Where is your bookmark? (book thread)


I'm finishing up Open, Andre Agassi's Autobiography and will be done by tonight. So sad, as I've really enjoyed it so much!!! So it made me wonder.....

Where is YOUR bookmark? What are you currently reading? And how are you liking (or disliking) it?


I'm currently re-reading one of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels (can't remember which one!!). I have all of them, and re-read them every few years. I love the Reacher books! I think after this series I might re-read Janet Evanovich, or the Anita Blake series...


I'm reading Water for Elephants. It's OK. Before it, I read The Help, which was the best book that I had read in a long long time. It was a tough act to follow! :)


I'm reading, "I See Rude People" by Amy Alkon. She's an advice columnist and came out with a book about manners. I just started it, so I don't have a strong opinion yet.

Sunday night I stayed up waaaayyyy too late finishing The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I love that series!



I started reading Gone With the Wind before Christmas last year and my bookmark is on page 510! There are 1,037 pages! The hoildays came and I haven't found time to pick it up since! Hmmm, maybe, it's time now! :) On a good note, I was truly enjoying the story. Just need to get back to it! :p


I am currently reading Cookie and Me by Mary Jane Ryals. The book takes place in the sixties and was written by a local writer. It started out slowly but now I'm enjoying it.

I am also reading Running with the Legends:Training and Racing Insights from 21 Great Runners. Great book!

My last book was Sweet Dream Baby by Sterling Watson. I loved this book. I read it in 2 days. It was a coming of age story that takes place in the fifties.


Body Shaping with free weights, Stephenie Karony & Anthony L. Rankin, finished, perused ad nauseum, it's got great stuff.

Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore, right at programming, great form pointers, and getting the uh, squat in yer squat....;)

Borrowed both from the library.

I think I need a Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows refresher before the movie comes out, always do....:)


I'm reading "The Suspicions of Mr Whicher." It's about the first 'real' detective case. It's interesting but is kind of slow at points so I'm not getting through as quickly as I'd like. I was tempted to just stop reading it but I need to find out who dun' it! ;)
I am reading the 4th book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabledon. The book is Drums of Autumn. If anyone likes to read series books, this is the one to get. OMG, I cannot believe how good these books are.

There are 7 in the series so far, I believe. I highly recommend this series.


I'm reading the Outlander series too! I'm on "The Fiery Cross" right now, the 5th book in the Outlander series. I'm still shocked that a book this big and chalked full of history has kept my attention as well as these books have. I started this series based on a book thread on this forum a year ago.

I hope to start "The girl with the dragon tatoo" next.

Take care!


I just started Swimsuit by James Patterson. I tried the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and found it to be a hard read for me. It's still sitting on my ipod waiting to be finished. Maybe I will try again sometime in paperback form.



I just finished "Water for Elephants". It took me a while to get in to that one. I really wasn't liking it at first and the whole Barbara thing had me pretty disgusted for a while. It ended good though. Before that I read "The Historian" and I really liked that. Right now I am reading "Weight of Water" and so far that is pretty painful. I'm still plowing through it though. I feel like it's just one giant description without any story. But maybe it just needs to get going. After this, I plan to read the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain". It's a book from a dog's perspective. I think it looks cute. :) I also have "The Help" downloaded and the first Outlander book. Oh, I started the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but only got through a few pages before deciding I wasn't in the mood for it yet. I plan to go back to that one though at some point.


I am currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I am only on page 50 something but I already know more about corn and corn production that I ever wanted to!

I have recently made the decision to go grain-free (more of a primal/paleo eating style). I read The Primal Blueprint and have The Paleo Solution on deck.

I also have The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I have tried twice to read it and got stuck/disinterested each time. I am going to try again and see what happens. I probably just need to give up but just about everyone likes the series so I feel like I am missing something!



The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo is fantastic. I know that the beginning of the first book is slow and somewhat confusing but stick with it, it gets better. The 2nd and 3rd books are even better.

I just got done watching the 1st movie (the Swedish one) and loved it. I miss this series already.


The solution to not being able to read certain books, especially ones you suspect you might actually benefit from, is to get the Book on CD out of your local library. It totally brings certain narratives alive. The narrator for the Larsson series, Simon Vance, is one of the best in the business and has a voice to die for. I have not read any of the Dragon Tatoo books to myself, I have listened to them with Simon Vance and thrilled to every second.

I am certainly not of the crowd that thinks having a book read to you, rather than slogging through it yourself, is a cop out. I listen to BOCDs all the time. Right now I am having something of a Lucas Davenport retrospective because the narrator for these books, Richard Ferrone, is just FABULOUS!

There are certain authors whose books I never read to myself because I simply adore the BOCD versions too much. Certain authors always get the same narrator, usually a master of the art, and having these books read to me is a complete treat. I make excuses to cook things and clean bathrooms just so I can listen to certain authors and narrators.

Great narrators to listen out for include: George Guidall, Richard Ferrone, Scott Brick, Barbara Rosenblatt, Jenny Sterlin, Linda Emond, Simon Vance, Simon Prebble, Kate Reading, and Dick Hill (for all those Jack Reacher fans out there!).

A great narrator can take you through books and authors you might never have tried on your own, including, for me, Thomas Hardy because Alan Rickman (melt your knickers!) was reading it!



No Way! I'm reading Open as well. I have about 50 pages to go and agree that it is very good! My next book is That Old Cape Magic by Russo. I love the cold weather and curling up with lots of books (after Cathe and I have worked out for the day, of course!).


I'm currently read book one in the Age of Misrule Series. World's End by Mark Chadbourn.

It's a sci-fy fantasy novel, not what I normally read, but on occasion. It was a random library selection. I'm on about page 50, and so far, so good. It seems to be right at that point where the story is going to pick up and take off. I wanted to keep reading last night, but it was Svengoolie time, so I had to put the book down.

It's the 1st book in a trilogy, and then from what I can see, there's a follow up trilogy after the first. So if I like it, I should have reading for a while.



I just finished reading the Anne of Green Gables series....I always loved the films, so finally borrowed the books to read.

I have been reading a book, Hitler's Generals, off and on for a while. It's not the most fun to read, but I like history, so I thought I'd give it a go. The main thing I've gotten from it so far is that all his generals thought he was crazy, and many were in on the plots to kill him. Too bad they didn't succeed.

Someone mentioned the Outlander series...that's a great series..I've read them all. I hope she come out with a new one soon; the last one left everything just hanging.

library girl

In the kitchen, I am currently in the middle of Stones into Schools - the follow-up story of Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.

In the living room, I am on the third chapter of At Home by Bill Bryson. I love Bill Bryson.

I always have at least two books going at a time, although usually one is fiction and the other non-fiction.

On the shelf, awaiting December, is A Christmas Carol.

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