Will the workout blender work for DVDs



I have most of Cathe DVDs, so buying the downloads is not an economically wise choice. Is there a way to copy the DVDs to my computer and use the workout blender to combine workouts? If not, may I request this be something that Cathe.com considers? I would be willing to pay for the blender (to compensate for not buying the downloads), but certainly not hundreds of dollars to have duplicate downloads of all my DVDs.

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Workout Blender and DVDs

No, DVDs cannot be used in the Workout Blender. The Workout Blender only works for our Downloads and we don't have any plans on making it work for DVDs. It would just be way to expensive for us to develop what your asking for and there would be very little chance of us even being able to even cover the development cost, much less the other costs and customer support issues.

You might want considering purchasing our downloads with DVDs during our pre-sales. We give some pretty good deals during on presales for customers purchasing both.

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