working out at home vs gym


i talked to a fitness instructor & asked her questions about my food intake/ calories...she asked what i did for working out, i said i worked out at home (cathe)..she said, but is that intense enough?...she was pushing her classes on me..the classes are a body fit/ body pump type workout...i would think that im doing "intense" workouts~ afterburn, pyramids, supersets, kpc, AT, trisets, butt&guts...i think i need to pay her class a visit so i can show her what Cathe has taught me!!!


Go for it! Show them what you (and Cathe) are made of! I work out only at home with Cathe and the occasional P90X and get asked what gym I go to...I just say "Cathe" :)


I get that reaction from almost everyone when I tell them I workout at home vs. the gym... they think how hard could I be working out. I think some people still think of the Jane Fonda workouts and don't know what's out there now.

I think I workout harder at home- workouts keep you moving at a good pace vs. in the gym having long breaks jumping from machine to machine and I would feel self consciousness working out in a gym so probably wouldn't give it my all but while at home I can go all out and not care how sweaty I get or how much I bounce!


I definitely train harder at home. I've taken gym classes and even had a personal trainer for a year. Both were extremely frustrating because they didn't push me at all. My trainer was always telling me that women "don't need to train that hard" when I would tell him what I did with Cathe. Idiot. You're fired. :p


People always tend to think that working out at home is easier. They obviously haven't discovered Cathe. She rules! I used to be a gym rat and recently quit the gym because I always work out harder with Cathe. Plus it's so much easier to just head to the basement instead of driving to the gym.

Soooo happy I discovered Cathe :)


When I was in the military, I would always go to the gym over my lunch hour. It was insanely crowded, you could never get on the machines you wanted and you were stuck taking whatever course they offered at that hour or you had to go for a run (I loathe running). I am now retired and workout every day in my home gyms; not a typo I have two rooms dedicated to workouts, one is for strength and floor work the other room is for all my cardio equipment. My daughter thinks I’m certifiably crazy, but one room was storing her junk, and since she has moved out….. I really didn’t need another guest bedroom. I agree that you can work out just as hard at home as in a gym, plus you can work out on your schedule and do what you feel like doing that day. I also love the fact that I know whose sweat is on the machines and I don’t need to worry about what I look like (i.e. I don’t need to make a fashion statement). I just think of Cathe as my on demand, any time personal trainer. Doesn’t get any better than that!


I think both have their place depending on what you want to get out of it.

I recently joined my local gym for the spin classes. I've never been a morning exerciser but I've been getting up at 4:45am 3x/week to take spin and I am having a blast! The instructors are brutal (in a good way) and the other people in the class work just as hard as I do if not harder, which is really motivating! And I love the group atmosphere, which I wouldn't get spinning all alone in my basement.

Now when it comes to weights, I'll stick to working out at home with Cathe. Not because I can't show them gym-boys up :)p) but because no one pushes me harder than Cathe when it comes to weight work.
Totally agree Natalie. One time I spent the weekend with my sister who lives in another state and she planned for us to work out with her trainer one day. What a waste of time and money. He wasted time setting up stations and deciding what exercise to do next. My sister said she wants arms like mine...I said STS and Cathe! I see her as my trainer, too -- She gives pointers, modifiers and hints to keep the exercises safe and beneficial.


I finally got my DH to give up his gym membership. He has realized that Cathe isn't just for girls, how challenging they are, he works so much more intensely with her, and now we do them together.
If only he was coordinated enough for step routines. In due time... Thankfully Cathe has so many "non-routine" drill like options to choose from. Keep those coming for hubs sake!


I get the same reaction from people. They think if you work out at home you are doing easy workouts! I have worked out at several different gyms over the years. I definitely work out harder at home with Cathe!


I think much of this depends on your goals & your bodytype. I am very, very petite & have a tough time putting on muscle. I would never be able to do it w/Cathe's workouts. She could keep me toned, but I need the machines, racks & very heavy weights at the gym to really put on muscle.

OTOH, I've seen some Cathletes who're just as muscular as I am & only train at home. Genetics & all that.

I started w/my first gym membership in 1989, & didn't discover Cathe til I finished grad school in 1996 & had to find a way to make the routine work w/long hours & a long commute. I will never, ever give up the gym. It offers so much variety in terms of classes & equipment. Plus I've met some of my best friends there.

This is a tough Q to answer, b/c not only is it up to your goals & genetics, it's also up to what kind of routine you want & can fit into your lifestyle.

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