Weight Watchers - last week of March, first of April 2011


Hey, Ladies

Just thought Id check in with yall. No workout yesterday or today, so far. I really could use something, but Im just not comfortable doing it here. My eating was good yesterday. I did have a small piece of carrot cake, but thats the one dessert I did want. I've had it and I pray I have no more. I cant be eating full blown desserts everyday. That wont help me reach goal. ' And I do have food alergies from too many nuts and sweets combined.

Im happy to say all my outfits fit nicely. They didnt last month. The program is working for me. Even my bra size and cup have gone down which is good cause I want to loose evenly.

Make it a great day!


Shereta...good job on the workouts! I bet it's a great feeling to have your outfits fit so much nicer :) Remember how good that feels when you have the urge for a dessert!! ;)

I'm sorry for being a bit in cognito lately. I've had some personal/family stressors that have left me feeling a bit down in the dumps and isolated. My eating has been ok, not great.

I'm working all weekend but hope to find time for a quick check-in and hopefully a short workout!


Hi ladies,

I haven't checked in since last weekend. My weigh in was Wednesday and I'm down 1lb. For some reason I seem much more focused using the online program as opposed to the meetings that I could never stay for. So far I'm happy with the switch.

Stacy-sorry to hear that folks are not being nice about the healthier you. You need to take care of yourself and I'm sorry you have some nay sayers in your life. My DH is a very unhealthy eater...and my youngest son too. I wish DH would help out more with DS making better food choices. {{Hugs}}

Jennifer-I'm back to weighing daily but only recording the weight on my scheduled weigh in day. I used to take my measurements monthly but haven't measured since 1/1/2011. I guess Quarterly measurements might be good too.:p I'm a scale addict too.

Shereta-glad you got in a workout, it makes a world of difference in our attitude and outlook. If you were traveling for work, why didn't they spring for a hotel? Congrats on the 12#loss, more importantly on feeling beautiful in your own clothes!!!

Melissa-woo hoo, you can start exercising again! I'm sure you will feel much better once you can start moving again. No need to go all out, you don't want to risk a re-injury. Biking sounds like fun. Do you ride outside, or inside?

Enjoy the weekend ladies!


Hi everyone! A moment of quiet before I get back into the cleaning and organizing. DD turns 16 tomorrow and a few family members will come over so I have to make the place presentable!

I used my Cathlete appreciation coupons and picked up KPC, Intensity, and High Reps.

I think it'll be KPC for me today! Can't wait!


Hey all,

Bad day yesterday--I got some sort of food poisoning and spent all afternoon throwing up :(. Didn't eat anything after lunch and managed a small breakfast this morning. Thankfully, I kept it down.

I know I wanted to lose weight, but this was not how I wanted to lose it LOL.


Hey, Ladies. No workout today. But i'm feeling good.

Im at a church conference and staying with friends. Everyone's trying to get a piece of me from morning til night. I might get a workout in tomorrow. We'll see. But if not, my eating is going well. Not as many veggies as normal, but I think Im maintaining.

Stacy, you got me feeling a little guilty. That carrot cake is calling me. I'll try to resist. Thanks for the little kick. I hope you get your workout in. It always helps me feel better.

Diana, yeah for the one pound. I love the online tools. I hope I dont miss them too much when my three months are up.

Suzanne, those three dvds are in my fav catagories. I love, love, love the cross back squats in High Reps. They make my tush sing and sting. hahahaha

Jennifer, Food poisoning aint no joke. I'm glad you're doing better.

Til tomorrow.

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