Who Are Your Celeb Heartthrobs?


Lately it's Viggo Mortensen. I want him to do more movies!

I also like Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are still nice to look at too.

When I was in high school, I loved Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver).


Johnny Depp
Orlanda Bloom
Vin Diesel
Harrison Ford - (I was just out in Jackson Hole - the guide on our river rafting trip said he actually spends time there and actually is part of the search and rescue team - pretty cool huh)
From the old days - Cary Grant


RUSSELL CROWE!! He's my #1 pick. I'd LOVE to rip his clothes off! Also, a young Robert Wagner, young Omar Sharif, Jude Law and Viggo from LOFR only since he's nice, scruffy and dirty. In the Return of the King at the end of the movie, he was such a romantic with Arwen. Ahhh....


Fun thread.....okay so my age will show.....:)...I have had 2 for the longest time.....Tom Selleck and Mel Gibson.....the others come and go...but these 2 seem to stay...:)...Carole


Definitely John Travolta.
(not the young skinny kid John from Saturday Night Fever but the grown up man with more weight on him in his more recent movies).

And Andy Garcia, oh man is he beautiful!


Okay, I'm showing my age also...Mel Gibson. I really like the idea he's married to the same woman that he had all 6 or 7 kids with. To me that is really sexy for some reason. Course I've always thought he was so cool and not really into the "star" thing.

High school crush was Rob Lowe...still pretty hot!

Good thread...Sami

Jennifer V

Viggo, definitely. What a chameleon he is, whether blond or dark-haired, he's absolutely yummy. I'm also partial to Hugh Jackman, he was so buff in X-men; I have yet to see him in Van Helsing. He can sing, dance and act- he was amazing as the host of the Tony awards. :9


Jennifer - if you like Hugh Jackman, run like the wind from "Van Helsing".

That movie is a special-effects nightmare, and Jackman is completely wasted, as are all of the other actors who weren't hatched in a CGI desktop. Plus, you almost can't even recognize him; he's always cloaked up from feet to head, and has these weird mutton-chop sideburns that cover even more of his face.

Just thought I'd warn you - I went to that with my husband in an act of pure spousal-sacrifice and thought I'd die.



Gregory Peck always and especially in "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Antonio Banderas --gorgeous voice

Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy)--smoulder, smoulder.....

Hugh Grant (from Four Weddings), fun and sexy

Alan Rickman --the MOST fabulous voice

Actually, if they don't have a sexy voice, they don't make my list....and all these guys have THE VOICE.



Hmmmm.. just what I needed to take my mind off the piles of work on my desk!!!! :p

Here goes....

Hugh Grant
Harry Connick Jr.
Ralph Fiennes
Vince Vaughn
Ewan McGregor
and ...the actor who was in "Sliding Doors" & "the Mummy" - British - kind of goofy looking??? Must be the accent, but I LOOOOVE him!! Oh, oh, his name is John Hannah!!!

And yes, my husband knows about each and every one of them and is prepared to step aside should ANY of these men ever come knocking on my door!!!!:)



Ok, Hellllllooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't anyone in love with Patrick Swayze?? DIRTY DANCING? I start to drool just thinking about it!! OMG, talk about a hottie! Even aged he looks great!

I like dark haired guys usually. I used to be totally in love with Antonio Sabato Jr (from General Hospital). I just can't resist that Italian Stalion look. Yummy!


Oh, yummy, Richard Dean Anderson! (Though I don't think the show bite!)
Keeanu Reeves (except in some movie where he had porked out)
Julian McMahon
James Marsters
Patrick Stewart (just his voice is enough to make me swoon!)
Scott Bakula (the perfect male bod, IMO: tall, toned but not bulky, big hands!)
Michael Biehn (from his "Terminator" days--now looks a little like he has had to much to smoke and drink in his life).

(Notice a strong sci-fi theme running through this list?)


I'll play too - hope you don't mind a predominant lurker joining in ;-)

Mel - ever since Road Warrior when I was in my early teens
VIGGO! The first time I saw him on the big screen - WOW
Sly Stallone - always had a thing for him too

but my number one is Johnny Depp - the talent, the looks, the whole package. I hear he may play Ozzy in an upcoming movie - can't think of any other actor who could pull it off.

Fun thread,



Active Member
Clare...excellent choices!! And, although they don't have "the voice", I would have to add Sean Bean and Johnny Depp.


Fun Thread!

Vin Diesel - love that bad boy!

Russell Crowe - very cute, great voice.

But the best of the best...Kiefer Sutherland. In fact, I was watchign 24 on DVD last night just to catch a glimpse!



Looks like you'll be way excitied to see the new version of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. I'm a fan of Roald Dahl and it's announced on his website. Check it out...fun literature site for kids!


RE: Fun Thread!

Well...since I do need a break from actual work about now (suddenly I have a glazed over, far-away look in my eyes):

The obvious ones:
Brad Pitt (the scene in Fight Club where he stands up and his abs are in JUST the right light...whew!)
Tom Cruise (except that he's a bit shorter than I normally like)

Noah Wyle (Dr Carter on ER)
Hugh Grant (not terribly attractive but oh so charming)
Orlando Bloom (he was just beautiful in the Lord of the Rings :))

I also have a thing for Michael Jordan.

Darn...back to work...end of fantasy time....


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