Weight Watchers - 4th week of March, 2011


No change this week.....drat!

How are you ladies doing? I need to go back and read over the past day or two of last weeks thread. Busy day. Hope to BBL.


Good morning ladies!

Suzanne, I'm in the same boat with you. Stayed the same this week. That's okay, though. Since I haven't been able to exercise, maintaining is good for me. I am going to get a nice long walk in today.

Have a great day everyone!


Hey, Ladies. Staying the same is good with me. I'll be logging my weighin from yesterday. That's 2.5 for last week. Today we had potluck at Church. I did really well, but I did have cheesecake. I'm not even weighing in in the morning. I love working this program my own way. hahahahahahaha

No workout today. It's my normal rest day, but I wished I could have done something this morning. I hope to get STS TB in tomorrow.


I did another workout from Supreme 90, basically a 30 min core workout using the stability ball, I followed that with 30 min on the recumbent bike and then a little yard work.

Unfortunately I then followed that with hot dogs, chips and a brownie :(

Weigh in is Wednesday, so I'll do my best to not blow the next two days. I'd like to see a lower number this week, it'd be the first in awhile, so I'd be happy with even 1/2 lb down!

Despite today's setback, I definitely am feeling more in the groove than I have in awhile.


Good Morning, Ladies. I felt a little groggy when I woke up. I'm sure that was the side affect of poor eating yest.

I enjoyed STS TB today. I didnt do the core work cause I stop the dvd by mistake. And I couldn't for the life of get back to it quickly.

B. Cereal, milk - 8
S. banana, yogurt, - 2
l. salad, mac & cheese, chicken thighs - 10
s. apple, 0
d. potroast, carrots, cheese cake - 18
total: 38

Come on Stacy. Here's a little tune to help you out a little: Shake yo groove thang, shake yo groove thang, yeah, yeah. Do you remember this song? Im telling my age for sure now. lol


Ooooh, Shereta. In the middle of dinner prep but I scanned that first site. Interesting! Thanks for posting. I'll peruse that when I have a little more time.


Good morning everyone!

Yesterday morning was my weigh-in and I lost 1 lb. I was happy about that, but yet I felt so bummed all day because I was way too tired to get any workout in because of a crummy night's sleep :( Monday is usually upper body and cardio for me...

But today is a new day, and I'm charged! :D I've decided that doing a few of my 1 RM tests per day is taking way too long (and I'm very anxious to begin STS), so even though I'm not supposed to, I'm using the 1 RM tests as my daily workout. I woke up at 4:15 am today and did my workout (yes very early, but I need to be at work at 7 am). Tonight, after my kids go to sleep, I'll go to the gym to do cardio. I'm happy that I'm back on track ;)

I hope that you are all doing well, and have a wonderful week!



Happy Tuesday, ladies. Today's workout was 4day split's kickbox. I really enjoyed it. puched and kicked very hard. I earned 9 APs and Im wearing a blouse I couldnt wear comfortably last month. Yeah.

The article on that link really opened my eyes to my own continued self sabotaging. I am guilty of not tracking accurately which caused a dissappointing loss during my second month on WWers. Im going to start giving all fruit 1 p+. and limiting things I have to guess at.

Congrats, Linda, on your loss. Im encouraged by your early workout.

Where's everybody?
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Shereta thanks for the articles! I perused them briefly but plan to read them later!

Linda...when I did STS I didnt do the 1 Rep Max's, I just used a weight that was challenging, and it worked just great! Especially if you've done Cathe's weight work before, Meso 1 is more endurance and I used what I'd normally use for that, and when I started Meso 2 I just went heavier, ie. for example if I used 12 lb db's for biceps, when I started Meso 2 I started with 15's, for some I could start up even higher b/c I gained some strength during Meso 1.

I need to "shake my groove thing" today ;)

I have the first cardio workout of Supreme 90 on the schedule today, but from some of the reviews it may not be knee friendly for me, so we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I was too tired to post, had a long day at work. I did decent with my eating, couldve been better though, despite that, I felt thin yesterday, go figure. Tomorrow is weigh-in, hoping to see a lower number, fingers are crossed!


Hey all!

Finally back... I actually got back from my trip last Friday, but it's been a whirlwind ever since and this is the first chance I've gotten to check in.

I figured I'd gain weight on my trip and I did. But thankfully I didn't gain as much as I could have, considering what I ate LOL. I'm currently "detoxing" right now by sticking to clean eats as much as I can. I'm still sneaking in treats a little bit, but not nearly as much as I would normally do.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Welcome back!!

For me, I previewed the Tabata Inferno workout from Supreme 90 and decided it wasnt too knee friendly. So, I did the 30 min Shoulders & Arms workout from the set then did a 3 mile walk on the treadmill of varying inclines. Sadly, that gave me only 3 AP's.

Today...DP=35. A little higher than I wouldve liked but I was famished after my walk!


Welcome back, Jennifer. Hope you had a great time.

my menu
B. cereal, milk = 8
s. yogurt, peanuts, banana - 5
l. salad, chicken breakfast, pudding - 6
s. almonds, apple - 3
s. yogurt, peanuts - 4 (I was starving. I think the cereal (carbs) in the morning is causing more cravings throughout the day. Tomorrow, I'm having eggs and cheese)
d. roast, carrots, potatoes = 9
s. ice cream - 8
total: 43

Im really trying to keep PPs under 40 a day and I'm adding 1 pp for each fruit. (see article in my previous post)
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Weigh-in today....down only 0.2 lbs, but hey, it's in the right direction, so I'll take it. This week is gonna be the "shake your groove thang" week!


Yeah, Stacy, moving in the right direction is good.

workout today: STS TB upper body and core only. Tomorrow will be lower body blast.

I pulled out my spring/summer clothes and MOST OF THEM FIT. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Im so syked.

B. 2 eggs, FF cheese, milk - 7
S. yogurt, almonds, banana - 4
l. salad, chicken breast, jello - 7
s. apple, 1
d. small hamburger, small fries, water - 13
s. WWers candy - 4
36 total


Great news about the summer clothes fitting!! That's awesome!! :)

B--oatmeal with almonds
S-- pretzels
L--yogurt with fresh raspberries, a banana


Shereta...adding a point for fruit....I thought about that, and even though you're not "supposed to", I'm going to add 1 point for bananas. The only other fruit I really ever eat are raspberries and the occasional half an apple. I read the articles you posted and what stuck with me is where it talked about....if you arent hungry why are you eating a "free" fruit. I oftentimes find myself eating "free" food just b/c it's free, but I'm not even hungry. I'm going to be more conscious of eating only when I'm truly hungry. Thanks for the links!
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I was sitting in bed at midnight last night with my stomach growling and couldnt take it anymore, so I ate a 100 calorie snack pack for 3 PP bringing my total yesterday to 29, which is my DP anyways.

This morning I got up and got my workout done already...abs and 30 min on the recumbent bike. Knee is still tweaky, I'm hoping to be able to do some other form of cardio soon besides walking and biking.

B--Fiber One cereal and milk (6)

I havent packed my lunch yet and hubby and I are going out to dinner tonight, so I'll likely end up using a few WP's.

It snowed here last night, total bummer seeing as how during the day it was 70 degrees!


Good morning!
Stacy, GREAT JOB!! That is definitely the right direction!

Shereta, great article... It really opened my eyes! That is awesome that you fit into your summer clothes! That is the best feeling :D We have snow right now, so I feel like summer will never come :( ..

Hi, Jennifer!

Today is just cardio for me.. Woke up early and made it to the gym for that. It was soo tough to get myself out of bed, but I'm happy I did and got it overwith. I promised my little girl that we'd go to the bookstore this evening so believe it or not, that was my incentive... Now I know my excerise is out of the way for the day. I find it very stressful to plan my workouts around my family... Is it only me?

My menu is basically the same just about everyday... (I am so not creative with food..lol)

B. 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, banana, coffee w/ 2 tbsp half & half, splenda
S. 1 oz Almonds, 1 c mango
L. 2 oz. Virginia ham, Arnold thin, baby spinach, blueberry greek yogurt, diet pepsi
S. orange
D. ????? Not sure yet..

Have a wonderful day everyone!



I know, Stacy, that first link's article really kicked me in the butt. Im proving to myself that I can sustain on fewer calories. I've shortened my workouts too so i wont require as much.

Today's workout was Lower Blody Blast. I did most of it and earned 8 APs. Tomorr

b. 2 eggs, ff cheese, milk -7
s. yogurt, banana, almonds - 4
l. salad, chicken breast, jello - 7
s. apple, small candy - 3
d. collards, Lean cuisine dinner - 9
total: 30 --- If I need more, I'll have peanuts, a low carb snack or a pudding. I'm trying hard to stay under 43 PPs daily.

I'm just serious about making this program work for me. I'm sick of being overweight. Sick of it.
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Hello from Noah's ark--I mean, rainy NorCal...

6 days since coming back from vacation and I'm proud to say that I'm managing to stick to my healthy eating for the most part. I do have to admit that I haven't been tracking on WW, but rather on Sparkpeople; I've been a bit frustrated with the lack of results from the new program, so I decided to go back to just basic calorie counting (while focusing on clean eats, that is).

All that said, here's what today looks like for me:

Workout: 45 min run (with 10x 30-second intervals in the last 10 min)

Breakfast: oatmeal
Morning snack: PBJ
Lunch: mixed greens with bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, grilled chicken, feta, and pita chips; small piece of focaccia; handful of baked pita chips; 1/2 cup potato leek soup

Planned afternoon snack: apple

Don't know what I'll be having for dinner yet, but given the nasty weather, I want to have something hot and hearty :).

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