Who else does a Super Duper workout on New Years Day?


What is everyone doing tomorrow for a workout? OR is everyone going to be too hungover? LOL! I make it a point every year to not drink too much so that I can do two Cathe workouts back-to-back - maybe more. For the length of time that my baby will nap, I will workout tomorrow!!! 2 hours? More? Since I discovered Cathe on New Years day of 2005, I am addicted and make this an annual thing.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing 40/20 HIIT followed by Athletic Step and then drop-set pushups and Ab Circuit stability ball abs! YAY!!!

Happy New Year!


Roxie 1965

I will be moving my MIL out of a house she has lived in for 50 years and the temp is suppose to be 27 degrees so moving and shivering are my workouts for New Years day.


I'm due for taking down the Christmas decor, which is a chore unto itself. As far as workouts go, I'm doing an STS rotation and have tris/bis/shoulders tomorrow. Disc 30.



I will do a full body workout tomorrow! Hoping to take all the Chrismas decor down too!

Happy New Year from Germany!


oh, so many possibilities! I have to start my new year with Cathe...might as well make the first day of 2010 a great one!! :) So, i'm thinking i'll get up bright and early and do 40/20 and one of cathe's perfect ab workouts!!

p.s. thanks for promting me to think ahead!


I'm doing 4DS KB/BC cardio premix and Friday is 4DS LIS cardio premix. I'm coming off of an illness and have a monsterously demanding physical job (video on a construction site, ouchie my arms! my butt!)

My new year's rotation starts on Sunday. I'm normally in top of this, but I was making fantasy rotations using both STS strength and STS cardio, but I don't have STS strength yet! :D

Lets think of what I can do, fun. . . .


Normally I do, depending on what day New Year's falls on, but this year I am taking two days rest as I will be starting STS/Shock Cardio on Jan 3rd.


Hi Clarrisa,

We are going to Toboggin Hill tomorrow here in very cold CO! It's close to home and an incredible family workout! Up, up that steep hill and whoosh! down we go on our tube! Up, up, up again, (now sweating a bit), whoosh, up, up, huff, up, lots of sweat and whoosh! You get the idea! Somehow our son doesn't get quite as sweaty as his dad and I! Amazing how sweaty one can get when it's quite below freezing!

Happy Healthy New Year!! :D



I'll be on an early morning flight to Florida so no workout for me. Fortunately, we have a gym where we are staying so I will be hitting it on Saturday.

I just made a batch of Cosmopolitan's and am getting ready to cook up some crab legs and lobster tails:p

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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