Workout Manager on the blink?


New Member
I love tracking my weight and my workouts in the Workout Manager, but suddenly it won't "save" my weight. (Which is a real bummer, as I'm down a few pounds!) Anyone know what's going on?


I reported it in the tech support forum on August 28, then emailed support a couple days later. An admin replied "Just want to let everyone know we're in the middle of updating all of the old code to the Workout Manager to bring it up to today's standards. This means we're going to break a lot of things during this process. We've now finished most of our code replacement work, but are now working on bug fixes. This shouldn't take long, but we will let know you know when everything is working again."


Staff member
The WM should be working again now. We have now uploaded all of our fixes, but we might have missed a few things. If you see something we missed please let us know here in our forums so we can start working on it.


I tried to add some weight values from a few months ago using the record daily values button, but the entries won't save. I also tried to delete some incorrect workouts and wasn't able to.

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