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Hey Guys

Todays workout might have been a little much but hey! It was nice and cool this morning and a King bird was throwing itself at our window because it could see it's reflection and was being territorial...or suicidal! So I ended up awake early. So I:
Run: 6km 30 min.
WO: 12 min 16kg, Swings, 20 swings/50 skips x 4 + 15 swings/50 skips x 5, so 145 swings
CO: Goblet squats, Rows, Single-leg deadlifts, windmills, Bicep holds, pull-ups and close push-ups...Reps 7, 6, 5,

My plan had been to do 7 reps for each all the way down to 1 rep but I ran out of time and energy!

So my plan for the summer.... Bodyweight work and Enter the Kettlebell and of course running. I want to give this a fair test to see how it goes. This morning was not a shorter workout but most times it is, so that works better for the summer. In the fall I might try a kickboxing class in town to change things up too.
It is nice not having a hard and fast rotation but at some point I will need that again.

Cathy - How are the vibrams now? How is your calf?

Janis - How was your weekend. I did part of the program minimum today and it is a great workout...but I suspect that you might need a heavier kettlebell!

Talk to you all soon


Hi Ladies

I am slugging down some tea trying to wake up.

Heather - I am thrilled with the workbook, it is exactly what I needed - a kettlebell road map.Thanks again. I am going to start the program minimum this morning and work through the program. I, too, would like to give KB a fair shot. I enjoy lifting weights, but it is nice to have options especially transportable, adaptable, fun options that can be done outside. It is also a nice adjunct to running. I plan on filling in with Shock Cardio, especially the MMA's and Hiit, plus the other kickbox workouts I have, and circuits/drills, and maybe a step workout here and there. This program seems like a smart way to build up to heavier lifts. (And not get injured!) I have a 15#, 20#, 12kilo, 16kilo kb. The kilo's are gigantaur performance bells - they are unbelievably huge - but I like their weight distribution and they feel good in the hand. Your workout today sounded great - are you running every other day or more frequently? Congrats on your time!!! What does "CO" stand for? Awesome job on the pull-ups. Another goal for me too.

Cathy - How was baseball, were the games canceled? I hope you weren't hit by the tornadoes that blasted through your part of the mid-west -???? I also meant to ask how your anniversary lunch was? Is your calf doing better?

Tara-Hi ya girlie...miss ya. What have you been doing?

MJ - Are you gone for good? I miss you too. It looks like the success stories can be somewhat anonymous when they are posted - would you consider writing yours?

I am awake it's time to Swing!

(??Where did the lightbulb come from?)
Good morning everyone! I didn't end up working out this weekend, but I sure watched a lot of baseball. :D Derek's team went 4-0 including the championship game. I'll try and post the team pic. He's 4th from the left in front. Basically the shortest one, except for the coaches 2 yo who got a trophy, too.

Yesterday one of the club coaches came over and told me my lights were on, so I actually jogged (note that it was definitely jogging) to the van. Turned lights off and started it to make sure it was ok, and then jogged back. It was probably not quite the length of a football field to the van and back and my legs did fine!

This morning I rode 6 1/2 miles up and down hills and truly I don't need to create any intervals, riding out here the roads just naturally create them.

Heather what are you doing for body weight exercises? I want to start doing that and need to make some lists of ideas for each area. Legs and chest are easy, but I need to figure out the rest of it.

Today will be cleaning up the house after a weekend of no cleaning. Oh, and we did get a major thunderstorm(s) through Saturday night. We lost power from somewhere around 1-2 a.m. until just before 8 a.m. Luckily the phone was working (no computer of course) and I was able to call the coach and find out that the games were still on. We got a LOT of rain and there were lakes in a lot of fields and I had to detour because some lakes went across roads. :p We get there and whatever soil they have at the fields had sucked up most of the rain. The guy who runs our club and the one from the tournament field worked on them and got them in great shape by game time.

Vibrams update - I didn't wear them all weekend, but I had them on for an hour this morning and I'm using the timer and doing hour on hour off with barefoot mostly in between. At this point, I'm getting them on much quicker and it's mainly my big toes that are still uncomfortable. I'm hoping if I wear them enough that they might actually start to straighten out some.


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Happy Monday Warriors!

No I am not gone for good...I could try to explain the absurdity of what has been going on, but its not worth the typing or your time in reading...LOL...lets just be glad I am still going and am back. ;) I will have to go back and read the threads as I have been out of the computer loop completely so I can find out what has been happening with all of you.

Cathy, its good to hear that your calf is healing and you are working out again so well. Love the kid pic :)

Heather, sounds like a good plan you have outlined for the summer, definitely different from the formality of STS.

Janis, sounds like you have a good plan for summer as well. I will consider writing my success story once I actually finish what I started. If I continue with what I am doing now and stay consistent I should meet the goal by the end of the summer, if not sooner. Then we will see how brave I am to submit it.

As for my workouts, for the next month I am doing a combo of meso 2 with plyo legs mixed in with shock cardio, other cathe step and bootcamp cardio workouts plus either tennis, rollerblading or walking in the evenings. Its so ungodly hot here now you cant even attempt outside workouts unless its at sunrise or the last two hours before sunset.

Alright, back to work. Will check back later. Missed you guys. :D
MJ!!!! Glad you're back. I hope whatever was keeping you away is gone for good! Have fun with your workouts. Sounds like a great plan.

I did yoga this morning and last night I took Sparty up to the field for 1 1/2 hours and did quite a bit of walking. He was great with all the people and would even sit and wait for people to walk up to him - most of the time. We are having an issue with him and Derek, because he's not getting that Derek is above him in the pack. He's totally fine in the house, but not when he's in the backyard. So, we're going to be working on that.

I am usually a very decisive person and don't waiver on things, but I've been really bouncing all over with potential future workout plans. I find that I'm really missing weights, but I don't feel up to taking on another undulating rotation right now. But, I still want to do it fairly soon. So, my plan (as of this second in time!) is to start Monday and do the regular 3 month rotation doing the disks in order. Take the rest week at the end and then start the undulating rotation I'd planned before. That would have me finishing it this year (barely), so I could start something different in January. For awhile at least my cardio will be cycling and probably MMA stuff. I also want to fit in yoga every day.

Janis sounds like you'll be having lots of fun with the kettlebells this summer! Actually, we generally know about tornadoes after the fact. Apparently, the sirens in town were going off, but we were sleeping. No sirens out here, so we have no way of knowing when they happen at night. And often, I don't have the radio on during the day, unless I sense something might be up. We had one cross the pasture a couple football fields away from us 2 years ago and another hit at a lake about 3 miles from us and had to have come pretty close. I suddenly had all my relatives checking in with me to make sure I was ok, because they knew about it and we were too busy eating and thinking it was just another thunderstorm.

Derek wants the computer so I'm off to have breakfast and start in on the day!


Happy Tuesday Warriors!

Sorry to be MIA last week. It was just one of those "Life Happens" weeks--just really busy at home & work; But it's a new week full of potential to be a better week! :D

I did do a 5K jog last Thursday & today. I'm finding that I really enjoy jogging at the end of the workday--really helps me unwind. I have to say that I never thought jogging would be relaxing!

I am prepping the house for my Mom to come visit--she arrives on Saturday. I have to majorly declutter the guest room & dust, wash sheets, organize the place a little more before she gets here. I'm so glad she'll be here! She's staying for 2wks and then she's taking my DD back to the U.S. with her for a month. I'll miss my little one dearly, but I intend to make the most of it; I'll try to do some weekend travel without having to pace it in a way where a 7 year old doesn't get too tuckered out. ;)

Okay, most likely, I won't exercise a lot this week, but I'm planning to jog on Thurs & Friday. Still somewhat busy at work & am starting a military course correspondence. Trying to figure out how to get everything in. I'll probably continue with the after work jogging for now & try to squeeze in some weights here & there.

I'll be better about checking in more this week. :) See you all soon.



Hi Wonderful Warrior Women

It has been a whirl wind of a day, fortunately I feel as though I have accomplished a lot. More importantly I feel like I had a good workout today. I ran 5 miles, split between two miles on the treadmill and three miles on a trail, then I did a 40 minute KB circuit with Lauren. I used my 12 kilo bell for most of the lifts.

Tomorrow is another busy day, but I am planning on Meso3 plyo legs.

Ok - so y'all know I am brand spankin' new to step workouts, right? Doing them has helped my brain/body heal from the horseback riding accident by stimulating proprioception - the spatial relationship skills of moving left to right, backward and forward. I also believe doing step has increased my ankle strength and undoubtedly it has improved my coordination. Today while trail running my foot landed on awkwardly on a rock, in the past this would have resulted in a minor twist or tweak to the ankle. Not today, today I did a slick little ricochet right off of that rock and kept bounding onward. :D Yay for step workouts!

MJ - It is mighty delightful to hear from you, and to know all is ok in your world. You have come so far, you are already a success story, but hearing part II of your success story will be equally inspiring. Your workout plan sounds cardio-rific, it sounds like all your upper body work will be tennis, tennis, tennis. Have you taken lessons yet? And what about that dress?

Tara - Your visit from you mother sounds - lovely. It moves my heart, deeply, to hear that she is taking your little girl home with her for awhile. Your mother wanting to get to know her granddaughter and spending valuable time with her at such a formative age - well, it's a gift. I envy you. May it become a summer tradition they both look forward to and appreciate.
On another note, running is addicting, isn't it? Congrats on your run. Enjoy your visit, enjoy your alone time, enjoy your excursions. :):)

Cathy - Whew - so glad you and yours weren't in harms way. Given how isolated you are your place sounds a little bit like Little House On The Prairie. Ignorance really is bliss! Way to go on the jogging to and fro and the speedy healing of your calf. You heal quickly! (that's because you take such good care of yourself :)) That is the beauty of STS - a rotation in a box. It is a fabulous program. I am thinking about starting again in January...just thinkin' though.

Heather - Holy Mother of God, between swings yesterday and Lauren today, I got two great KB workouts back to back. When did you progress from Program Minimum to ETK? Did you follow Anthony's workbook to the letter? I never did TGE today, too busy. (That's my story and I'm stickin' with it.) Is the school year coming to a close for you? September and June, historically, are my busiest, craziest months.

Alright - off to make some dinner.
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Hey Everyone

It's 9 and I still have work for work to do... I have Turkish get-ups on tap today but I am out of time. After yesterdays workout I was sooooo tired last night. I had an audit this morning at 6 so I had to get up at 4. I was pooped by lunch and had to have a cat nap. I haven't stopped moving since though. DH's mom is coming this weekend and my version of clean and hers don't mesh and I have been working more than full time hours plus being home with the kids but the good news is tomorrow I am going out with the girls to a movie... but I have another audit the next morning that I'll have to be up by 2 for. That will be nasty!

Janis - I am still working on the program minimum but I do try the other stuff to see how it's going. I think that will stay with this for another couple weeks and then move onto Rop. I haven't followed the AOS to the letter as I found that if I really wanted to do swings at the right kettlebell weight then 20 swings at the top of the minute pretty much killed me... so I am working up to that. Pavel doesn't really state that it has to be like that , it is much less rigid in the book. Pavel says to go to a comfortable stop, once you feel your form going then take a break. Other people I have talked to do 30 sec on/30 sec off or what I tried the last couple times was 20 swings 4 times then 15 followed each time by 50 skips or what ever you want. That is great that your step experience helped out on those rocks! I have been meaning to try step barefoot to see how it goes!

Cathy - there was a tornado about an hour from us and it took out a whole town of greenhouses... not good. Glad you are okay. If you would like I have saved the written description and photo's of a bunch of the bodyrocktv workouts. That would give you a bunch of ideas for bodyweight stuff with out having to listen to the heavy breathing! I can email it to you. Just let me know.

Tara - That is so nice for you to have a month on your own but I it will be hard for sure. When my youngest was a baby I had to have an operation so my oldest went to stay with my SIL. It felt like my arm was missing! It will be really nice for your daughter though, an adventure!

MJ - Glad that you are back. Your workout plan sounds great! Hope it cools down a little for you!

Kept forgetting to mention that I used my $100 gift certificate. The whole thing was rather strange though. They don't send you the certificate until 7-10 days after your story is chosen and they don't tell you it'll take that long to get. Then they have this wording in it (I don't remember it exactly) along the lines of them getting to chose shipping options. So, I believe I placed the order Memorial Day. I saved the order number, but got no e-mail confirmation and never got a shipping e-mail either. I ordered the slanted risers, 8 lb ball and the firewalker bands. I usually get stuff from there within two to three days though I expected the risers might take longer. As of yesterday, nothing had arrived so I e-mailed Customer Service and got a prompt response and he told me he would push the order through manually. So, even after a week it hadn't even been processed yet. He said they should ship yesterday, so hopefully I'll get them before I need them for STS.

This morning I did yoga and then MMA Fusion. Barefoot. :D It was really a day I would have ridden, but it had rained all night and hadn't stopped yet. Cause you know we need more rain here. :rolleyes: Turning sunny now and supposed to be near 80 by game times tonight. Hoping there wasn't enough rain to mess up the fields too much. At least this time, it was never anything but light to moderate rain.

Janis it's funny that you think I'm isolated out here, because I think you sound far more isolated from your descriptions. :D It's also hard to think of being isolated when traffic goes flying down the road at 65 mph, including a few semis a day.

That's very cool about how much step workouts have helped your ankles. I never thought of them as benefiting that area much until you mentioned it. I was getting all ready to feel bad about your food landing on the rock, when I realized you meant foot. :p I will also confess that when you guys talk about weights in kilo's I have absolutely no clue what their equivalent would be in the range of for pounds.

Tara glad to hear from you!! Enjoy the time with your Mother and make the best of the time your daughter is away - though I'm sure it will be very bittersweet with her gone. Glad you are getting your jogs in when you can and I hope you are able to keep getting in regular workouts around your busy schedule.

Heather good luck with the housecleaning and the visit from your MIL. I had to except years ago that my house would never be as spotless as my Mother's. OTOH my MIL was a really bad housekeeper, so I never had to feel self conscious when she was around. Just do what you can and let her think what she wants. You have a very busy life and can't be expected to do maintain a pristine house along with it! Your work schedule sounds really rough. Good luck on those early hours and definitely nap when needed!
Everyone is off being busy I see. ;) This morning I went for a 6 1/2 mile ride, same route as Monday and did it in the same time. I did a couple more short jogs up at the field last night, but I was wearing sandals so I didn't want to push it. Mainly I just wanted to get to the port a potty and back without missing too much action. :p


hey Everyone

I am down and out. I pulled something in my neck yesterday and it has been killing me. So taking it easy today and still cleaning!!!

Talk to you soon
Heather how are you feeling today?

Sparty decided to give himself a bath at 4:30 a.m. and he's NOT quiet about it. All downhill from there until the radio came on, so I'm tired and have a very full day ahead of me. Skipped working out, though I did dress for it and did go out and run around the yard playing Sparty's version of keep away long enough to work up a sweat. I'll probably do that a couple more times today. His behavior is much better when he gets enough play time - no surprise there.


Hi Ladies

It's been a busy busy busy time, it was the last week of school for my ds12, plus getting the house ready for the teachers to come visit, and helping my DS finish his project, then all the usual stuff.

Yesterday I ran 6 miles at the vineyard (hills) to CCv8, came home and did Hiit 30/30 and followed that up with 12 minutes of 16 kilo kb swings. Not continuous swinging, I set my timer wrong, it was suppose to be one minute on, one minute off, but I just swung until I was starting to lose form, took a break, and started again. I watched Steve Cotter's, section on swings from "Encylopedia of KB Lifting", while I did it. Smart guy. Love him.

Yesterday when I was doing the warm up for 30/30 I took a mis-step on the "over face and over move", fell backward bounced on the step, and landed on my back on the puzzle mats. So so so glad I have the puzzle mats because I actually hit my head. I jumped back up - shook it off and resumed the warm up.

Today I am scheduled to do an easy 3 mile run, but I'm not feeling it, so I think I'll do a KB circuit workout and my TGE's (turkish get-ups).

Heather - So sorry you wrenched your neck. You have been going going going, and are under a lot of stress, I am sure that played a part. Can you take a few rest days, maybe even sleep in, you deserve it. Hey, what movie did you go see with the girls? I hope you had a blast.:):)

Cathy - Your Sparty workouts so like fun! Maybe you can get both boys out there too and work on the pack issues...? Just a thought. Thanks for pointing out my typo. I have no excuses, the d and the t are no where near each other! lol. I must think about food a lot :p.

Tara and MJ - TGIF! How did the rest of the week work out for you two?

Saturday I plan on doing Imax 2, and on Sunday I am planning on a 10 mile run with the running club. My next long run really should be 9 miles, not ten, so maybe I'll turn back early.

Have a Happy Happy Friday.
(hitting preview post before I hit send...good idea, eh?)


Hi Ladies,

I did after work jogs on Wed & Friday. Wed was a tough jog--I ended up walking for about 1/4 of the trail. It was a 5K jog/walk. Today, I did about a 3K jog, but didn't walk much at all. :) Tomorrow AM, I'm going to probably due Circuit Blast & Abs. Then I'll be off to the airport to get my Mom!

Janis, You're such a sweetie. My heart is also warmed that my parents are eagerly awaiting spending a month with my daughter. I'm blessed with wonderful parents. My daughter is excited as well. She is the only grandchildren, so she gets to be the center of attention! I'm so impressed with your long runs & also that you do a DVD after. You're a strong Warrior Princess! I'm so glad that your ankle has been strengthened by doing Step. I have to say I love Step Workouts too!

Heather, I'm sorry to hear about your neck. I hope that resting for a few days/taking it easy will heal it quickly! Sounds like both you & I have been busily prepping to get our homes up to snuff! I hope your MIL is satisfied! ;)

Cathy, bummer that they are just processing your order now! Hopefully they ship it expeditiously! I had been thinking too about doing a regular STS rotation, whenever I do start up STS again, probably in August. It's been a nice break not doing a rotation, but I do notice that I tend to work out less when I don't have a rotation or schedule set.
I hope your workout with Sparty was enjoyable! ;)

MJ, Good to hear from you! I love your workout plan! Full of variety--it's sounds appealing in that it's not the same thing all the time. I hope work & life is treating you well!

I'll probably check in again on Monday. Have a great weekend, All!



Hey everyone!!
Just a quick note... still not better and really missing my workouts but I'll be back later to chat!

Thanks for your concern!
Talk to you soon
So, I had fully intended to get a ride in this morning and then Derek had a nightmare and had a hard time getting back to sleep (apparently an anaconda was trying to get Sparty and Derek was trying to save him) and then I didn't wake up until almost 7. Had to shower, get breakfasts and pack all our food for the day and leave before 8:30. Same thing tomorrow only I have to pack food for 8:30 - 8:30! Because of course we will be in the championship game ;) They've won their first two games 11-1, one more game to go before the championship.

Heather I'm so sorry your neck isn't better:-( Can you get it checked out Monday if it isn't.

Janis I'm really glad to know you had something to bounce off of! Sure doesn't sound like any fun at all. Very happy that you are ok. So, why are the teachers visiting your home? Did I miss something?

Tara have fun with your Mom! I hope she had a smooth trip. Wonderful that you are getting your runs in and enjoying them. :D

MJ how's it going?

Oh, and I got my order Thursday I believe. Haven't had time to do more than take the stuff out of the boxes and put them where they go downstairs. Has anyone done the workouts that come with the slanted risers? I wanted to check out the exercises that came with the firewalker bands, but haven't had a chance yet.

Probably won't be back until Monday! Way too much happening tomorrow.

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