What are your Holiday workouts? If you have time.


Mine are, hopefully, Cardio & Weights tonight and IMAX2 Christmas Eve early evening.
Post-Christmas, December 26th, moving forward with the same series maybe Muscle Endurance and Bootcamp.
This week was Step Blast, SJ&P, KPC and Legs& Glutes (tough workout than appears).


I don't have a solid plan...I've done Body Rocks for the past three days now though so assuming I'll have more time this weekend I will likely change it up. Right now I am thinking an Insanity cardio one of the days and a Low Impact Series Circuit like Athletic Training or Slide n Glide on the other....One never really knows though coz I can change my mind at any time! ;):p:D


Good question..........

Whatever I feel like doing I guess. I have been really tired this week, but I know I need to blast lots of calories this weekend cuz' Oh my will I be eatin' lots and enjoying every minute of it!!

Saturday morning - TBT upper body with cardio portion of Slide n' Glide

Sunday morning - Intensity hands down. That one should even out all the cookies and pies I WILL BE EATING.

Monday - still don't know..... maybe LIS Step Challenge or TBT lower body.

JT, do you like Jillian Michaels? I have not recently done her workouts, Cathe has been my GO-TO instructor, but I caved and downloaded her newest Shed & Shred for only $10. HOLY SMOKES! I have to admit, I really liked this one!!! She is not as aggressive, more professional (no swearing, yelling or smacking the girls' butts) and has two workouts for under 30min (or you can do both for 60min). Level 1 was easy for me, but level 2, really kicked it up another notch. She uses a fusion approach mixing kickboxing, plyo, boxing, weight training, yoga, jujitsu. Very different from the "classic Jillian" but very effective. IMO, this was a top-notch workout from Jillian. My legs and arms are sore today, AND it was only 30min!!!
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Epcot Chick

Tomorrow I will be doing Afterburn. I am doing a lot of baking/cooking tomorrow, so doing Afterburn will be my "me time."

Sunday is a planned day off, since I will be cooking non-stop from 7 AM. I think I will find some time for yoga after everyone leaves, or if the weather cooperates, I will nip out for a walk.

On Monday, I will be starting STS. :D


Sorry, not into Jillian Michaels. Thanks for the great review of her workout. When I need a short-break from Cathe, I go to Gin Miller.


Spin class 8:15 am tomorrow.

Nothing Sunday (feed bag only)

Spin again Monday

Then try LIS workouts for the rest of the week...have been dying to do that since they came out and now I can!

Great thread...it's cool to see us all committed to fitness during a time of year it's easy to "not have the time."


Since it's holiday time I am hoping to have more time to excercise! But it is still challenging to fit in with holiday visits. I hope to some Trisets back, biceps and core and top it off with all step Intensity or Cardio Trisets.

Sunday I will work lower body to keep from feeling mushy with the extra sitting and eating. Boxing day - mega cardio maybe Afterburn or a run if there is still no snow here.

With all the running around my stomach has actually felt queasy- I think I may have lost weight. I know my body will be playing catch up over the next few days and it will be a challenge to keep the eating in check.


Since I'm up at 4 am - can't sleep! ugh. Today will be a double header. Asylum Strength, then one of the premixes from CycleMax. Tomorrow is scheduled for Asylum Game Day, but I'm not sure if that will fit in with all the hustle and bustle.



Great thread!

This morning is Step Moves. This one is so much fun I find myself smiling from beginning to end.

Tomorrow will be a Cardio Coach. Not sure which one yet. I usually decide on the fly and make a mish-mosh of different volumes.


Xmas day I need some straight up cardio so plan on doing Low Impact Challenge.

Boxing day is my rest day. Not sure after that!


Slide and Glide this morning. Christmas Day I will take off. Then I'm thinking of doing some of the workouts off the Terminator dvd in the week between Christmas and New Year's


Just finished GymStyle Chest/Triceps and a 3 mile run on the treadmill.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

ETA: Just did Level 2 of Core Max as well.
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I'm taking advantage of the walkable (for me!) weather by getting in as many outdoor walks as I still can on sunny days. Yesterday was a 3 miler. Today, who knows?

Planning on starting P90X2 tomorrow.


I did Turbo Barre today because Santa dropped off Cathe's Tower this morning :)

Gosh it's so much easier with the tower instead of chair. And it is much more sturdier than I expected, and not cheaply made!! Woo hoo!!!

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