Wish/Request for the 2012 Workout dvds!


Hi, Cathe! I have been enjoying the Low Impact Series, & I did Low Impact Challenge Tthursday, & I really love the workout, but I felt like it had too many knees & knee repeaters & not enough ham curls or other types of leg movements. I know that knee repeaters are used to up the intensity, but I think that ham curl repeaters & side leg lift repeaters are pretty challenging, too. I feel unevenly worked or just not right when there are too many knees or knee repeaters in a workout without enough opposing moves. I have decided to sub ham curls for the transition knees in this workout from now on.

Since the new workouts will be multi-impact, I would like to submit a wish/request that you bring back the power 3's, 7's, & 15's, along with some other types of moves--rocking horses with power, maybe even spiral type rocking horses, also what I call a ballet repeater, which is whre you do a rear leg lift, pull the knee towards your chest, then another rear leg lift instead of tapping the floor each time.

In any case, I am eagerly awaiting the new video workouts. Thanks for all the great workouts!



Sequal to Athletic Training....

...my wish is for the step portion to be as *athletic* as the original. In other words, I can learn something new, but hoping it will be limited on dance-type choreography. Oh and I know its a sore subject, but I love the music in the MMA's, Athletic Step, and Core Cardio Circuit, STS, etc. Hoping for some of that juice too!


I'm with DirtDiva: athletic please and not dancy. And yes, the music in Athletic Step (and the moves) is great. More please!



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Some days, I want a straight forward athletic step-type workout. Other days, I really need to reverse mambo and figure 8. The dancy stuff just puts me in a good mood. :). I like having a variety of Cathe's step videos handy to suit my mood.


So wish I could do dancey but unfortunately it never happens for me, I so get tired of standing there and staring at the tv ;) lol, you lucky people born with more than two left feet and some groove.


I am just excited because I just did my pre-order for the new dvds! I know that they will be good as all of Cathe's workouts are!


Since the descriptions did mention the workout(s) having drills I will say I would like to see low impact modifications made. A lot of people like the high impact, but a lot also like low impact- me being one. I've got to save my knees.

Dare I say- no burpees, but that's a long shot these days. They are in every workout on the market it seems and my God, it's old and boring. They hurt the shoulders after a while too.

Premixes! I loves me some good premixes for both shorter (30 mins and 30-40 minutes) as well as longer options.

And yes, Athletic Step, even Step Moves had great music IMO. I really enjoyed "Baker Street" on step moves. Now, if only she could use more 70s and 80s hits like she had been doing, I'd be in love. Heck, that's part of the reason I reached for her workouts so much in the past is because of the soundtracks. :D


I agree with mrsprincess07 regarding the burpees. I have a bad shoulder and need to modify anything with pushups/plank pushups. It would be good to have a substitute move. Thanks, Melissa

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I just wanted to say there are alot of good comments here. Asking for what you would like to see. I'm sure Cathe loves the feedback to try and please "most" everyone ;) I hope you all get your wishes!

I will say I like both the Athletic Step and Step Moves. Sometimes the dancy stuff is fun once you get it, but as long as you keep your heartrate up that's what's important.

I like the step dvds, the drills are not as fun for me. I don't mind interval training at all.

And lastly, I do find myself modifying just a bit on some of the high intensity dvds like Step Jump and Pump. I always reached for it when I really wanted a good cardio, but the cardio jumping part sometimes gets my back (ohhh, we're getting old.!!!!) Not older...just smarter;)


One of my requests is scenery in the background. I did Intensity today and I love seeing the mountains and blue skies. Once you're pretty good at workouts, and don't have to focus on Cathe all the time, it's nice to be able to glance at the background. It almost feels like it transports me to another place and time. I know I really miss it on the LIS workouts. I remember Cathe saying they couldn't do the background view b/c of some issues with it being filmed in HD. Hopefully they've found a solution for that. I also agree w/ other posters about the music. I love the music in LIC and BodyMax 2.

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