Weight Watchers - 2nd week of March 2011



Down a pound....woot!

Yesterday's eating was crazy - power outage messed up the whole day. I was afraid of water weight but it didn't happen.



Congrats, Suzanne!

Ladies: I have a confession to make. I've been slacking in the last week and a half--I haven't been tracking as diligently and I've been really struggling with the motivation and feeling discouraged. I know I need to keep my eyes on the prize and not focus on the minutiae of the day-to-day and week-to-week fluctuations, but it's just so frustrating that three years out, I'm still struggling to lose the same 5-10 pounds. I can't seem to build any momentum, you know?

Ok, enough with the whining. I must repeat to myself: I'm going to stick to healthy habits, regardless of whether they result in what I'm expecting to see.

I'm going to recommit this week to getting back on track and I'm hoping that when I go on vacation next week, I'll be able to keep on track. Wish me luck :).


Hi Ladies,

So far my day has started off great. I did Muscle Max and CCC! What a great combo it was. CCC sure sneaks up on yah!

I've only had breakfast so far. My usual cereal w/protein pwd, flax, 1 C berries, 1 banana, 1 C almond milk. 7pts.

Suzanne-nice job on the weightloss!!!

Jennifer-do you really need to lose weight? I've been struggling for the past 6 years with 20lbs to lose. I'm very active and workout most days, sometimes 2 or 3 times. I try to do a cardio and wt w/o several times per week. The other days are usually just cardio. Your meals always look well balanced and well proportioned. I'm sorry you are struggling, but I'm right there with you. I find that drinking a ton of water really helps me.


Hey everyone! After yesterday's food fiasco I'm hoping to not go overboard today!!

B--turkey sausage, bagel...7 points
S--almonds....4 points

Workout....I intended to do all of Muscle Max but during the squats my knee started to hurt more than just my usual achy, it was a bad kinda hurt, nothing horrible, I just chose to listen to my body and stopped. I changed it to the upper body premix and then I did the abs. I still felt like I neglected my lower body a bit, so I did 16 minutes on my recumbent bike on the interval program which as basically 1 min low hill, 1 min big hill for 16 minutes. I was surprised, and kinda embarassed at how much of a sweat I worked up there!

Dinner is at my inlaw's so dont know what the menu is yet!


Hi Diana,

Unfortunately, yes LOL. My clothes are not fitting properly and I don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe :p. I think if I could just get to the point where my clothes are fitting nicely again, I'd be cool with maintaining. But alas, I've hit that age where the belly just seems to expand a little bit more and a little bit more without me knowing it--talk about creeping up on you!


Jennifer - I'm sorry things are so frustrating for you right now. This is the first time I think I've managed to keep on track for this long considering the full-crazy my life has been. I usually manage to use that craziness as an excuse to blow off my workouts and eat whatever I see.

I just try to take it day by day and realize and remind myself that I HAVE to put myself first sometimes and make.the.workout.happen. The life I save literally could be my own. It's as much for my mental health as my physical health.

Today I did all of LIC except abs. Felt great.

B - oatmeal as usual plus some pumpkin 9
L - ww pasta, sun drieds, broccoli, reduced fat feta 7
S - kefir with granola 5
D - steak, veg, probably rice & a beverage 16

That's 39 for the day. I earned 5 AP for LIC.


OMG, I went to the wrong thread with no posts for today and felt so lonesome. Then I found yall. Yeah.

(You know, Stacy, last month my pms/cycle time was way different from normal. I just about mixed the pms part in its entirett; you know, almost no symptoms. Its so weird. Good luck next week.)

I did Hiit 30/30 today. I thought i was going to die a few times. I only had a little time before it was time to get ready for church and wanted a good workout. I really pushed myself and walked away feeling pretty smug because I used an 8in step instead of 6. Go, Shereta, Go. Shereta

we had dinner after church. I might have to use my weight from today cause I'm scared what the scale will say tomorrow morning. here's my menu.

B. yogurt, almonds
s. banana
l. broc/grape salad, crouissant, chicken salad, small green salad, apple pie
s. apple pie, broc/grapge salad
d. 2 croussiants w/chicken salad, apple pie with ice cream. It was all good.

Not sure what tomorrow's workout will be.

Suzanne, yeah for you on your loss. Its good to see you back on this thread. We've been missing you

Jennifer, maybe you should try short workouts for a week or two to get back into the swing of things. They will fit better into a busy schedule. Good luck and do not give up.

rmrmr, wow, what a workout today. Sometimes I double up too. Seeing someone else do it is very motivating.

Stacy, good job on adjusting your workout to what you needed for the day. I understand about the sweat. I am drenched everyday in it. Not attractive for me at all.


Sherata: thankfully, my workouts are the only things I've not slacked off on :). It's always the eating part that gets me LOL!

But today was MUCH better:

Workout: 55 min run

Breakfast: my usual oatmeal, made with unsweetened almond milk (just discovered the one from Silk, yum!! Way better than the Blue Diamond unsweetened one)

Lunch: mini pizza made with whole wheat flat bread, 1/2 oz light cheddar, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, spinach, and ground turkey breast, plus grilled asparagus on the side

Afternoon snack: PMJ sandwich with Oroweat 100 calorie thin buns and 1 tsp each of peanut butter and reduced sugar apricot jam

Dinner: Whole wheat penne with Trader Joe's Italian Chicken Sausage, zucchini, mushrooms, and 1 tbsp each of parmesan and pecorino romano

Dessert: 1 square of dark chocolate with 1 marshmallow (like a s'more, only without the graham cracker :)), and one small piece of marzipan, mmm...

I still have a few weekly points left and may have a glass of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk later if I'm still feeling like something extra.



I am SO far over my WP's.

I am requesting that someone come over and wire my jaw shut and also give me a few swift kicks in the butt just for good measure!!

I'm challenging myself to stay within my 29 alloted DP's every day this week (except for my weekly splurge meal). I was doing so well at the beginning so I know I can do this!!


quick Hi before I head off to bed. I've had a busy work weekend.
My food intake was good and not so good.

Stacy: My DH can not say no to any girl scout who comes to the door or at work. When he brought home the peanutbutter cookies for me I marched the box unopened right down to the freezer. Now I would like to throw the boy scout cake my DH & DS made for there fella cake off right into the trash!

Okay, everyone is in bed and that is where I am off to.


Hi, All. Today's workout was short but hard. The Firms Fat Blasting Cardio. That Lisa Kay is a killer. I almost didnt workout. I'm hungover from croissant overload yesterday and just felt heavy. But, I'm so glad I did. Weigh in today: I'm down another pound. Yeah.

I do have more chicken salad, crouissants, broc salad and apple pie for lunch (keftovers from after church dinner yesterday), but dinner will be a four pointer. It is some GOOD food. I'm telling yall. OMG, so good. Glad I'm starting over this week.

B. 3 eggs - 6
s. yogurt, banana 2
l. 2 Croussiants w/chicken salad, broc salad, apple pie = 28
s. apple, collards - 0
d. salad, tilapia - 4
s. WWers treat - 2

total 42

I tried on some clothes this morning. These were some I normally wouldn't fit into until I'm 8 pounds lighter than I am today. But they did fit today. I couldn't believe it! Talk about motivation. I feel so great about that.

I'm so glad to read we are all still rocking this program. Slimmer bodies here we come.


Happy Monday...:p

I don't think I posted my WI yesterday. I stayed the same and I'm okay with that. Congrats to those that lost, didn't or stayed the same. Regardless, we are still here and plugging away!

I'm going to try mixing up my meals a little this week and see what happens. I usually wait until I get into work to have breakfast, which is about 2-3 hours after I've woken up. I'm going to start having breakfast at home, then two small meals while I'm at work and a light dinner at home.

Here is what today looks like:

B: whole wheat english muffin toasted with 1 oz 95% ff ham & 1 slice american cheese, 1/2 c 1% milk
L: 1/2 c tuna, 1/2 c pasta, 1 T light ranch dressing, chopped red pepper & red onion
L: 1 egg & 3 whites scrambled, 2 T cheddar cheese, 2 T salsa
D: 1 cup 1% milk, steamed broccoli & carrots, 6 oz chicken

Have a great day!


Melissa, you might want to try varying your points while keeping them around the same average per week. You know - like: M-26, t-27, w - 33, thu- 24, fr - 26 etc.

I'm trying something different too. Adding a 30 cardio on Sunday mornings (so I'm moving everyday), giving up the peanuts for protein and getting in 3 low fat dairies in a day.

I wish you luck, you wish me luck.


Good luck to both of you!!

I forgot to post my weigh-in this morning, too. Up .3 pounds (so basically, staying the same :p). Hoping it goes in the other direction next week, before I leave for vacay.

Here's my day so far:

Workout: circuit training

Breakfast: my usual oatmeal

Morning snack: 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/2 cup frozen peaches

Another morning snack: 1 Nature Valley Honey & Oats granola bar, and a little piece of banana bread made by my co-worker

Lunch: stir-fry with 3 oz ground turkey breast, 1 cup asparagus, 1 cup zucchini, 3/4 cup brown rice

I've got a PBJ sandwich that I brought for an afternoon snack, but I'm craving something sweet right now, so I may get some fruit for a post-lunch dessert

Dinner will be homemade chicken tikka masala with brown rice and a side of spinach and mushrooms.


Hi ladies,

I weighed myself this morning and am up a couple pounds. I'm sure it's just water weight from "over-carbing" this past weekend. DH made stuffed shells on Saturday and Pizza on Sunday. I plan on drinking tons of water to rid myself of this water retention.

This morning I did HIIT 40/20 and abs from Leaner Legs. Tonight is bootcamp class!!

Jennifer-I'm definitely a pear shape, but lately the belly is changing shape. I'm not liking that at all. It's an age thing I'm sure but I will do my darndest to keep it at bay. I too love to exercise and rarely miss a w/o, it's all about portion control and eating healthy that I struggle with. I use the unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my cereal each day, love it.

Stacy-we have tons of girl scout cookies in our freezer. I try to stay out of them 'cuz once I start....it'll be very hard to stop. I use them to make desserts to give away!

Melissa-good job staying the same!!! I'm hoping to drop these couple pounds before my weigh in on Wed/Thurs. Your menu looks great!

Shereta-gotta love the HIITs for a great w/o when we are short on time. Glad you have more clothes fitting you.....how awesome is that!!

Elaine-we all have bad days. Don't beat yourself up about it. You fessed up now get back on track with us. We are all ti support each other.

Have a great day.


Ok, change in my afternoon snack: instead of the PBJ sandwich, I had a banana and two mini chocolate chip cookies. Hey, at least I had a banana :).


I knew my menu was too good to be true. I ended up with 50 PPs today, but for the rest of the week, I will work hard only use DPs and APs.

I feel that Im in a healthier place since starting WWers. Im definitely eating more fruit adn veggies, getting pretty good sleep and working out regularly. I know this checkin has a major play in all that. Does anyone else feel that way? Or not?


I agree, Sherata, I think checking in with you guys has really helped me stay on track. It isn't a coincidence that the last two weeks, in which I haven't been able to check in, have been the weeks where I felt I was really off...

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