Weight Watchers - 2nd week of April, 2011


Totally.annoying.plateau. *sigh*

Working out hard. Eating well. Just not losing.

Must figure out the weak link.

DD's 16th birthday today so it'll be a busy one.

Happy Sunday!


Hi Suzanne,

How are your bread cultures doing? It's been a long time since I've talked with you about that.

I have a question about WW. My sister wants me to get on it to motivate each other. She gave me a PointsPlus calculator, tracker and Pocket guide. She is not sure about the points though. Do most people start out at 29 points? She seems to think that. It sounds like a terrific way of eating and will give it a try.

It's really nice to see you again.

Would like to know how come you are not loosing. Hmmm.:( Hope you find out.

Have a great time with your DD's birthday today.

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Happy Sunday, All.

We head home tomorrow. I've had homemade carrot cake every night. And, I mean -night-. I will accept whatever results that show up on the scale. I'll weigh in on Tuesday and start from there.

Suzanne, good luck figuring out what the hold up is.

Hi Janie. Most people start with 29 per day. You will learn a lot by reading up on it on weightwatchers.com forum. Good luck.

I cant wait to get home and get back to solid workouts. My new goal is a size 12 or 20 lbs by June 30th. I'll probably have to stay away from carrotcake.


Sorry about your plateau Suzanne. I seem to be in a bit of a slump right now. I think I've worked thru some family issues and I'm ready to just keep plugging away. With my knee bothering me I've been in a workout slump as well. That combined with alot of ppl being away for spring break at work, I've had to put in extra hours. I know they're all excuses excuses excuses when it gets down to it though!

Shereta...your carrot cake is my potato chip! I've vowed no form of potatoes, or anything down the chip aisle at the store until 4th of July! Then I can celebrate with fireworks!

Janie...not sure how many points most ppl start out with but 29 seems to be a popular number. But there are also Activity Points and Weekly Points (ie. "splurge points") to consider. I have 29 Daily Points and 49 Weekly Points. Activity Points are earned and mine seem to be a fat zero lately!!

Off to work...have a good Monday!


Gonnabea and Stacy,

Thank you for the info. I'm trying to get onto the forums but something I'm doing is not letting me access. I sent a message to the weight watchers team, and I should know what I'm doing wrong soon. Can't wait to get this info.

Do you think I can visit here every now and then?



Hey, Yall. I'm back from from trip. I only worked out once, but it helped the fatigue of traveling. My eating was horrible today. But, I'll definitely be back on track tomorrow. Im still in the running for the April 10th 5lb challenge. I still have 2 lbs to go. Hopefully, I'll get them off by then.

I'm setting another personal goal for myself and that's a size 12 by 6/30. That's roughly 3 months from now and should equal about 20-25 lbs

Stacy, glad that fam drama is over. That stuff can really drag you down.

Janie, you're always welcome here.

Make it a great day


Happy Tuesday, All.

Today's workout was High Reps. I earned 8 aps. I feel so much better. My weight is up, but I'm sure that's due to the extra inactivity, sugar and lack of adequate water from the trip. I'm happy to be back at it.

B. walnuts
s. 3 eggs, protein bar
l. Collards, bbq chicken, yogurt, peanuts
s. apple, yogurt
d. beans, colllards, bbq chicken
s. Yogurt.
total: 42

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Hey ladies,

Finally back from the brink with my stomach woes (and not surprisingly, I've regained those pounds I lost while sick LOL) and am back in the saddle with the workouts and eating. Today was off to a good start--I did a 60 min run and it felt great!!

Breakfast was my usual oatmeal, followed by a PBJ sandwich post-run. And I just finished lunch of grilled chicken salad with feta, tomatoes, carrots, onions, red bell peppers, and some pita chips. Yum!!

I bought a veggie wrap for my dinner tonight, which will have to be on the go, but I'm not sure I'll want to eat it later, so I'm reserving my right to change my mind ;).


Hi everyone!

Hi Janie! I wish I could say that I was baking regularly but that just isn't happening. I lost my mom in February and have been going through some interesting times with my kids and their health and school stuff so some of my fun activities have fallen by the wayside.

Shereta is right - most folks unless they are very tall or very large or both will start off with 29 points.

How about you? Did you make wonderful loaves from your international starter?

I'm sure I'm stuck due to not getting the food right one way or the other. Either eating more than I think I am, or allowing too many points to go to treats. Or I need more protein. I will practice patience. I'm a little nervous though. I've ordered a new scale - one with fractions of a pound and I'm wondering what it will weigh me at......I think my current scale is a bit forgiving.

Last night I made the WW corn chowder and it was great! I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of recipes.

Shereta - I love carrot cake. Do you know that Ben and Jerry's makes a carrot cake flavor? It is good.....

Stacy - I hope your knee feels better soon.

I just finished my first real kettlebell workout. Zero impact. MAJOR intensity! I loved it!

Really looking forward to Cathe's new workouts too......I'm ready for May 1.

Jennifer - Hope your belly stays settled. Your veggie wrap sounds wonderful.


I'm down 1.2 lbs for the week....for a total of 7.4 lbs since Jan. 12th. It's funny, I was expecting to have gained b/c I honestly have been overeating and not working out all week, and had alot of bloat from TTOTM. Yesterday I was busy at work and didnt eat much all day and then had a HUGE pasta dinner plus dessert which I figured would be reflected this morning. I'll take it for what it's worth and keep plugging away. My overeating sometimes isnt reflected on the scale until 2 days later so I'm going to avoid the scale tomorrow so I wont get discouraged.

My knee is STILL bothering me and I'm afraid I've used it as an excuse to do NO exercise at all. I can obviously still do upper body and abs and walk on the treadmill. Despite my weight, I'm feeling fat and flabby.

I was able to get to the grocery store the other day so I have some fresh veggies to pack in my lunch and to snack on now!

Have a good day everyone.


Wow, Step Moves kicked my bootay today. I earned 6 aps. I was winded and unmotivated. Maybe the poor eating habits for the last few days are the culprit. I ended up eating 20 wps yesterday and fell into a coma nap. When Im off from work, its the worst time for me eating right. I hate it.

However, I have made my menu for hte day and am getting busy to remain at 37 pps.

b. Walnuts -4
s. 2 eggs, cheese - 5, candy +5
l. salad, chicken breast, yogurt, apple sauce - 6
s. protein bar, apple - 4
d. small cheeseburger and small fries - 13
total: 37
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Hi Ladies,

It looks like our group is dwindling. I don't often have time to check in during the week, but read through the whole thread on the weekends.

I'm up 3# today. Very discouraging to say the least. I've been weighing daily but only recording my Wednesday weight in WW. Not sure what caused the gain since I've been eating better than I have been. I did not get in as many cardio sessions as usual this past week. The weight has been recorded and I'm moving on.

Janie-welcome to our checkin. The more the merrier I say!

Shereta-sounds like you have a goal and a game plan to get there, way too go!

Stacy-glad the scale is moving in the right direction for you. I'm a slow loser too...hmmm, probably because I have these weeks where i'm up so much.

Suzanne-What kettlebell w/o's do you have. I have 3 from the Art of Strength and they are all good. I've been looking at some of Amy Bento's KB w/o's too but haven't purchased them yet.

Jennifer-glad you are feeling better. Your meals sound delicious and healthy.

Off for Intensity! Have a great day ladies!


Joey (my hubby) and I did TBS. We used heavy weight. Yesterday I ate all 29 points worth. It seems I ate and ate and ate. Hope I didn't go overboard on a lot of calories. It's hard to get away from that. However, I feel I might be missing something. Maybe I should join, we'll see. Also Joey and I got a new couch, took out the old one, brought in the new one. If you ever deal with moving a couch you know it's such a pain and so darn hard to do. They are not stable/off balance, so awkward, and very heavy. We managed to finish. Whew! That in its self was a workout, and was spent by the time we got done. I'm surprised both of us got out unscathed.:confused:

Suzanne, I lost my Mom last year in January. I know what you are going through. It simply SUCKS! (((((Hugs to you.))))) I go through each one of the cultures and make loaves of bread, I just love them all. Everyone is different in their handling and how it ends up as bread. Couldn't be happier with all these different cultures.:D I hope your fun activities will come in to play soon. You need that. Nothing like a new scale. Fractions of a pound you say? Wow, now you won't be fooled at all. I have a doctors scale and it does a good job. But, not fractions of a pound. LOL:rolleyes:. The corn chowder sounds great. I got out a can of clam chowder, and I figured it out with the WW calculator to be 6 points. I'll eat that for lunch.:p Great job on the Kettlebell workout. I haven't done one yet, but looking forward to it whenever I do it. I can't wait for May 1st either for the new workouts.:D

Shereta, Why are you eating more than 29 points? Are you earning therm somehow? Great job on Step Moves. OK, not use to acronyms yet. What is aps and wps? Just walnuts for breakfast? I had 1 cup of cooked Steel cut oats, is that OK? It came to 3 pts. For lunch I'm having a can of clam chowder worth 6 pts. Tonight, we are having soup and crackers/bread and fruit and vegies in between meals. Haven't figured out the pts. yet. Great job on High Reps. Where did you go on your trip?

rmrmr, I hope this group doesn't dwindle, I just got started!:D For me too, if I don't do my cardio, I gain.:( Moving on is the right thing to do. Hang in there.

Jennifer, Sorry to hear you were sick. Great job on that 60 min. run. Your breakfast and lunch sounds so nice and healthy. Whatever dinner you chose, I'm sure it also will be healthy.

Stacy, Congratulations on losing 1.2 pounds this week and losing 7.4 pounds total for this year! I'm proud of you.:eek: It's frustrating having a knee that hurts. My left knee hurts if and when I put to much strain on it too. Not fun.:( Just keep plugging away, that's all you can do. With the weight you lost, I'm surprised you are feeling fat and flabby.:( You are actually doing very well. I snack on baby carrots. They are sooooo good, and from what I understand, are worth 0 pts.

Have a great day everyone, and thank you for accepting me onto your forum.



I havent posted my meals in awhile but need to get back into the habit.

B--banana and almonds (3)
L--yogurt, carrots, celery, low cal dip, small handful dry cereal (7)
D--chicken caesar with lite drsg (10)
S--jello pudding (2)

Total...22 points

Janie...I entered in your 1 cup steel cut oats on the online tracker...and it came up as 15 points not 3. I thought 3 seemed low.....what brand are you using and where did you get the 3. Just wondering to make sure you're tracking points correctly! ;)

And AP = "activity points"
DP= "daily points"
WP = "weekly points"

AP are determined by the length and intensity of your workout, you enter it in the online tracker and out pops your number, but it is also dependent on your weight/height, as is the DP and WP. You're supposed to eat your DP's every day, and you have an alloted number of WP's that you can either use or not use during the week as "splurge" points, but if you dont use them, they dont carry over to the next week. I have 29 DP's I can use and 49 WP's, thus I can have a total of 78 (29 + 49) for the entire week to play with. I can also earn AP's by working out thus giving me more points to use. However, I'm pretty close to goal weight and dont get many AP's for each activity so I tend not to add them to my total points, and just consider my workouts as a "bonus". Hope that makes sense!



I have a WW calculator. My sissy showed me how to use it. I plug in points plus and it asks; calculate? Then I press the arrow key and it asks; Protein? I plugged in 6. I press the arrow key it asks; carbs? I put in 27, again I press the arrow key it asks; Total Fat? I plug in 3. For the last time it asks; Fiber? I plug in 8 and it comes to value 3. What am I doing wrong? I start off with 1/4 cup raw oats and once I put the water in and cook it, I wind up with 1 cup cooked oats.
Is your 22 points low? Do most people start out with 29?
Thank you for your time and concern on the point system and info on the acronyms. It's making so much more sense to me now. Although I still have a lot to learn.:)



Janie....I think your 3 is correct if the actual oats you start with is 1/4 cup. I just did a search on the online site for "steel cut oats 1 cup" and got 12-15 depending on the brand. You're actually only having 1/4 cup so 3 seems about right....that is if the numbers you're plugging in are for 1 serving size equal to 1/4 cup of your particular brand.

To answer your question, 22 points is a bit low. My DP (daily points) is 29 which I'm not supposed to go lower than. On the rare occasion I eat below my 29 when I'm just not that hungry. Even on those days I'll usually end up having a snack later if I"m hungry. For the most part though trying to not go OVER my total points for the week is the problem! ;)


Hi ladies,

I ate okay today...
B-fiber one/prot powd/flax seed/banana/coconut milk 7pts
L-Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom Unwich 7pts
S-baby carrots
S-Peanut mnm's-7pts....yikes-had no idea
D-small lo carb tortilla, 2tbs pinto beans, 1/4 C lean ground beef, green chile 7pts

I earned 9 activity pts with Intensity. I'm swapping Weekly points. I was doing activity points, but that is much more subjective than weekly points. It's a lot easier to determine the actual point value of food than an activity.

Stacy-nice job providing the details!

Janie-When calculating your points for things like oatmeal, rice, pasta, you use the dry amount like Stacy mentioned. 29 is the lowest amount of points and you should not go beneath this amount. Again, we also get the 49 weekly points and activity points if you choose to use them. Are you using the eTools? It really makes the program so much easier, in my opionion.


Stacy and Diana,

Thank you so much for the information. I did use exactly 1/4 cup of dry Steel cut oats for one serving. I was soooooo scared there for a minute. Whew!

I think Stacy, that I'm having the same problem like you, that I can't seem to eat as much as 29 points. It's sometimes way to much for me. We already had our dinner and I'm eating a snack, but still have 9 points to go. What am I to do with that many points yet to use? Maybe I'll have some WW string cheese 1 point and bread 8 points. That will take care of the rest of the points I need. Hey, I can put the cheese in the middle of the bread and microwave. Ta Da. Once I do this, the total points will be very close to 29. There is so much to eat, and people lose weight eating this much? Wow.

Diana, I did not sign up for the program, my sister is the one that is trying to give me good info about it. I kinda wanted to see if I would lose first before I register and commit. Haven't decided to do it yet.:confused:

Thank you so much ladies for the info. I'm weighing in for the first time on my doctor scale tomorrow, but I won't know if I lost anything until next Thursday. If I have, then I will seriously think about committing to the program.



Janie, I think you misunderstood, I have problems eating LESS than 29 points...yesterday was a rarity! I'm usually way over!


Janie, I ate walnuts for breakfast because I woke up late and that was really a little snack before I worked out. Since 29 is the minimum we're supposed to have, I eat at least plus some of my activity points (APs) that I earn that day.

Our trip was to a church conference in NC.

I think you're rocking and rolling with this program. KIU (keep it up)

I just finished LIC. I earned 13 Aps. I cancelled my online subscription to WWers and will follow the program on my own. Im sure I've gained enough knowledge to reach my short and long term goals by my birthday in sept. I feel so free right now.

B. protein bar
s. walnuts, yogurt
l. salad, chicken, apple, small piece of candy
s. milk, grapes, string cheese
d. chicken, green beans, small baked potatoe
total: 34
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