Workout cards & printing problems


Anyone else having problems printing the STS workout cards from the w/o mgr? I have to print mine to PDF before I can actually print the card; otherwise, if I try to directly print, my browser freezes. This was going on all weekend & today, and I've tried on 2 different computers...
Printing problems STS

I have tried on three different computers and can't print a workout card, what could I be doing wrong, very frustrated!! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I just tested the print function and everything seems to be working fine. have you ever been able to print a workout card? and what browser and version are you using?


When I did STS last year I copied the Workout Cards into MS Word (highlight, copy, paste) and printed from there.

(I needed to make the text large enough to read without my glasses! :rolleyes:)

You might want to give that a try as a quick fix.

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I have tried on three different computers also - nothing prints and it locks up.

We need to know browser type and version at the very least before we can even start to help anyone who is having a problem. We have no problems printing on any of our systems, so this is not a problem we are seeing.

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