my fat anymore.


Quickie, drive by post, sorry!

We ARE very fortunate that the College keeps the stadium open 24/7. Last night the football team was coming thru to hit the gym and they stopped to watch us a minute! LOL

HEY MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the PUMP-YOU-UP feeling also!

Swim done....about 1/3 mile which is further than Monday. Freesyle'd MORE and kickboarded LESS! PROGRESS! Patient....progress.

Sorry I have to hit and run....I'll catch up later, promise!


Hello Warriors,

MJ- I too agree that one can never have too much support

Jenn -How did you like your first spinning class. I love spinning. I used to teach a spinning class but now I just do my own spinning at home

Kimberly - I loved Insanity. I did the full program last year. Now I just do individual workouts. My favorite Insanity workout is Max Interval sports training. Did you hear that Shaun T has new workouts coming out this year called "Asylum" I can't imagine anything harder than Insanity. My cardio endurance really increased with Insanity.

Tara- How do you like living in Germany?

Cathy- I miss those long peaceful bike rides. I have to get back to them. Do you like hiking?

Suzie- I have heard so many good things about Cardio Coach workouts but I have not tried nay yet. I am going to try on very soon.

Janis- I still swim but I now I do more cycling. I used to do the swim part of a three person triathlon but now I usually do the cycling. Since swimming is the first event, my body does not want to get going and up to speed so quickly now that I am getting older ( smile!).

My workout today - Bodylastics- Full Body

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