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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for advice on where to begin with Cathe's workouts?

More about me:
I'm a professional dancer who pretty much avoided cross training besides a lot of yoga until the last two years when I began Pilates. I am very active, strong, and healthy- love fitness. About 2 months ago, I dove into working out at home with Tracie Long. I've been doing a lot of online research and came across Cathe that way. I'm not looking to bulk up with huge muscles but am looking to improve my cardio and my strength. Cathe looks great and I'm excited to try! Where should I begin?

Thank you!


Hmmm, I don't use the streaming feature due to poor internet here, but I've read other Cathletes recommend it to people so they could get an idea of Cathe's style & options. Supposedly the first month is free ... you might want to check that service out. And welcome!:)


Cathe's On Demand streaming service would be worthwhile checking out if you have good internet. It is free for the first 7 days. This gives you access to all Cathe's DVDs as well as Cathe Live gym classes.

If you don't have good internet and want to try one of the DVD series then I would suggest either ICE or XTrain. Both series have a good range of different types of workouts including weightlifting, kickboxing, cardio and cardio/weight mixes and they both have good premix selections. ICE is intermediate level but includes bonus add-ons that can make the workouts more advanced. XTrain is more advanced but many of the workouts can be modified to make them easier if you need to.


Of course Cathe workouts will help build and/or improve cardio and strength. Please note it is a fallacy that to be strong you will have big bulky muscles. Most of us women don't have the testosterone for that to happen. What we do have is love of fitness and the desire to maintain excellent health.
Cathe has such a variety but maybe the best place to start are some of her metabolic style of training which combine weights and cardio. You will get a good feel for her style that way. I think it must be exciting starting out but I have to admit, as a long time Cathlete, I still get beyond excited when a new set of dvds from Cathe shows up in my mailbox. Enjoy exploring!


What type of equipment do you have at home?

I started off slowly with a few light hand weights 3, 5 and 8 pounds. Plus I already had a step because I loved step aerobics. I slowly added dumbbells. Now mine go from 2 pounds up to 25 pounds. I then added a barbell since I started doing more strength workouts. And last year I was able to get a weight bench. I also have a stability ball and resistance bands as well as the floor sliders. Cathe is my absolute favorite! it just made sense to me to acquire this equipment since I do most of her DVDs. But there are many DVDs that don’t use as much equipment and you can substitute as needed. For example, you can always use hand weights instead of getting a barbell. Paper plates work as floor sliders too, etc. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!!

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