Weight Watchers - last week of March, first of April 2011


Good morning everyone!

I've regained my lost pound....which sounds backward. I'm a pound down from last week...but I had already previously lost that pound.

I think I better invest in a scale that has fractions of pounds on it.

Not sure what's on tap for today. We slept late and have many errands and chores. I'm surprisingly not sore from CCPP so I may do a little Barefoot Cardio and some stretching.

On to a new week....Happy Sunday!


Good Morning,

I just converted my weekly meetings program to online. I'm so busy at work that I haven't had time to stay for the meetings, simply weigh in and be on my way. Knowing that most of you use the online program is an added bonus.

This morning will be Muscle Max and a cardio TBD. I've been MIA the past week so need to catch up on how everyone is doing. I haven't been tracking at all this last week, but am on the right track now.

I'm starting the 60 day Insanity rotation in April. Anyone want to join me. I've completed this rotation once before.

Suzanne-I bought the WW scale at Target a few years ago and love it. Just seeing those partial losses is enough to keep you motivated to stay on track IMO.



Somebody knock me upside the head! I had a major PMS-driven junk food party last night. I certainly paid for it this morning with some major IBS issues!

Today I did High Reps' upper body/abs premix. I was going to do 30-35 min on the bike to burn off some pizza but my knee was throbbing so I held back.

I'd love to do a 60 Day Insanity rotation if I had a knee that would cooperate. I've had Insanity for awhile now and have yet to do any of them :( Unfortunately, I'll probably have to give them up, I don't think my body/knee is cut out for this high impact stuff anymore.

I'm having alot to trouble staying on track with my eating on Fri-Sun, just gonna have to deal with it somehow. We also have season baseball tickets and oftentimes go right to the stadium after work, so I'm going to have to get a "game plan" for how to avoid stadium junk food but still eat dinner!


Hi Diana, thanks for the tip on the scale. I have an amazon.com gift card thingy that I'm trying to use up - I'll shop over there first.

I love the online WW. I jump in when I have a moment. I like to search the recipes. I've been pleasantly surprised at the variety of recipes and other articles there.

I don't have Insanity so can't join you there....I've actually never done a rotation. For me it's a real triumph just to get a workout done...and thinking about a rotation would lead me straight into 'overthink' zone and I probably wouldn't do it at all.

Can't wait for my new Cathe's to arrive though! :D

Stacy - There will be no head-knocking from me! Cut yourself some slack and try to be gentler on yourself. PMS can get the best of any of us, believe me!

Sorry about your knee.

I have trouble too with the Friday-Saturday eating. So I try to be cautious with my points during the week so that if I feel like a little splurge I'm not heading into negative points land. And, honestly, I try to fake myself out sometimes and when I have that feeling of really wanting to eat something I just brew up a cup of tea instead. It's a little ritual, something that tastes nice, but zero guilt.

OK. Off to the grocery store and the rest of todays chores.


Happy Sunday, All. Today, altho I usually rest on Sunday, I did about 25 min of intensity. I didn't eat very well today, but 'm expecting a loss on tomorrow's weighin.

I'm going to a conference on Thursday and will return the following Monday. I will have access to a computer so I may be able to pop in here. I also may take a workout to do in my room. One with no equipment needed for cardio, core and floor work. Altho Im overweight, I think my heart can handle a short interval cardio a few days in a row.

I have HR on tap for tomorrow.


Hey Ladies. Happy Rainy Monday. Workout today - HRs. I earned 8 APs. Weighed in too - down 1.5. That totals 12.5 so far. BBL to post menu.


Hi ladies,

Weigh-in day today and I've gained another pound--nothing new there LOL.

I've decided that the only way I'm going to keep myself from getting discouraged and wanting to give up is to chuck the scale once and for all. I'm going to hide it in my closet and not weigh myself for the next few months (let's see how long I manage not to crack :p). According to Sparkpeople, if I stick to the calorie counts it's calculated for me, I should lose about a pound a week (give or take), and if I keep off the scale during that time, then I hope I'll be able to focus on sticking to the good habits and not be distracted by what the scale says.

I just hope that by the end of the 8 weeks, it'll show an 8 pound weight loss, not an 8 pound weight gain LOL!

That said, I am going to be taking my measurements every week, just to make sure I'm able to see if I am starting to go off the rails--that way I can make any necessary adjustments. But other than that, I'm just going to trust the process and hope all goes well.

We'll see, I guess :p.


Hi all.

b. banan - 0
s. yogurt, peanuts - 6
l. salad, chicken, crackers - 10
s. yogurt, peanuts - 6
d. broc, some kind of chicken I tried; it was good, I didnt eat much cause I don't know the PPs = 10
s. candy 4
total 36

Well, Jennifer, I'm glad you're not giving up. You wont get anywhere if you give up. But, trying something new is a testimont to yourself that you're worth it. Kudos to you.

I'm still debating on whether or not to workout while Im at the convention. Even 30 minutes workouts are worth it right. I'd have to take my laptop and a few dvds and workout gear. But, this is the new me, right. We're staying at someone's house, but there's room to workout in. Okay, I've talked myself into it. I have Cathe's travel workout, but I don't like it. I may have to do it anyway.


30 min is better than nothing, I say! Go for it, Sherata! I always feel good getting a workout in, especially if I'm traveling for work. If nothing else, it's a great stress reliever :).


Happy Tuesday

Thanks Jennifer. I'll be picking out workouts tonight.

Today's workout was IMax3. I didnt have time to finish it all, but I earned 10APs.

B. 2 eggs, ff cheese - 5
s. yogurt, almonds - 5
l. salad, chicken breast, jello - 8
s. apple - 0
d. That chicken thing again, broc - 10
s. candy - 4
total-- 33

Make it a great day, Ladies.


Hello everyone. My IBS has been a mess lately mainly b/c my eating has been a bit of a mess :( Lately, too, I've been getting some family flack, not done intentionally, but more the "you can never eat what we want to eat" or "nope, cant go there b/c you know who cant eat anything there". I'm probably exaggerating a tad, but it's just a bit stressful....how do you all handle this?? It's tough being married to/having a skinny family that can eat whatever junk they want, not workout and still have zero body fat!

I have errands to run after my stomach settles down. No clue on my menu yet, and I'll have to postpone my workout til later tonight. I'll check back later!


Hi everyone!

Sorry to be MIA last week. I was traveling for work and had alot of family stuff going on this weekend. All good stuff!!!

I received the "ok" from my doctor to slowly start working out. Nothing too intense, walking and biking has been approved. Although my idea of biking is pretty intense so I'll have to kick it down a couple of notches. I brought my walking gear today and cannot wait to get outside at lunchtime for a nice long power-walk! Is it noon yet...;)

My food intake has been pretty much the same, along with my weight. But that's okay because I feel great! And now that I can get some activity in, I'm hoping to feel even better...:)


S: banana
B: 3 egg whites & 1 whole scrambled, 1 c 1%, 1/2 c oatmeal
L: 1/2 c tuna, whole wheat pita, 1 T light ranch dressing
S: apple
D: 6 oz bbq turkey breast, 1 c each broccoli & carrots steamed, 1 c 1%

I think I have enough wiggle room here to have a little bit of mashed potato with dinner if I want it.

Have a great day everyone!!


Hey, Yall.

Aw Stacy, sorry to hear about your fam giving you the blues. I often get some of that from not so close friends. Remember it's not just about being thin as much as it is eating healthily. Trust me, they'll understand one day. You just have to play the hand you're dealt. If those places are family owned or small businesses, maybe you could ask them about offering healthier choices. But, I think you worth them looking for a place that serves healthy foods.

Hey, Melissa, how was that lunch time walk. Glad to hear the doc has given you the green light to start moving more. I missed you.


Weigh-in today, down 0.8 lbs from last week. I suspect a good portion is water weight, but I'll take it. I've got just about 2 weeks left until my upcoming event. I need to lose about 3 lbs to successfully meet the 5 lb Challenge. Right now, I've got enough stressors, so for me, to "successfully" complete the challenge is going to be doing my best, not necessarily losing 3 lbs. Even, counting points, as I'm getting closer to goal weight, the weight is coming off more slowly. I never did workout yesterday, just got plain old lazy, today dont have time, we'll be gone all day out of town.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!


Hey, ladies. Congrats Stacy. I'm think I have 2.5 left on the challenge.

Today's workout was High Reps in its entirety. I earned 11 APs. Fun workout. My left outer arm is hurting. I think I slept on it wrong night before last.

so excited about our trip tomoro. I picked out 3 workouts to use while I'm there.

B. 3 eggs - 6
s. yogurt, peanuts - 6
l. salad, chicken, - 6
s. jello, apple - 1
d. Lean cruisine, small salad, pudding - 12
That's 32 . Hopefully, I can stick to it. I'll be busy cleaning and packing tonight, so I may not have time to get anything else in.


I choose
HiiT (for Pyramid Wave - no equipment needed, short, intense cardio)
4DS (cardio drills and over all cardio kickbox)
MMA boxing (cardio and upper body)
and Kick max (cardio and legs)

What do you think of those?


Well my scale moratorium lasted all of 2 days LOL. This is what I get for not totally throwing it away and instead, just hiding it in a closet :p.

I can't help it, I think I'm addicted to the scale! Gah! But at least I'm down a pound from the other day when I weighed in. I know, I know, probably just water, but it's still nice to see the number go down, especially when I've been working so hard to be disciplined with the eating and have cranked up the workouts. Without those positive reinforcements, it's not always easy to keep with the discipline!

Sherata: I love all of those workouts :). Those are the ones I pull out most often. I haven't done 4DS in a while, though (harder to integrate with my training), but I love, love, love the step workouts that come with that, as well as the boot camp one. Not crazy about the kickboxing on that (I much prefer the one that comes with the CTX series), but it's good in a pinch, too.


Hi, I'm Jen, and I'm a weighing addict...

So much for staying off the scale for the next few months LOL. I weighed myself at the gym today because I was curious to see if it would tell me something different than did my scale at home (which should stay hidden in my closet, but didn't :p).

Down a pound! Hoorah!!!

This probably won't last too long, but I'm going to celebrate it anyway LOL.

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