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Will you be offering another discount bundle on the downloads once you release the workout blender? I know that there is the 50% off deal for buying 40 downloads, but I was wondering if you would like sell all for one price again like you did when the downloads first came out.

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All of the Downloads Special

We currently offer a $999 offer to buy all of the downloads, but we have no plans to repeat the special we offered during the Grand Opening. That was a one time deal.


I already downloaded Adobe Air in anticipation!!!! I'm loving the downloads, and am geeking out with the changing technology!!
Thanks for bringing us to the 21st century!


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Workout Blender Update

Are there any news on Workout Blender? There are no updates and all is quiet. Is it still in the works and, if so, when? It is very disappointing because I had spent a small fortune on downloads and was very anxious to make good use of the program :(.

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Workout Blender Updates

Hang in there. We've posted updates almost every week - with the last one being posted just three days ago. This is a very complex problem that only affects certain combinations of videos. We're currently testing our latest build that so far looks good, but this could change with further testing tomorrow. Currently, the only problem we're seeing is if you use your scrubber bar in some cases to advance the video. Using chapter points works fine though. Since most people will not use their scrubber bar this is probably an issue we can live with on a beta 1 release. Still, I think we might be able to fix the scrubber bar issue and I want our developers input on this before we proceed further. But again, there are thousands of possibilities for mixing videos and we have to do further testing tomorrow and probably over the weekend before deciding to go for release.


Awww, I had hoped it would be ready on my birthday, which is tomorrow! Oh well! At least you're making progress!


When the WB was first announced I wasn't going for it but I've changed my mind over the past month or so and am now very excited about it too! :D Fortunately for me though, I was not planning on being able to use it until after Christmas anyway so they can fix all the bugs they want until then, no problem! ;) lol


Every time I see this thread bumped I can't click it fast enough.... :p

I am sooooo ready for the workout blender!!


installing the blender

Hi! Long ago I downloaded workout blender. Then we got a new Mac with Lion and I couldn't get it to download. It has been a while so I thought I would try again. I get a message saying "Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers." Any ideas of how to get past this?


Installing WB on a Mac

The message I just now received while attempting to install the WB on my Mac reads, “Workout Blender” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. The application icon is in my App folder, but if I try to open the app, the error message pops up. :confused:

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