Weight Watchers - 2nd week of March 2011


Shereta: I'm here.

No workout for me yet. I may not get one until later if at all.

So far for my menu all I've had oats,strawberries,flax and agave & hard boiled egg.

It is raining cats and dogs here and I have to go grocery shopping. I have nothing left and I don't want to start in on any junk food.

Stacy: Keep positive. I've been listening to a weight loss hypnosis CD when I feel my motivation slipping. I got it from my library and copied it onto my ipod. I listen to it at night in bed. I wake with a new attitude toward my weight loss journey. The one I have is by Steven Gurgevich.
Check out your library to see if they have any for you to try. Every little bit helps.:)


Okay, I'm ending the day with 36 pps, 1 AP left for the day and 14 Wp left for the week. Im looking forward to a lose tomorrow and maybe even another .5 by Monday.

I can that smaller meals/snacks every 2-3.5 hours is best for me.

Again, I say, "Where yall at?"


Hi everyone.

No workouts to report. Just haven't felt like myself for the past couple of days. My eats are in check though!

Here is my menu for today:

B: 3/4 cup wheat chex, 3/4 cup 1% milk, 1 egg & 3 whites scrambled
L: 10 oz chicken, salad, 2 T light greek dressing, whole wheat pita bread
D: pita pizza: whole wheat pita bread, 1/4 cup mozarella cheese, tomato, green pepper, onion & broccoli, 1 cup 1%

DD and I are about to make chocolate chip cookies. I brushed my teeth hoping to avoid some chocolate chips mysteriously making it into my mouth...:p


I had a major binge day yesterday. My knee has been hurting alot. Things just arent good for me at the moment. I'm going out of town this weekend. I plan on comiing back with a better attitude, hopefully a less painful knee :(


Happy Saturday, Yall. Today's workout was High Reps - in its entirety. I gave myself 10
APs. That workout really burns my butt, shoulders, core and chest. I love it.

My weight is the same today. I thought I'd have a loss, but I didn't. hopefully on Monday though.

Melissa, did you resist those cookies?

Stacy, I hope your knee is bettter soon.

S. Pudding - 3
b. 2 eggs, cheese, collards - 6
s. Apple - 0
L. small hamburger, fries - 13
s. carrots
d.. salad, rotiserre chicken - 8
s. low fat snacks - 4
total 34


Happy Saturday all!

Shereta - I indulged in one cookie. I chose the smallest one in the batch, but man was it worth it!! I even figured out the points like a good girl...;) And now that I know the points value of those cookies, I'll think long and hard before I have another one!

Stacy - sorry to hear about your knee...:( Try to stay positive on this journey. You'll get there!

Elaine - we got hit with the cats and dogs yesterday too. There is nothing worse than having to grocery shop in the rain. If I remember correctly, you are from Massachusetts also? Can you see grass in your yard yet? I can...YAY! By the looks of it though, alot of my bushes might not have survived all of that heavy snow sitting on them for the past couple of months. I think I lost half of my favorite lilac bush..:(

I am feeling much better today. I think I'm going to do 4DS LIS a little later. It's alot of fun and not too intense, which is what I need right now. I am also helping DH paint the kitchen. I'm not a big fan of painting and he's not a big fan of me helping him paint..:p Maybe I can figure out a way to get out of it. It shouldn't be too hard!


Hi ladies!

Just a quick check-in to let you know I'll be MIA this coming week (I know, I've been MIA already LOL) because I'll be on vacation and won't have my computer with me. I will have my phone and have the Cathe app on there, but I'm trying to stay as unplugged as possible, so short of tracking my points on my WW app, I'll probably be radio silent for the most part :).

I did an early weigh-in today, since I won't be home for my regular Monday weigh-in and YAY, I'm down 2 pounds!!! Which probably means I'll be up by that amount next week *snerk*, but I will keep on going, of course :).

Have a great week ahead, everyone!


Shereta: Your such a good girl working out on a Saturday. I always say I am going to but end up staying in bed a little longer instead. Hope to get a dog walk in later.

Melissa: I am in Central (approx. 2 hrs north west of Boston) MA. The melting has begun,but our front and back yards are still under quite a bit of snow. We will have snow in our back probably most of March, not much sun back there.

Jennifer: Have fun!

Stacy: Hang in there. It can only get better.:)

Menu for today:

B: oats,blueberries,agave, flax seed, and hard boiled egg 6pts
L: 2.5 oz of chicken breast,arnold thin, lite blue cheese dressing, spinach and grapes 6pts
S: apple,sunbutter,rice crackers 7pts
D: not sure what I planned DH doesn't want:confused:

Need to bring DS (16) shopping for shoes. I may buy myself some too!:p


Hi everyone!

Shereta - I see your notes when I'm lurking and I always want to say "I'm Here!" Just never seem to have the time to make a thoughtful post.

Elaine - Have fun shoe shopping! I'm thinking about getting some running shoes as I want to try running - I have the Vibram FiveFingers but I don't want those to be my only shoes.

Melissa - Over the border up here and Yay! I can finallly see a fair amount of grass. The garden is still under snow and the kids made a sled run over one of the garden boxes near the house but we're getting there. I had a Close Encounter with some cookies earlier this week and was also :eek: at the points of two little chocolate chip cookies.

Stacy - We're here rooting for you. Start tomorrow a fresh day.

I did a little upper body weight work today. I've also eaten every one of my WP's! Still have some DP's left for the day and a bunch of AP's. Weigh in is tomorrow morning and it will be interesting. I typically go up a few pounds when I re-start (how many times have I re-started...oy) my workouts that include weight work.

Heading out this afternoon to the in-laws to help with the maple sugaring.


Hey Suzanne, I have some sprint five fingers and just bought myself some Bikila for running. I use the sprints for weight lifting and Kickboxing. Love them!

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