Where can I buy the Power Tower?


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I recently purchase the STS series but the only part of equiptment that I don't have is the Power Tower and I will love to purchase one but I dont know where to buy it. Please, could someone tell me where.
thank you.



It has not been released for sale yet. There was a post in March that SNM is close to offering pre-sale details, but there has not been any new information yet.

aqua girl

Bump Bump Bump

Please SNM-give us some information....even if it's not good....any info
is better than none. About a month ago you posted that preordering
info would be coming in a week or two, maybe sooner...and it's been just
about a month since that post....


Another bump.....I just started meso 2 today and would have LOVED to have this piece of equipment....can't wait to order this and have it in my house! :) Any update would be great!

larks mom

I would also like to get the Power Tower. I've done fine so far without it, but I think it would be a "nice" and HELPFUL addition to my home gym--I'm sure I could find someplace to put it other than the dining room?! :)


That's funny, larks mom, because if I get it , the tower will live in the living room. I'm not sure how DH will take that! I wonder if it folds up.


glad to know I'm not missing out, would like to buy this and was wondering if it was for sale yet. will we be advised by email of the pre-sale if we bought STS, or better to check the forum? I don't check it very often.

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