What to eat post cardio workout?


I am just curious what ya'll eat after a good cardio workout? I have been doing Turbo fire and didn't buy the recovery drink. I am trying to lose 10 pounds and I know that after a workout is the best time to refuel. Any ideas?


I can't believe after so many years of reading, dieting, etc. I am confused on this topic, but why do you need to eat after cardio? I understand eating after weight lifting of course, but why after cardio?

Also, just curious RapidBreath, why the recommendation of carbs and fats? Is there something to that or just your preference?


I'd be sure to rehydrate.
After a longer cardio session, you may need to 'refuel' with mostly carbs and some protein.


There is no one thing that I will eat after any workout anymore. During the week it's either a piece of fruit or some nuts around 6:30am- and it's the same weather it's cardio or lifting. I just go for something small/quick cause I'm not ready for a full breakfast that early in the morning. Then 2-3 hours later (around 9am) at work I will eat cereal or oatmeal with p/b or a bagel thin with pb on it.

On weekends I tend to eat the "big" breakfast before my work out and the snack after because I work out around 9am instead of at 5 so I am hungrier before I work out. Still, what I will pick from doesn't change much....If I happen to finish my work out closer to lunch time then I will just eat lunch after (whatever I feel like...salad/sandwich usually) and if it's closer to dinner time then dinner it will be! :)


I usually eat some fruit and drink a recovery drink after every workout I do. I try to stay hydrated no matter what during and after the workout, so that isn't an issue. Everyone that has posted here is correct, and I don't think there is a definate wrong answer here. I have been researching new recovery drinks lately and have stumbled across a few ones. Anyone have any recommendation on ones to try? Maybe even the colloidal silver products??
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I love a good jay Robb protein shake after a workout with a bit of apple cider vinegar blended in and maybe a fruit like kiwi which is high in vitamin c to aid in muscle recovery! You want a good balance carbs and protein to balance blood sugar. Avoid too much fat after a workout since fat slows digestion and will create too long of time for your muscles to get the nutrients they need. Generally, I have my clients each a balance of carbs and protein within 30 mins of finishing their workout. Keep it light and keep it clean;)


Nothing after cardio. I take a shower :p. After lifting I may take in some protein, depends on the intensity.


I don't eat anything after cardio.

The main reason I do cardio is to burn calories so that would certainly defeat the purpose.


Thank you!

I've been doing the Insanity workout for 4 weeks now and actually gained weight. My diet has been pretty much the same. I do notice more muscle (mostly butt and legs) but want more toning. I'm afraid if I up my calories at all, I might put on more weight. Any suggestions? Is it normal to put on weight with workouts?


A couple things to consider...

My butt and legs did the same thing when I did Insanity, but it was solid muscle from what I could tell. That's the beauty of plyometrics. You can really add beautiful muscle to your legs through plyos. Think about what a sprinter's body looks like! Lean body with gorgeous gams! (Like cathe):)
If you are worried about putting on weight, you may not actually be eating enough. Insanity burns alot of calories, so if you've been doing it for 4 weeks and have gained (muscle) weight, then you may want to look at eating more calories from protein. The more muscle you have, the more protein you need, because you have more muscle to feed. Protein and vegetables if done in the correct portion sizes will help you lose the fat around the muscle as you work out rather than put weight on. Sometimes if your calories are too low when you are starting a strenuous new workout program, you will gain weight because your body starts using muscle for energy rather than fat. The body will always go to muscle first, before it goes to fat, if your calories are too low - it's a survival mechanism in the body.
I would start writing down everything you are eating and being truthful about what you are taking in, and maybe even invest in a heart rate monitor that tracks calories burned, to see how much of a deficit there is between the two. Too much and you'll gain, and just under and you'll be losiong. Go over and you'll gain again, so fine the sweet spot, and you'll have that lean body in no time!


I have heard good things about coconut water. I often just eat some oatmeal if its in the morning. You need some carbs to replace the glycogen in your muscles also you want some thing with some sodium and potassium.



Thanks Jodelle!

This is the question I always have that never seems to get answered. I always worked out regularly and maintained my weight but never got the definition I wanted. I've heard too that I might not be eating enough but the idea of eating more is completely against what I'm used to. So if I'm doing a high cardio workout routine, I should actually be eating more to maintain my weight? Is it really true that I could gain by not eating enough??
Thanks for your help!


I eat 5-6 small meals a day. Each meal includes a protein and complex carb. LizC7, your metabolism can be slower if you only eat a few, bigger meals a day. The key is to keep your body sustained throughout the day by taking in small portions every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. And of course drink LOTS of water.

Depending on what time your cardio workout is over and if it's time for your next meal will depend on if you should eat or not.


Another option for post-cardio fueling is something that is antiinflammatory, like a smoothie that contains pineapple and ginger (maybe with coconut water, to help replenish electrolytes if the workout is especially long and/or grueling). Cherries and cinnamon are two other anti-inflammatory foods.


Green juice

I'll do a green juice;
2C spinach
1 celery branch
1 green apple
1 pear
1 kiwi
1/2 cucumber
a splash of lime juice
Process in a juicer
Then I'll add 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein
It's not only great for recovery, it's ALL natural and great for the skin. Enjoy

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