whats in Oregon?

my parents and i are going to visit in May to meet my siter and her son half way.no one in my family has ever been there. what are some things to do?




I live in Oregon. Oregon sight seeing things to see and do? I'd suggest seeing the Oregon Coast in Newport, there's lots to see there, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Hatfield Marine Science Center (Free Admission), shopping outlet in Lincoln City. Portland has a lot of things too. I'd suggest emailing or calling the city of commerce of the cities you'll be near at least the big ones and they can send you lots of info about sight seeing what to see where to stay etc.... If you love skiing there is Mt.Bachelor etc... Just depends on your interests. There is lots to do and & see in Oregon the most important thing is to see the beauty of Oregon so definitely get out and stretch your legs. There is a lot of history here with Lewis and Clark, Captain Cook, and of course the famous Oregon Trail. There are some spectacular waterfalls etc... Its been said that the Oregon Coast upstages Hawaii for beauty. Check out the info from the city of commerce and have a ball while you visit.




East of Portland, if you drive out on the Scenic Highway, you'll see some beautiful views. Drive out to Crown Point and see a panoramic view of the Gorge, and be sure to go to Mulnomah Falls and take a small hike. I go there in the summer and get a soft serve ice cream or yogurt for a treat. Very pretty.
On Saturday & Sunday, go to the "Saturday Market" for a huge artisan craft and wares sales, and food cart food! That's in Old Town part of downtown Portland.

Walk on the Waterfront in Portland. See unique shopping and small art galleries in the Pearl District in downtown NW Portland, and unique restaurants. Go to Mother's Bistro to eat! There are lots more eateries which are really good.

Oh, do you like to ski? There is Mount Hood Meadows. Timberline is historic and fun to go to. Further South in near Bend Oregon is Mount Bachelor(3 hours from Portland) and wonderful skiing (dry snow, not wet like at Meadows).

Cannon Beach, Newport, and Seaside at the Coast.

I'll come back later and post more things.


Oregon is awesome and beautiful and there is lots to do here. (Like others have said) :)

If you're in Portland I agree with Linda, check out Saturday Market (which is also on Sundays), the Pearl district is awesome for galleries and viewing just plain Portland weirdness, the Waterfront is great: you can rent bikes for a very low and reasonable price at Waterfront Bikes and ride the 10 mile loop that is all path, car free -- AWESOMENESS -- you can even go further if you like -- the Springwater Trail will get you about 40 miles of uninterrupted bike trails --

The Portland Art Museum is pretty top notch (in case it's raining while you're here ;)) Also, if you're here at the end of May there is Rose Festival going on which creates lots of other events all over town.

Forest Park is one of the country's largest urban forests -- it's wiithin Portland. It has excellent trails for running and hiking, it's just plain breathtaking.

Lots of great restaurants: Mothers downtown, Isabel's in the Pearl, Porcelli's in Johns Landing, Andinas, Pazzos, there are so many . . . .

The Gorge is beautiful and a short drive out Hwy 84. Hundreds of very beautiful hikes out there. Angels Rest, Multnomah Falls, Dog Mountain on the Washington side -- hundreds of trails, water falls.

Best beach in Oregon (in my opinion) is Cannon Beach, lovely beach, beautiful views, best coffee in ALL of Oregon at Sleepy Monk in Cannon Beach. They have adirondek chairs outside so you can sit in the sun, enjoy the ocean air and drink the best coffee made by some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

I've lived in Oregon for almost 20 years and it is a wonderful place for anyone, but people who are fitness minded and like to do outside activities are especially happy to be here -- there are tons of things to do at any time of the year and rain does not deter us . . .

I'll probably be back because after I post this I'll think of more things. . .


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I'm so sad that no one yet has suggested to go to my neck of the woods. I'm from southern Oregon. Down there is the beautiful Crater Lake. The deepest natural lake in the world. A little farther south, actually in northern California, just on the other side of Klamath Falls (my home town) are the lava beds. These are incredible. You could spend at least a day exploring them and learning a little about the history of the area as well. As said before, Oregon is beautiful and has amazing nature. There is definitely something for everyone there.

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