Weekly Check in 4/7


Hey guys -

Hope everyone had good weeks. I'm off to the gym and wanted to post first.

Had a great week - I've upped my cardio and weights - just have to see now if they work against eachother. (I think that may be the case)

Goal is 4 cardio, 3Lower body, 3 Upper body, rest

S - Gym (upper body)
M - cardio kicks - legs (body pump)
T - rest
W - Gym (upper body) - kickbox
T - Power Circuit (cardio) - Lean Legs
F - Gym (upper body)
S - Interval Max --- WOW - S&H Legs

I'm feeling a bit tired - not sure if it's daylight savings or too much - I'll try this roration for 3 weeks unless I get too tired.

Goal - build definition - firm up (3 lbs off goal weight of 8 years ago) - a nice bonus would be the start of a 2/4/6 pack!

Eating has been very clean. While my weight has always been pretty good - I haven't been firm - I'm seeing real improvements on my lower body - however I went shopping - for summer work out clothes at a store with not kind lighting - so the bar has been raised -- I WONT do that again -

Well have a great week everyone - sure hope we get some SPRING like weather here... brrr


Hello everyone! My week has been really good. I am enjoying my workouts at the gym and was actually the only one there Friday morning. It was like having my own personal gym! I went to school (he's a couple years younger) with the guy that owns the place so I feel pretty comfortable there. I feel stronger than I have in months.

Well, better get to my week!!!

MONDAY: Total body at the gym
15 minute Stretch

TUESDAY: CIA 2202 All Out Step
15 minute Stretch

WEDNESDAY: Lower body at the gym
15 minute stretch

THURSDAY: CIA 2204 Step Till You Drop (w/u and 1st section)
15 minute stretch

FRIDAY: Total body at the gym
15 minute stretch

SATURDAY: Went fishing with DH

So far I love the new CIAs but I've only had time for 3 so far. I hope to try Phillip and Christy next week some time...hopefully!!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

Kelly http://www.sgtfuzzbubble99.homestead.com/files/Smilies/De_Niro/eeyore.gif
Hi Robyn and everone!!!!! How is everyone doing? I haven't been here as much as I'd like....staying busy! Here is my week of 3/31-4/6:

Sun. - 3 mile jog

Mon. - Wedding video, cardio only.

Tues. - Firm, Tough Tape

Wed. - Bike: 40 min.

Thurs. - CTX All Step w/shoulders

Fri. - Bike: 45 min.

Sat. - Reebok Extreme Step, Interval Max warm-up, & Extreme Step cool down.

Okey dokey....everyone have a great week, and I hope to be able to peruse the boards a bit more this coming week!! :)



Hey guys...

I just KNOW this daylight savings time thing is going to totally screw me up. I'm one of those people that gets up at 4:30 a.m. to workout before work, and I just KNOW I'm going to start oversleeping all week! This 42-year-old body doesn't adapt very quickly to changes like that!

Robyn: Damn, girl, you're working legs like 3 times a week! And one day you did Interval Max and THEN legs afterwards! Wow...

Kelly: I used to love having the gym to myself on the rare moments it happened.

Okay, enough jabbering, here's my week:

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: PS CST

Wednesday: PS BBA

Thursday: PS Lying Floor Work for Legs/Abs/Rhythmic Step

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: CTX All Step/Intervals from CTX Step & Intervals/MIS Legs/Abs

Sunday: Power Hour, Upper Body Only/Abs

Have a good week everyone!



Great weeks EVERYONE! Workin' hard :)

My week:
Sun. 32 min. run

Mon. Taught hi/lo

Tue. S&H chest and back

Wed. Taught hi/lo

Thu. Runervals 1.0, S&H tris

Fri. S&H hammer curls and abs...finishing up from yesterday.

Sat. S&H legs and shoulders

Is it just me or is it harder to fit in workouts with great weather? I just want to be outside doing yard work or off on some adventure with my family! My house suffers!!!



Hi everybody!! It was a quiet week for me, all of my kids were away for spring break!! They're back now and life is back to it's usually chaotic self:)!! I tried 3 times posting last week and the computer wouldn't let me. Hopefully this one will take!

MON- Chest, tri's, Stepfit and Crucnch's fat burning yoga

TUES- IMAX and Crunch's yoga

WED- Back and shoulder's, Power Max, and yoga

THURS- Yoga, Legs and bi's

FRI- IMAX a little less intense this time legs were sore, Chest and tri's

SAT- Went to get kids in PA then had bridl shower. Does eating cake all day long count;-)? He he he!

SUN- PowerMax kept it low, Back and Shoulders and Fat burning yoga.

This fat burning yoga is NOT fat burning!! But it feels good and I liked the other runch yoga so much that I had to get this one. They are very similar, but I enjoy it anyway. Ok, have a great week everyone!!



Looking good, everyone :)

My week was terrible for working out. All my kids had colds and were up at all hours coughing and were just too plugged up to sleep comfortably. I managed to sleep through the alarm every day :)! All are on the mend now thankfully. My week was:

Thursday: 4 km power walk

Saturday: 75 minute "Weekend Warrior" class at the gym (think BodyMax) - excellent!

Have a great week!


Hey everyone! Workouts are looking really good! Here's my week--goal was 4 cardios and two total body, but I had such DOMS from KB that I couldn't get two upper bodies in...

MONDAY: 40 minute walk

TUESDAY: CTX KB + CK power drills

WEDNESDAY: Still Steppin' (with step)
PH abs and stretch + own stretches


FRIDAY: rest (house cleaning)

SATURDAY: Step Heaven wu and I + step from 10-10-10 (on floor)
10-10-10 stretch
my own abs and planks (yowsa!)

SUNDAY: I'm off to do CTX upper body, and probably PH lunges and squats

Hope you all have a great week :)


Everyone is doing so well!
Here's my week:
Run every morning for 30 to 40 minutes
Monday- Circuit Max
Tuesday- Cardio Kicks
Wednesday- Power Hour
Thursday- Firm Super Cardio
Friday- MIS
Saturday- Interval Max
Sunday- Tandem ride with DH for 1 1/2 hours

Everyone--have a great week!

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