Weight Watchers - 2nd week of March 2011


Drum roll please...

I ate 24 DP'S today!! Though my choices werent incredibly healthy, I finally managed to not go way overboard on my points! I cant remember the last time this has happened!


Morning, ladies. Today's workout was High Reps. I earned 11 APs. I couldn't finish the leg part today. Just didn't have it in me. I'll do this one again on Thursday. maybe I'll have more umphfffffff.

B. 2 eggs, cheese, collards - 6
s. yogurt, banana 2
l. salad, Pizza - 9
s. apple, milk, peanuts - 6
d. green beans, tilapia, 5
s. 2 wwers snack cakes 4 (I gotta get rid of these. I feel like they are stalking me.)

total : 32. It would be a miracle if I actually kept this food intake today. I really will try. I need a break from high PP days.


Ok, Yall. I finished eating an hour ago. My body is mad cause it wants more. Im not hungry, but I guess because I ate high fat Sunday and Monday, its looking for fat again. But, I aint giving in. I will have a regular decaf coffee with a little splenda. And even with that, I have to be careful, cause splenda makes me crave sometimes. My next afternoon snack is still two hours away. I pray I make it.



Shereta: You can do it!!

This morning I did STS TB. I really love this workout. It just flys by.
I am not to sure of my menu for the day. So far my menu:

B: oats,blueberries,flax,agave
L: 3oz of chicken breast, big bowl of sald greens including spinach, light blue cheese dressing and an arnold thin.

so far that is only 8 pts.
I missed my weigh in this morning. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning.

I am having an emotional day today. My DS(10) is having a difficult time at school with some kids. He woke this morning crying that he didn't want to go to school. It just breaks my heart to see him so sad.:(
I am sure this will be resolved, but it has been a long school year and we still have 4 months to go.

I'll BBL to report the rest of my menu.


You tell it who's boss, Sherata!!

My day so far:

Workout: 40 min run

Breakfast: oatmeal (you know the drill)

Morning snack: almond butter & jelly sandwich on thin buns

Lunch: salad with grilled chicken, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, feta, and a few pita chips with balsamic vinaigrette, plus a small brownie for dessert (portion control LOL!)

Not sure what I'll have for dinner yet, but I did pack a laughing cow cheese wedge and thin buns for an afternoon snack. I've also got a banana if I want something sweet.


Shereta - how are you doing? Did you make it until snack time?

Elaine - I feel for you. My DD just turned 11. It's tough to know they are going through rough times when they are away from you and there isn't anything you can do.

Thank goodness this day is almost over. I feel like I've been chained to this chair all day. I think my butt is numb...:p I'm so looking forward to gettin' home and gettin' my Step Moves on...:cool:

My first 3 meals were the same as yesterday, nothing new and exciting. I think we are making tacos tonight. No shells for me, thanks! I'll stick with a whole wheat pita. Which I guess would make it more burritto than taco, but as delish!


Hello everyone. Not sure of most of my points, but...

B--dry Fiber One cereal (4)
L--quiche with apple slices, half a banana and a few blueberries
D--more quiche with raw carrots, celery and dip (dip was 2)

My knee is still bothering me a bit so I did LIC upper body and cardio premix with abs.

Hang in there everyone!!
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Hey, Yall. Thanks for the encouragement. I did make it! Yeah!. Actually, I didn't get to drink the milk. so, I finished the day with 30 PPs and I worked out. wow. that's normally unheard of. I just kept busy. Well, work kept me busy. I sat in on two interviews which kept me til 5:45 when I normally get off at 4pm. Yummy, yummy - comp time.

Elaine, I hope all goes well with DS. That's tough to go through. Friends are so important.

Jennifer, great looking lunch. I hope you enjoyed the brownie. We had cookies from Subway on the counter at work. PowerPoints Moment for me = I had to work all around them and stayed the course. I know they're good. No need to taste one to see. hahahaha. You had control, I would have lost my mind if Id have tasted one. Good for you.

Melissa, how was Step Moves? That's one of my favs.

Stacy, how's that knee?



Today's workout was Intensity. After 48 minutes, Cathe and the crew handed me my buttocks on a platter and said "Sit down." And I humbly did. wow. I making all types of ugly faces. I was trying so hard to finish it. Maybe next time. I did earn 11 APs, though.

Stacy, hang in there. You'll get it back off soon.

B. 2 eggs, cheese, collards = 6
s. banana,
l. salad, tuna, crackers = 11
s. apple, 0
d. hamburger, fries = 19

total - 36 (not using all my APs today - yesterday either. yeah)
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No workout for me today--had to get up early for an Ash Wednesday mass this morning, and then I had to head straight to work.

Food so far:

Breakfast: oatmeal

Morning snack: 1 whole wheat bagel with the insides scooped out and 1/2 tbsp whipped cream cheese

Lunch: 1 masala dosa (yum!!!) and 1 cup lentil daal soup

Here's what I've got planned for the rest of the day:

Afternoon snack: 1 hard-boiled egg and fruit of some sort (I'm craving something sweet :))

Dinner: whole wheat penne with goat cheese, and roasted butternut squash, zucchini, asparagus, and red onions

And I'll probably have something sweet afterwards too LOL.


Jennifer - you're dinner sounds absolutely delightful!

Shereta - nice job getting through 48 minutes of Intensity! I've only done it once so far and I think I barely made it through 30 minutes. And it was UGLY!!! Step Moves, on the other hand, makes me smile like no other workout does. It is just so much fun!

Stacy - shake it off girl. You'll lose that pound in no time.

I haven't felt very well today and my menu has consisted of 2 slices of whole wheat toast with 1 T jelly and saltines...:confused: I think it's safe to say that I'll be well below my DP's for today. I know I should eat something, but everytime I even think about it I get queasy. I hope it's just a 24 hour thing.

Have a good night!


Boy oh boy do I ever have cravings for something sweet right now, ladies! I just finished dinner and I'm full, so you would think I'd call it a night and just be satisfied with that. But I keep thinking about the mochi ice cream in the freezer, or the Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk in the fridge. I'm so tempted to partake in one of these things :p.


Good to see everyone here fighting the fight!

I've been getting some workouts in this week and it feels so good to be getting back in that groove.... I did Butts & Gutts (still saying Hooo!), yoga yesterday, LIC as produced earlier in the week - except abs.

I've been eating what feels like a lot but still am under my DP/WP and haven't dipped into my AP (yet).

Hope to BBL. Getting ready for school meetings for DD and have to be ON IT for those. Exhausting, terrifying.


Hey, Yall. Got in late from church last night. But I managed to get and get my workout done. Im still trying to believe I havnt used WP in two days and striving for that today also.

Today's workout: High Reps minus core = 10 APs

B. yogurt, peanuts - 4
s. . banana, -0
l. salad, LC pizza - 9
s. apple, yogurt, almonds, -4
d. veggies, chicken breast with salsa, - 6
s. Fat free choco pudding - 2

total: 27. wow. We'll see if I make it. I may have to add something else to get to at least 32.

Im wearing new smaller sized pants and my jacket is fitting very nice, and comfortable. I have my hair pulled back - looking very pulled together, happy and healthy.
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Shereta:^5s to you!

Suzanne: Excellent with the workouts

Jennifer: I hope you fought off those cravings.

Melissa: I hope you are feeling better.

Stacy & Diana: what's cooking for today?

I've done well with my DPs this week. I've been hovering around my 29.:)
My weight stayed the same for my weigh in. I am okay with that since I ate not so good over the weekend.

My workouts have been like this:

M:IMAX2 (1-5) & CCV3 challenges 1& 2
W: Athletic Step (love the music on this one)
TH: MMA KB (I did weighted walking lunges during the drills) & Gs legs floor work (I modified some of them to fit my needs)

Menu for today:

B: oats,strawberries,flax.agave syrup,hardboiled egg
L: Whole wheat spaghetti,turkey meat sauce, small side salad
S: apple & sunbutter,rice crackers
D: honey-ginger chicken,couscous,veggie
S: not sure it will depend on how many Dpts I have left

Got new progressive lenses yesterday and I am trying to get use to them. I like being able to see but need to practice the tilting of my head in the right direction. I won't be wearing them to workout in fear of tripping.:p


I'm in a bit of a slump, gained 2 lbs, feel flabby, cant find my mojo. I have a goal of being down 5 lbs from where I currently am in about 5 weeks from now, we'll see how that goes.


Good morning, Ladies. workout today was the Firm's Cardio Overdrive. It was a fun workout. I earned 8APs

B. 2 eggs,collards
s. yogurt, banana
l. salad, soup, crackers
s. yogurt, apple
d. not sure

Where yall at?
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