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Hi Heather and Cathy

Yes, I agree, we have to get me outta my funk. My doc visit went well, he wiggled my leg and gave me a physio referral, quoted a Paul Simon song about "Being Soft in the Middle". He said most of his patients are either too old or too young to know who Paul Simon is. I don't know when I'll start physio, but he did say I could start doing more stuff -as I am able too.

Heather - when does school start for your boys? They'll remember the hot summer bake off on the water as a fondly come winter. You can remind them when you're freezing at the bus stop. LOL.

Cathy - I, too, am glad your mother's surgery went well, and will be home resting soon. That will lift her spirits. When does she begin cancer treatment?

I am heading into San Francisco this morning, we're going to the two Impressionist exhibits, spending the night, and then picking up my DS12 from his academic camp.

I am going to start some sort of rotation on Monday. Maybe MWF of TravelFit and of course Pilates/Yoga. The following week - I dunno - something basic...and beginner. Then the first week of September Gym styles. I don't think I am ready to do STS right out the gate Sept 1st, but maybe I will be the second week of Sept if I keep the weights light.

Have a great weekend.
Janis I'm so glad that your appt went well and that you are making plans for increasing your workouts! Hope you had a very fun day in SF! BTW while I still don't get why since he grew up right next to Detroit, my DH is a Giants and 49ers fan. ;)

This morning I did Disk 18 Back and Biceps. Went lower and rows and dead lifts to protect my lower back and dropped down on both kinds of seated bicep curls. My 1RM said 19, but my heaviest weight ever for Meso 3 is 20 lbs and that was not going to happen today!

Getting ready to go visit my Mom AT HOME! this afternoon. Leaving as soon as DH is home to stay with the boys.


Hey Everyone

Today I decided to do something a little different... I was inspired by Marianne at to do a heavy leg day. I haven't used my barbell since I stopped doing STS in April. I had done Heavy legs days with STS but really didn't feel great after doing them and had pretty much decided that they were not for me. BUT Here is today's workout... Have to say that I totally forgot about the weight of the bar so I thought I was going a little lighter... but I wasn't

WU: walking lunges, walking knee hugs, sumo stretch, dynamic stretching
Barbell Squats (Partial)
15 reps with 65lb ,10 reps with 85, 8Reps:95, 5reps:105
Deadlifts (Full)
15 reps with 65lb ,12 reps with 75, 10 Reps:80, 5reps:95
Bulgarian Squats
18 reps 20, 12 reps 26, 8 reps 30
Weighted Glute Raise
15 reps 50, 10 reps 60 (not very easy to get into position on your own!)
Back Raises on Ball
15 no weight, 10reps 5, 6reps 10
Standing Calf Raises (single leg)
20 reps 15, 10 reps @20, 6 reps at 30
CO: Interval Run, Cardio Coach Vol. 5 Challenge 2. Total 20 min (6 x 1min sprints with 30 sec rest). I did it barefoot on the treadmill!!! Man that thing actually really heats up! I got one blister and I am thinking that I might try some Vibrams....Cathy which do you have??? Would you recommend them?
Then some Pursuit of Happy Hips Yoga!

I think I am done for the day! I am not sure that I will do squats again that way until I have my knees feeling better as they were pretty creaking and a little twingy for pain while I was doing the squats.

Janis _ Have a great time at your art tour and I am so glad that your doc sent you physio!

Cathy - I hope you have a good visit with your mom at HOME!!!

Talk to you soon
My name is Cathy and I'm addicted to the Classic Margarita Fruitistas at Taco Bell. :eek: Yes, I know they contain no actual fruit or anything at all of value - I don't seem to care. :rolleyes: There I just checked the number of calories in them and may well have cured myself now. :eek:

This morning I did the STS bonus legs segments from Disk 3 & 6. Wondering if I'll feel that tomorrow - cause I was sure feeling it while doing it!

I had a good visit with my parents and sister yesterday. My Mom is doing really well. :D My sister and I spent some time checking out flights and dates for my trip to FL with the boys and I just need to verify that the dates will work for us. Don't know yet when Mom's first appt with the cancer doctor will be.
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I did 40/20 this morning. Gasping, modifying a lot, but I did it! Then I did No Equipment Abs. This rotation has a lot more cardio then I'm doing, but since I hadn't been doing much, I decided not to push it too much yet. I'll give it another week or so before adding in more.


Hey Guys
Taking a "rest" is super hot and muggy and I have a tonne of yardwork etc to do today so I know it won't really be a rest. I am actually really sore from yesterday and my barefoot run :confused:. Yesterday was my heavy kettlebell day and for some reason my LHS was not wanting to co-operate so I had to do a few push-presses. Hopefully next week goes better as I get stronger!

Better get back to the garage :p. Good times!

Glad to see all your workouts Cathy!

Hope you are having a good weekend Janis!



Hi Ladies

My weekend went very well and quick as usual. Our museum trip was great. We haven't done a trip sans children in twenty one + years. Despite all my winge-ing and whining about the empty nest it was quite nice to stroll through the exhibit with just my husband. The next day we picked up my youngest son from his academic camp. Remember last week I told you he was begging to come home and cried during our entire visit with him, he had even cried himself to sleep on the beach blanket??? Well, when we picked him up he was an entirely different person, he went through a period of extraordinary growth and transformation. Now he is talking about next summer, and he even mentioned that he hoped they do a winter session between terms.

Cathy - What are in Taco Bell Fruit Margaritas? Are they blended icee drinks? That sounds refreshing and delicious. We used to buy drinks in Arizona called Eegees...that were frozen lemonade icees. Ah - good memories. Yay! Congrats on 40/20. I am so out of shape it will be several months before I attempt that one! Way to go.

Heather - Ouchy on the treadmill burns! If you don't like Vibrams, Nike makes a very flexible lightweight shoe called NikeFree, I really love my pair and they don't look Hobbit-ish. I don't blame you for skipping your workout and taking a rest day - humidity is so difficult to exercise in, I mean we weren't designed to breathe water, right!

Tara and MJ - I hope you are both well and happy. If you read this, chime in for a quick hello. We miss you both here.

Today I am going to write up a rotation to stick to. Today I did Travel Fit and instead of Cathe's abs section in there - which feels too fast and frenetic for my poor core, I did a round of Pilates. I am still aiming towards Sept 1st to start STS, but realistically it might be more towards the middle of September. Tomorrow I am going to do Jill Miller Core Integration and go for a walk.

Have a great day Warriors!


Hi Everyone,

Hope you all have been well. I had a great vacation and enjoyed seeing family in the U.S. Now just back to all the work here! But I feel very refreshed.

I'm planning to start up the work-outs again tomorrow (had meant to today, but didn't happen). Probably will be starting out with something light...we'll see what I'm in the mood for tomorrow. I still want to incorporate some jogging mainly to stay ready for my fitness tests--have another one coming up in November. :)

A lot of exciting things going on with the new workouts & the work-out blender! I am surprised how many new things can occur within 3-4 wks! I'm going ahead and ordering all the new workouts, both DVD & digital. I just love having plenty of choices when I workout!

Cathy, Warm thoughts to you & your Mom. Hope her recovery continues to go well.

Heather, Your workout routines are awesome & inspire me!

Janis, missed your humor & sweetness. I'm glad I'll be reading more of your humorous posts!

MJ, Sounds like you have been doing better than me at juggling work & exercise! Keep up the good work!

Ok, I'll plan to check in tomorrow & hopefully this is the start of me posting regularly again!



Hey Everyone
This morning was a very early workout and my body was not impressed! It was light day and my Presses were terrible! All 3 of them on my LHS! The kids have hockey camp this week and have to be there by 7:30 so I got up at 5:30 to do my workout... I didn't leave enough time as I didn't get through the last part! I did manage to sneak out of the camp and find some Vibrams . I am now the proud owner of Pink Bilkila's for running!!! The farmers on my road are really going to have something to talk about now. I'll forever be the Hobbit girl... well if they know what a hobbit is :p

So here is a question for you.... My youngest (6) is at the camp and there is a morning skate and an afternoon skate and other fun games inbetween. He is there with his best friend but hates playing hockey . I really don't care if he likes hockey but I really want him to learn to skate better and that is what they are really teaching. He made a big stink today but then he always makes a big stink even when he likes what he is doing. Do I leave him in for the week or let him bail... He's bailed on soccer and baseball this summer already. If he leaves his friend will be on her own and we are already going there everyday for his brother. I am feeling terrible but don't want him to quit. Having said that I watched part of the day (unknown to him) and he was having a good time most of the time.

Anyways, today's workout
WU: dislocates, sumo and runner's stretch, pumps and around the body
WO: C&P 16kg with assisted pull-ups 3x1
Snatches 5 min. 5L/5R pattern total 76
CO: Janes Partial Sweatfest
21 first round, then 18: Box Jumps, KB Deadlifts, KB Swings, Squats, 50 jumprope

Janis - So glad that you had a great day with your hubby! I am sure that you will be back in action in no time! Your story of your son has made me think that taking ds back to the camp might work out...

Cathy - Hope your day went well!

Tara - SO nice to hear from you! I am glad you'll be back around and had a good holiday!

I'll be back tomorrow
Yesterday I did Disk 7 - oh the joy and going back to push-ups. NOT! :p Then we headed for Toledo. A few bumps along the way. Nicholas has trouble riding and about half way he started having problems. Got more air flow to him and stopped at a rest area to have a serious discussion of going forward or back home, but he was feeling better so we went. Had a fun day at the zoo with lots of walking and then two hours back home. Thankfully, the ride home he did fine. It made for a long day though and I was pretty much a zombie the rest of the evening.

Today was MMA Fusion. Forgot to set the alarm, so I even got about an extra 20 minutes sleep. ;)

Janis I didn't go beyond looking at the calories in the fruititastas. I didn't want to know what was actually in them. :eek: :p I do know that they have absolutely no fruit because they say that directly on the signs for them. Small print, but not so small that it's in anyway hidden. It's basically flavoring, sweetners and ice. I might as well go to Dairy Queen and get a slush - which no doubt would even be cheaper. :rolleyes:

So, Heather how do the Vibrams feel to you. I still pull mine out and wear them for brief periods, but I don't think they will ever be comfortable enough that I could actually wear them for working out. You'll have to let us know about any interesting reactions you get. :D

Can't help you about the camp thing. At that age, I wouldn't have pushed either of mine to do something they weren't comfortable with, but they also wouldn't have been there in the first place, since we don't have money for stuff like that. They all are unique and personalities vary so much that from kid to kid the answer is slightly different.

Tara! Glad you had a great time on your vacation! Looking forward to hear about your return to workouts.

MJ......where are you?


Hey Everyone
So this morning was a gong show! My youngest cried and cried and stomped his feet and did not want to go but I somehow got him there. He went on the ice with my DH there ( I stayed home to get work done) and he skated for about 6 min and then absolutely refused to budge. The owner of the camp talked to DH and they decided that this was not going to work so I ended up heading in and picking him up. Logan did not want to go to the camp at all but we signed him up in hopes that he would learn to skate and have some fun. From now on we are not signing him up unless he wants to and THEN he must finish it! Crisis over - time to move on!!!

This morning I did Marianne's Bodyweight workout from a couple days ago. I think that I tweaked my lower back with the deadlifts from yesterday but I did the workout anyways and it felt better once I got warmed up.
WU: Sumo stretch, runners lunges and 2 min jump rope
WO: 2 Rounds 45sec on 15 off
Low Jacks 38, 46; Plank Climbers 19, 20; Curtsy Squat 15,14/16,13; Burpee with "Power" push-up 10,10; Glute Raises R/L 30,35/35,36; Diagonaly Knee Tucks 46,37.
CO: Tabata Skaters, Mountain climbers Jump Rope and Sumo squat mix

It was a good workout and a little later I am going to try my Vibrams for a run. We'll see how it goes.

Cathy - I usually wouldn't sign up my youngest for this stuff unless I was absolutely sure that he wanted to but his best friend got signed up and I thought it might be a nice way to get to spend time with her. I was not expecting this much drama! The Vibrams are comfy a little weird I am hoping to see how they feel for running...

Janis, Tara and MJ Hope all is well!


Hi Everyone

~Heather - Six years old is such a threshold age. It is literally two steps forward and one step back. (Twelve years old seems to be quite similar too.) I suspect by the time he is eight his skating skills will have improved ten fold. My eldest son was always a little disorganized and disjointed with his movements right before growth spurts and birthdays. He still occasionally falls down or runs into things and he is almost twenty-one! If you can, send pics of your Vibrams. I guess lazy old me could just look on Google Image.

~Cathy - I was thinking about your calf this morning, and thinking about how quickly you healed. The bicycling must have really helped you stay in shape and rehabilitate. Your long car trip to the zoo and back sounds like us when we go to San Francisco, or anywhere for that matter, we have a long curvy mountain road to traverse. Thankfully no one gets motion sick anymore. The Taco Bell drinks sound good in theory, how do you feel after drinking them??

~ Tara - It is delightful to hear from you. I am happy your vacation and travels were rewarding and re-invigorating. I presume you have your daughter back too? I am getting back into a workout rotation too. I can't believe it has been almost 8 weeks! Feels longer though. Will you start back up with Step, weights, both or ??

~MJ - How is tennis going? And your job hunt? Or did you decide to ride it out?

I don't have much to report. I haven't worked out today, but I hope to do Jill Miller's Core Integration dvd later, after it cools down. Tomorrow I will begin 4DS and do a short round of Pilates.



Hello All,

Today, I decided to go with one of my favs--4DS-HIS/LIS cardio combo. I did better than I expected too; only had to pause once to catch my breath. Definitely felt good to exercise!

Heather, I'm glad that the situation with your son is settled. My daughter has many days where she acts so sad when I drop her off at the summer program or school age program. I used to worry, but then when I'd go pick her up I'd ask the staff how she did, and of course she was fine within five minutes after I left! :) Sometimes, I think kids just put on a little drama to make us parents feel guilty. ;-) But it does sound like your son didn't really want to do the camp. My daughter did the same with gymnastics. I signed her up, asked her a billion times if she wanted to go & she would say yes; then we'd get to gymnastics and she would refused to participate! Grrrrrrr. But luckily her gymnastic teacher was very patient & would just let her join in when she was ready (usually when half the class is over). I'm hoping she'll do better this year.

Cathy, sounds like you & Nicholas had a wonderful day. Not only did you both get a healthy bike ride in, but also fun at the zoo. I don't envy you doing all the Meso 1 push-ups.

Janis, I'm think I'm going to focus mostly on cardio for now. I'm planning to keep my strength training to short lengths, maybe 20-30 min 3 days a week. I just feel that weight comes off slower when I do heavy weights for an hour 3 days/wk. I know that I'm focusing to much on the scale though. But the weight does seem to come off quicker when I do more cardio. I'm very excited about the workout blender in that I should be able to create 50-60 min workouts consisting of 35-40 of cardio & maybe 15 min of weights. I'd like to work one body part/day & thereby be able to keep weights to 15 min or less each day. I hope the workout blender works as smoothly as SNM makes it sound! I already have shock cardio digitally, so I plan to maybe download 3 workouts from each Mesocycle of STS & hopefully create some nice cardio/wts workouts! :) My daughter is back. When I went to the U.S. in late July, I reunited with her & we traveled back to Europe together in early August. I missed her a lot! I think I enjoyed the peace & quiet for maybe 2 wks, then I was so ready to have her back!

MJ, waving hello to you!

I think this week I'm just going to see what I'm in the mood for each day, so I'll give you all a report of what I end up doing tomorrow.

See you then,
Heather sorry to hear about all the drama, but at least that issue is resolved now. My oldest will waiver on things, though not to that extent. With the youngest we never have any doubts about his opinion on things and if he didn't want to do something we wouldn't even make it into the van to go! He takes stubborn to great heights. Hopefully, things will go smoother in the future.

Janis after I drink the fruitistas actually I just wish I had more. :eek: So nice to hear more fun things associated with the age of 12, which Nicholas will be in less than a month. 11 has been rather challenging and from all I've heard 12 is just more of the same plus some.

Tara sounds like you have a great plan!

Did you guys read Cathe's article on heavy lifting last week?
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This morning was Legs & Glutes. Been awhile since I did that one and it was quite as much fun as I remember. :D It's hard not to have fun doing it, when Cathe is so obviously enjoying herself.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Hey Everyone... Another one bites the dust!!!

By yesterday afternoon my back was really aching and this morning I could get my shorts on.... I am on Advil and hoping that this is short lived. I have been stretching alot and hoping that helps...Grrrr

I really can't complain you guys have been through way worse!

Tara - Sounds like you have a good solid plan! Logan is the same about Gymnastics but LOVES it once he gets going!

Janis - I think I really should get Core Integration!!!

Cathy - Hope you had fun at the zoo and great job on Legs and Glutes!

Talk to you soon
Oh Heather I'd really hoped when you said you felt something in your back that it was just an in the moment thing and not going to stick around to bother you. :( I sure hope that it goes away very soon.

This morning I did Cardio Core Circuit! :eek: Those core breaks are hardly breaks. After the last one my heart rate was still over 140! Cathe lists it as being just after the Hiit's in intensity and I really think if you didn't it without the core sections it would give 40/20 a run for it's money!


Hey Guys

My back is still hurting so I need to keep things low key again today. It is better than yesterday so that is good but I don't want to push it. I still have lots to do in the yard and around the house but I am going to not workout...maybe a 5 min run in the vibrams but nothing serious.
I am very sad :(. I really miss the sense of accomplishment already!

Cathy - Cardio Core is one of my favorites! Even without the rolly pollies!
Great job and yes they are not breaks!

Waves to Janis and Tara!

Talk to you soon


Hi Warriors

I can't believe it's Thursday already. Where does all the time go?

Heather - I am sorry to hear your back is acting up. Ibuprofen and rest is the smart way to go, better to have a couple of rest days in a row than push it, and be out for a couple of months. (uh-hum, like lil ol' me. :D) Are the Vibrams starting to break-in? Are they easy on easy off, or will there be a period of little wiggling and fussing? I was going to tell you not to buy Jill Miller's Core Integration, but with your back (and your husband's) it might be nice to have on it on hand.

Cathy - So I must have misunderstood your post about the trip to Toledo and the zoo, did y'all (say it with a Southern Texas accent, because that is exactly how I am saying it) ride your bikes or did you drive? I love, love, love Cardio Core Circuit, or as Morningstar calls it 3C. It is fast and fun and gets the job done. I agree - it is a contender for HiiT. I sure miss those fun, invigorating workouts. How's your mom? How did your visit go? When does she start treatment?

Tara - Your rotation plan sounds perfect. Good for you for buying the workout blender. Do report back how that works out for you. I didn't purchase the digital downloads for the next series, but in the future I can see moving everything to digital. My plan for this week is similar to your plan, I have been doing the weights only section of 4DS and then doing Pilates or yoga. It is just about right for me right now. I don't know when I'll be adding cardio. I totally agree that it can be hard to lose fat weight at the same time you are also building muscle. Keeping the muscles toned and the metabolism revving with your 15-20 minute 5 day split, should do the trick, while also keeping it do-able.

MJ - How are you ? How's life? How is your pretty curly red hair - bouncy and uncontrollable with summer's humidity?

Things are busy around starting, boys arriving and leaving, visitors, schedules to juggle.

I'll do the remaining two workouts from 4DS and next week, on Tues, Thurs, Sat I plan on Muscle Max. The following week I am aiming for Gym Styles. Then STS. Like I said above, I haven't a clue when I'll be up to cardio, I start physio next Friday (8/27), so definitely sometime after that. I can't believe how easily I get winded!

Hugs to all
Janis Toledo is a 2 hr drive by car for us, so we definitely drove there. ;) Derek was in charge of photography and he's pulled all the pics he wants from that zoo together and tomorrow I told him I'd put them on a DVD for him to have.

Going to call my parents tonight. Mom had her follow-up visit from her surgery and was supposed to get stitches out and all that stuff. Last time I talked to them nothing was set up yet for the next step.

My visit went well and my sister and I spent some time checking out flights for the boys and I to go to Florida in October and coming up with dates that worked for both of us. I'm hoping to take the boys down there for an afternoon next week.

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