Working out in pants??

I noticed that Cathe always works out in pants or capris. I get very hot when working out so I wear shorts. I was wondering if she gets hot in the workout pants. I have never tried them before and would love to order some cause they are so cute but I am afraid I will get too hot in them.


She has worn shorts in some videos. Kick Punch Crunch and Step Jump Pump come to mind.

As far as why sometimes she wears pants, capris, or shorts, I have no idea so I guess that didn't help much.

I prefer working out in capris or pants because I find shorts uncomfortable. If you prefer shorts, by all means, you shouldn't worry about what someone else is wearing. Wear what is comfortable and what you will work out in because that is the most important piece.

One a side note, I find that anytime the firewalker bands (or the regular band looped around your legs) is used, I prefer to have my skin covered so that band does not rub up against it. But again this all just an individual preference.


I wear pants and capris most of the time. I actually don't wear shorts unless i'm running for the most part. I don't feel any hotter in the pants or capris than i do in shorts. The only time i feel like workouts clothes make me too hot is if they are baggy. They need to have a close fit.


I think it's personal preference. I usually workout in pants or capris; sometimes shorts but rarely. I've found that with Cathe's workouts, I'm drenched no matter what I wear.


I workout in capris in doors. I wear pants outside, I don't want any chaffing:eek: I wear wicking pants, they release the sweat so that you aren't as hot. I would not wear normal 'leggings' as that would just be miserable. Also, right now its cold and I would freeze outside.

I don't wear shorts because I burn, have had very serious burns on my body, and don't want to mess around with skin cancer. I'm pale, I've embraced my pale skin.:D

I bet Cathe just doesn't get as hot as we do cause she is a lot more fit than we are:p After all, she can talk the whole time. I couldn't get more than a huff or puff out.



The fabric the long workout pants and capris are made out of is imporant. Cotton retains moisture and becomes uncomfortably hot and sticky. Various microfibers that wick moisture dry quickly and stay cooler.

I almost always workout in capri, or knee-length pants in the summer and bootcut full-length pants in the cooler months.


Oh, you guys have really good reasons to choose your workout attire. Mine is (almost always) pure vanity...I like the way I look in capris, but not in shorts :) Outside when it´s hot...running skorts!


Curious - what type of fabric wicks the sweat away? I buy clothing meant for workouts but am still pretty hot in most of them (except for a couple of shirts that feel like stretchy silk, but aren't.) I know nothing will keep me entirely cool, but every little bit helps. My pants are probably cotton/spandex (I don't have them with me so I am guessing)

At the gym if I am using machines I always wear long pants otherwise my legs touch the machines and I get hives. Probably from other people's bodies on it!

At the gym if I am doing only cardio, I wear shorts even in the winter.

At home I am in my underwear and sports bra with 3 fans blowing on me. I hate clothing, I hate sweating, and if I could get away without the bra I would.


I wear all cotton or almost all cotton pants - capris - shirts, it just breathes better for me, the water wicking stuff bothers my skin, synthetics in general do, I've tried them & have some, I just end up going back to all cotton, bamboo might be okay too, but I only have one shirt, it's like cotton, I haven't worked out in it.


Letssee, I'm extra picky about workout pants...

I love to run outdoors when it's freezing cold, so in the wintertime I practically live in Sugoi subzero long tights with a running skort over them...In the summer it's knee-length running tights or shorts. I bought a new pair for spring, and was horrified to find they had a low waistline, like low rise jeans...I know the young girls look great in them, but I"m 48... :eek:


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Cathe usually wears pants and if some one feels comfortable in pants and can do his all works then there is no against point in wearing pants and doing all your tasks. I also wear pants most of the time and feel relax and can also run with wearing pant and i feel comfortable. And moreover i am habitual of this.
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I noticed that Cathe always works out in pants or capris. I get very hot when working out so I wear shorts. I was wondering if she gets hot in the workout pants. I have never tried them before and would love to order some cause they are so cute but I am afraid I will get too hot in them.

I have a couple of theories about this:

1) I think she wears what she gets for free from vendors. ;)
2) Most of her more recent videos involve some kind of strength training/floor work. I personally want a minimum of my skin touching mats, floors, etc. There's nothing ickier than sticking to a yoga mat! :eek:
3) Maybe she feels it isn't age appropriate anymore (and please don't be offended by this--I think if you have the legs for it you should rock the shorts!). Personally even when I'm at my leanest the effects of gravity show on my legs (this is not true of Cathe & crew, however. I wish I knew her secret!).

I only wear shorts on the hottest summer days, & only in my basement, NEVER to the gym.


At home I rarely wear long pants for cardio. Usually shorts but also capris at times. I will wear pants for weights though. I dress this way irregardless of the weather.

When I would go to the gym though, I would dress according to the weather...shorts in the heat, pants in the colder months. Capris I was okay with pretty much all year 'round. I mostly used the gym for cardio, btw.


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I always wear pants. I have some very cute bootcut pants that I love. I also wear running tights all year round.

I wear them because 1) They have a "suck em up" quality that keeps the fat from jiggling (compression) 2) I can be more spontaneous and run on the treadmill when I want to and dont have to worry about shorts riding up. The chafing between the thighs is very painful!

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