Welcome Cathletes! - 2016 Glassboro Road Trip is Just Days Away!


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Hi 2016 Glassboro RoadTrippers!

It's hard to believe that the RoadTrip is only a few days away! We look forward once again to having you at Four Seasons for a super action packed weekend!!

As you make your final plans and preparations we just wanted to send a couple of reminders and inform you of some small changes in case you decide to take any classes outside of the RoadTrip schedule while you're in town.

Thursday and Friday before the RoadTrip begins, the gym and any scheduled Four Seasons classes (with the exception of Target Zone) will be open to Cathletes free of charge. This will also apply to Sunday if you choose to visit the gym later in the day or evening.

The guest fee to take classes or use the gym starting Monday, after the RoadTrip has ended, is $10. This fee is a one time charge and will allow you access to the gym for the day.

The Target Zone class fee is $20 per class. If you choose to take a Target Zone class please arrive at the gym 15 minutes prior to class start time so that we can get you signed in and set up with a heart rate monitor (if you choose to wear one). Nobody is allowed to enter the class once the warm up begins.

Let us know if you have any questions. See you SOON!!! Yay!!!

*To view the 2016 schedule and food menus click on the following link and scroll down towards the bottom.| view road trip schedule |

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