What are your thoughts on massage therapy?


My wife persuaded me to get massages, so I now get them once a month during my recovery week. I've become a fan. However, I'm always sore afterwards - even the next day, and especially in the tightest areas. The massage, I believe, makes the next day's workout more difficult. Is the massage therefore worthwhile? What are people's thoughts on training the same day or the next day?
Hello, I used to get leg cramps after working out at night. I began getting weekly massages from a nearby massage therapist, which helped me to eliminate pain and suffering. After the spasm has subsided, the cramping area is flushed out with a massage method. Massage is frequently recommended a few days after a spasm to help keep muscles flexible and promote blood flow to the affected area. Do not exercise immediately after, and only do a light workout the next day. Allow your muscles to recover. It's very relaxing, and it helps me sleep well at night.


Just another thought as I am certainly no expert on this, but I used to get various types of massages as there are different types/modalities with different effects. You might ask your massage therapist which technique s/he uses & discuss your reaction & preferences for the type of response you'd like. Best wishes...


I never workout the day of or day following a massage. That said, if you're really sore after your massage, you may need to ask your therapist to go lighter. For me, massage is in part about addressing and improving already sore/tight muscles (not making them worse), and loosening my muscles up and promoting relaxation. But that's just me!


I get one about every 10 to 14 days. I even go and just get my feet rubbed for an hour every once in while. I highly recommend messages!


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Soreness after a massage is normal, especially if you have tight areas that need more attention. In my opinion, the benefits of a massage outweigh the soreness. It can help with muscle recovery, reduce stress, and even improve sleep quality. As for training, it's best to wait at least a day before working out those same muscles again. Personally, I like to schedule my massages on my rest days to give my body extra time to recover. If you're looking for a great place to get a massage, I highly recommend checking out a local spa. Also, have you considered trying Botox or fillers for any muscle pain or tension? I recently discovered Filler Treatment in Woodland Hills, and I'm excited to give it a try.
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I love my massages, and wish I could get them twice a month rather than every other month.
I carry all my tension in my upper back and traps and she has to WORK to get the literal knots out. I feel like I did the worst hardest Crossfit workout ever the next day.
I think if I could afford it and go more often I might not be as sore, cause it would keep the knots from getting as bad.

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