Which Cathe Videos have Barre Work?


Hi Everyone,

Can you please help me find which Cathe videos do barre work (if she is using a chair in the video, that is fine - I am looking for the barre-type workouts - mainly lower body work such as plié squats, 2nd & 3rd position moves, high rep leg lifts, I recall putting a paper plate on the side of my knee and lifting my leg, etc). For some reason, I thought she had a handful, but now I can't locate them. I did findTurbo Barre, 3 Fit Tower Advanced DVDs, and Original mini DVDs that came when I bought the Fit Tower.

It can be a premix or just a short section off of a DVD.

As far as I can tell, the Cathe workouts with barre work are:
*the 3 workouts that came with the Tower
*the 3 Fit Tower Advanced workouts
*Turbo Barre (LIS)
*Lower Body Blast (Bonus section)
*Kick Max (Leg Conditioning section)
*X-Train Legs (Bonus Barre section)
*Lean Legs and Abs
*Great Glutes (chair section)
And Cathe has some Live workouts where the Tower or an actual barre is used.


Meso 1 legs has some things like that as a bonus after she finishes the weight work. Pretty sure there was a paper plate involved

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