Who's in?

There's usually kickbox, a stretch on Friday night, some lower body work, and then probably some kind of total body metabolic type of workout and/or some HIIT. They will bring equipment, but won't be able to bring super heavy weights, so we'll be using things like 5 lb weights, firewalker bands, discs, dixie cups, and tubing. Sunday morning will be a bootcamp workout on the beach. I doubt there will be zumba because Cathe doesn't usually teach zumba, so that's usually taught by Darlene at her gym in NJ.

I've never been to the Daytona RT, but I've been to the Chicago destination RT twice. Anybody who has been to Daytona before, please feel free to speak up and correct me if I'm wrong. Can't wait!!

Yes, Roadtrippers, holler out! I am excited, starting packing yesterday. Have looked at some previous pictures, I will be one of the really red faced, sweaty people!!!
I'll not only be red faced but gasping for air too. ;) My bag is out and PJs are in. :D Only thing that I know for sure that I'm taking. LOL

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