Wondering About Cast Member Cede?

Don't mean to be nosey, but I noticed that Cede hasn't been in any of the new series of workouts recently. I remember the Cathe would look to Cede as the counter!

I miss Cede! I remember her from Basic Step, Low Impact Step, LoMax. I also, noticed that she was the cheer leader in the group! Cede would make me smile when the Step was getting to become overwhelming! Cede would make me feel better besides everybody else!

I hope Cede is okay! I know everybody has lives and can't do all the different series! I hope where Cede is she is appreciate!

Thanks, Jen D.


I miss her too. She was on a recent Cathe Live and I was so happy to see her, I just know it gave me an extra boost of energy.
Here's to hoping she's in the new series...:)


"Cede's counting because she doesn't want to do any extra" :) I think this line was from Pure Strength?

She (and Brenda) have been at it a long time, ever since I can remember. I don't blame her for perhaps wanting to move on, for whatever reason. We lost Lorraine years ago. Cheers to her to whatever she is doing now. Love you, Cede! Hope you are doing well.
She is my favorite - she always added some "flair" to the workouts. Hope she returns!
She is my favorite - she always added some "flair" to the workouts. Hope she returns!
Yea! Cede reminded me that a "normal" woman could do Cathe workouts. Cede have a bio of herself. It may have been in 2011. It said she was a P.E teacher. I thought to myself that would have been a perfect job for her. She seemed to be the type to love kids! She seemed so positive! Thanks, Jen D.
Missing Amanda also her physic was so inspiring.
I totally agree. I love all the cast members, but Amanda really motivated me because she is so incredibly strong, fit, with perfect form. Plus she has *those* abs after having 2 kids! I met her at the 2010 Houston Road Trip. Such a lovely, genuine woman.

I felt same about Lorraine in terms of physique. Again, love all the old school cast menbers, but just something extra about these 2 to me.
Watching that clip makes me want to subscribe to Cathe Live - looks like so much fun!
Do it! Do it! MelanieC, I think Cathe Live is my best fitness purchase, probably ever. I use it all the time, as in multiple times each week. And the archive of past Live recorded workouts now contains more than 200 videos. I'll admit that my Cathe DVDS are collecting some dust because of Live!


I loved seeing the clip with Cedie! She reminds me of my mom, even though they look nothing alike and I have never heard Cedie talk (other than hearing her count for Cathe). It just seems like she has such a cheerleader upbeat personality like my mom!

Are there any other clips of cast members? Unfortunately, the Live Subscription just won't work for me.

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