What about all those premixes???


I just did Low Impact Challenge this morning. That was sooo much fun! And it was over before I knew it. So I went to look at the chapters and there's a bonus circuit step segment on there!! I thought, Cool there's probably almost a whole new workout on this DVD, and there is. There are a bunch of premixes. (Well, of course! I knew that. This is Cathe.)

How in the world do you get to all those premixes? How do you get to know them and work them in? With so many fun Cathe DVDs, so many rotations, and new ones coming this summer ... the possiblilites are endless. So many workouts, so little time. I find myself wanting to do a Cathe DVD in the afternoons sometimes, but I don't want to wear myself out, lol, and, ahem, there are other things I should be doing... :p

Does Cathe, or anyone else, have any rotations that are strictly premixes?


Using Premixes

bzbnmom, I love premixes. I don't do any rotations because I do what I'm in the mood for on any given day. Different months I may decide to do a month of full body workouts 2 or 3 times a week. I'll do the standards: ME, PP, etc. and then I'll try to find "new" ones in the premixes-DM has one, HST, Pyramid bonus, etc. This way I use different dvd's. For cardio I just usually pick a dvd and base my workout on how long I feel like working out and do a premix or the regular. I'm not real big into circuit training because I alternate strength and cardio. But there are great premixes on the Circuit DVD's. Start looking around you'll find some gems!




you need to chat with DirtDiva, she has awesome ideas with Cathe premixes! Send her a message or begin a post on Open discussion forum with her name in the header and she'll help you. (Warning: she's hardcore but don't let that put you off! A great person with fab ideas)




I love premixes too! I don't know how many Cathe vids you have but the following link has IMO a great rotation using only premixes:

Cathe Friedrich - December 2009 Timesaver Rotation

Also, another thing I like to do is use the workout manager. I look up the DVD, then the premixes. IN the box to the right hand side there is usually a description of whats in the premix. I use that feature all the time, especially when creating my own rotations.

Hope this helps! Have fun!


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