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Morning All:

Well, we won again at baseball. I even hit a stand-up double.:p

I'm hoping I can start up the X again this Friday. I'm going to take it easy this week and just try to get rid of this cold. I just noticed in the upper r-hand corner of the message box (while your typing a post) we have spell check, plus you can expand your message box with the arrows. Makes it easier to see what I've typed thats for sure.

Jeanette - I was thinking about you last night. Were your ears burning? LOL I watched that last 2 minutes of the Tour de France but can't even remember who won but it sure is easy to get caught up in the excitement. Looks like some poor guy lost his seat. Ouch that would hurt trying to sit down! The Big Smoke is another name for Toronto. Usually said by non-Torontonians.

Wendy - hope you're not taking on too much all at once. I won't feel offended if you can't come everyday to chat. Just pop in and say hi. That's life and we don't need to make it anymore stressful than it already is.

Sandra - wait to go on the tour:p Please post a pic soon.

Hi to everyone else. Best get to work b/4 I get fired.

Oh, does anyone know what the "Tags" section does just below our message? Can't figure it out.



Just trying to play with the attachment feature and I rated the thread excellent.

Lets see what it all does.


Okay, to get the Stars to show on the main check-in page you rate the thread.

My attachment didn't work.


No workout for me this morning, it's my rest day :D. Seems like I've had a bunch of these lately. Now that the Tour is over, no more excuses about not working out. I'll start, um, tomorrow. :p

Patricia, I would never have figured out the Big Smoke thing. Congrats on the stand up double! You must be in the top of the lineup for hitting! Thanks for the tip on making the message box bigger (vertically). The spell checker is cool too. Nice features on here. Not sure I'll use the Workout Manager much right now. Will wait for the tutorial I think. I'm much better at just popping in a DVD instead.

Must run... hope we see Laurie soon.




Hi all:D,

Just popping in to say Hi to Jeanette. Glad to see you are back.

As you all can see, I have more free time since I'm at work. Ironic isn't it;)?

Hi to everyone else.

Hi Tracy. Is the extra free time from scheduled breaks that we don't give outselves outside of work?;)

Hi Jeanette. I didn't realize Sandra was actually in the bike race!!!! For some reason, I thought she was just watching it since it was local.:confused: I hope she stops by and shares her experience. I think it's safe to say that you lead a very active life. A rest day for you probably doesn't qualify as sedentary.:)

Patricia: Looks like you having fun learning all the bells and whistles of the new forum. Um, okay. I wasn't worried that you all would be offended. But, thanks for the reassurance. :cool: Congrats again on the baseball game!!!

Okay ladies off to play for a bit.

Hi to all who follows.



Just popping in to say hi!!

Looks like you all are staying busy as bees. The boys are home until the end of August so my days are filled with one adventure after another:)

I'm still getting my workouts in everyday. I have been doing endurance based workouts because it seems to keep my muscles n check instead of becoming bulky. Aren't genetics a drag sometimes?

Jeanette, DH and I were watching The Tour as well. It turned out well and I know we'll get to know the new group of names soon enough:)

Talk to you all again soon,



Well, I managed the camp drop off yesterday with only a few tears in the car on the way home :( It was nice having the two hours to chat with ds will driving him to the camp. I'll pick him up next Saturday.

Debra Hope the dr's went okay today for dd. :(

Patricia Glad you had a nice visit with your friend. I've never heard of Toronto being called the Big Smoke, I have heard it being called Hogtown. Your baseball team is doing great are the teams tiered? Maybe you need to be in a more competitive league. The house is very quiet with ds gone although dd is really enjoying the attention of both parents. :rolleyes:

Wendy You're such a busy lady! Is the schoolwork more that you thought it would be?

Jeanette I hurt my back doing YogaX last Thursday. I did do CS Friday, and KenpCardio+ Saturday when I probably should have a took a few days off and it just got worse. I've decided to take the rest of the week off as my lower back is very sore and stiff. Just going to do some gentle walking and stretching for a few days. Hope you enjoy your golf game tonight!

Hi all....just a really quick post for me tonight...it's been a long day. DD's dr. appt went okay....at least she didn't have to have blood drawn :rolleyes:. but we have to go back in 3 months because her calcium levels in her urine are up a lot...we may have to adjust her medication. Also, she has to have an ultrasound when we go back to check to see if she has any stones and to check to see if the kidney that had the stone before is developing properly. Ugh. She has got to drink at least 55 ounces a day consistently...and let me tell you, that is not the easiest thing to get a 7 year old to do! :eek:

Ran a lot of errands this afternoon and got the bills paid...finally got a workout in at 6:30 and I am just sitting down for the first time today....waiting for my dinner to cook. I ended up doing Squeeze...I always enjoy that one...but my legs and calves are really killing me :mad:.

Sorry, I just don't have the energy for personals tonight...I will have to catch up with everyone tomorrow. Gotta run now and get the diva to bed.


Hi Coolers,
Had a good day at work today. After work, I ran a couple errands and then played 9 holes of golf by myself while poor DH used the backhoe in the back yard. I did stack some lumber when I got back so it wouldn't look like I'm a complete slacker. I told him that Thursday and Friday I'm all his for working in the yard. I've got ladies cycling tomorrow night and then golf with my girlfriend on Wednesday. One thing about me, once I commit to a weekly social activity, I do it. If only I were so good about housework, projects, etc. Oh well, life is short.:p

Tracy, nice to see you on here. Hope all is going well with you and your family. Know it's got to be tough to watch your FIL struggle with his health.

Wendy, I'm pretty sure that Sandra's bike event was an organized ride, not a race. In those events, you start whenever you want, at whatever pace you enjoy. There are usually rest stops with porta potties/restrooms, drinks, snacks, etc. every 15 miles or so along the way. Lots of times, there is a lunch and dinner afterwards. The usual cost around these parts for something like that is about $40 for the event.

Nicole, glad you could stop in. I'll be switching to full body weight workouts too. Just need a little change. My muscles don't tend to get too big. I have short limbs so don't want them too big. Yep, the Tour was fun to watch, especially toward the end. I was pulling for Cadel, but he just didn't have he team around him for support.

Kim, sorry you hurt your back doing yoga. Hopefully, it's just a little strain and nothing serious. Sounds like a good reason to take it easy for a while. Bet your DS will miss you a lot too. Hope he has a super time at camp.

Debra, glad Julia did okay today for her tests. The ultrasound is painless, isn't it? Can the calcium levels be changed with diet, or does medication level it out? Hope you start feeling better. Makes me sad when you don't feel well.:(

Miss Laurie's posts too. Has anyone emailed her to make sure she's okay?

Night all,

I'm still awake!!! Darn sleep cycle is all messed up.

Jeanette: Thank you for explaining the difference between a race and organized ride. If I keep learning too many new things in one day, my brain may just explode!:D See, I just knew a rest day for you would sound like work. What's this about being a complete slacker? Why this sounds like the :cough, cough: Laxiest Xer I know and love. LOL on being a supportive wife on Thursdays and Fridays. You know, I just recently realized that I have short limbs too!! Yeah, I know I'm short. But, compared to others the same height, my arms are short. I never realized it until I had to adjust the massage table and move to the opposite side instead of reaching over like most of the other students. I think we should bombard Laurie with emails until she gets a new password. I miss her too!!!

Kim: Awww, you're such a sweet mom!!! I bet you're not like me dreaming of the day I can turn their bedrooms into workout rooms. ;) I'm so sorry your back is hurt from yoga. The younger PT thinks yoga is terrible for women our age. He said he sees a lot of injuries from yoga... people pushing themselves too hard. He also mentioned a lot of medical terminology. I couldn't digest what he was saying while trying to breath through the stretches. Kinda along the same lines as you're only as strong as your weakest link and then throw flexibility in the equation and you're really weak. (Not meaning you... just anyone participating in yoga without the utmost care to alignment and awareness of what their limits are.) Anyhow, he taught me a stretch to do for my pecs. When he saw that my pecs were already flexible, I told him it was from stretching with yoga. I showed him a yoga pose from PY4H2 that I did to stretch my pecs. OMW! The medical terminology really let loose then. I couldn't digest it because it took all of my concentration just to calm him down. LOL He's really very sweet and quiet. So, it startled me to see him display such passion. I do hope your back feels better soon. Schoolwork isn't too bad. But, throw in 2 hours of PT on top of starting school, and it's a bit of an adjustment to the very laid back lifestyle that I've grown to know and love. LOL

Debra: That's a lot of fluids for such a tiny body!!! Will she be able to hold it all in before the ultrasound? Will feeding her a lot of salty foods help? Oh Dear, you're really getting yourself sore for your massage. Hope I can help alleviate some of the pain. Don't hold your breath. Good for you that Patti will be teaching me how to do the leg sequence with you as the practice body!!! Right now, I only know how to do the BASIC sequence for scalp, back, sacrum, glutes, and shoulders. And, I'm not even good at it!!!! Rest. St. Phil and I will still love you. MWAH!!!

Nicole: You're so beautiful. Genetics can be a good thing too!!! I checked out your blog tonight. Very nice job!!!! I'm impressed with all the books you're reading. No wonder you don't have time to play here.

Patricia: Hope you're feeling better tonight. Summertime colds are the worse!!! I noticed the spell check thing too. When I click on it, it says I have to download something. Did you download it?

Okay ladies, off to stretch and hit the sack.

Sweet Dreams!

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