*** Watercoolers Learning New Tricks Monday****


Morning all

See that some of you have found you way around the new forum. It is going to take a bit getting used to thats for sure.

Had a fantastic time at BB last night. We won our 1st game 21-1 and 2nd game 22-1. And I hit a triple so I'm a happy camper. I got a little to cocky and tried stealing 2nd and ended up getting caught in a run down and slid into 2nd and have a bit of nasty scrape up the back of my arm.

Potty training seems to be going very well. Sent DS to pre-school in undies and his BF showed up in undies today too so maybe between the 2 of them they'll both be fully trained ASAP!

Okay back to work now but will BBL.
Let's see if I can't get an email to reset my password for my original username today. I do like this new name. But, I have grown fond of 6Swans4Me.

I've got 2 hours of PT this afternoon before classses start. It's gonna be a long day!!! Tonight, we are going to learn more about back massages. Last week, my partner kept saying how good it felt when I was massaging her back. I couldn't believe I could actually feel and find muscle tension under her skin. I was on such a high... like I can really do this AND like doing this as well!!! :D

OH!!!!! Apparently, I can find muscles easier than my Lululemon pants.;) I am so blind!!!! I decided to look in my suitcase again. YES! They were in the zippered dirty clothes pouch!!!! :eek: I am so glad I didn't call Continental Airlines!!!!:rolleyes:

Okay, I'm going to play around the new forums before grocery shopping.

Hope to see Laurie, Tracy, and Jeanette can log on later today.


I just got what I thought was Pure and Simple from Amazon.com. I take off the clear wrap, diligently peel off the upc label plastered over the top seam, and then look at the cover. NOT Pure and Simple!!! It's PY4H2!!!!!:eek::mad: I checked my invoice. Sure enough, it says Pure and Simple. So, they packaged the wrong dvd!!!

Now, I have two copies of PY4H2!!! and ZERO copies of Pure and Simple. Did you know I waited for almost a MONTH for Amazon to mail me Pure and Simple!!!

Will Amazon take this back? Or should I sell this copy? What to do? What to do?

Where's Debra and Traci today?

Patricia: Congrats on the win!!!! OUCH! Pride always comes before a fall, as I always say while falling.:eek::D Hope all goes well today for your son with potty training.

Off to grocery shop. I need some prescription strength Sudafed sinus ASAP!!!:(



Guess who?

Hi all,

I never could get them to send me a new password. The email just kept directing me to the password reset page. Maybe I was missing something. Oh well, I'm now Havingfun! I was due for a username change anyway.

These darn off weeks in X+ are killer. I'm not calling them recovery weeks :p

Otherwise all is good in VA.

Hi all!! Just popping on for a quick hello...I will have more time to chat later this afternoon.

I would get in touch with Amazon...they should take it back. I am so glad that you are enjoying school....and I can't wait to have you practice on me!!!!!!!!!!:D:D

So nice to see you and glad you are having fun!!!!!:D

Good luck with the PT...once they decide to take the plunge (so to say...lol:)) usually it doesn't take too long after that! Congrats on the great bb game last night.

Okay..gotta run for now....but I should see you all later this afternoon.
LOVE all these new names!!!!

Having Fun Tracy!!! OMW! I know I'm going to go back to 6Swans4Me. But, I should have really played with my interim name with something like Phil's Hot Massaging Momma. :p I'm with you in FULL recovery mode. Phil massaged my back last night. It was the first time that my rhomboids weren't corded, knotted, and tight. Very hopeful that I'll be set to go once STS arrives.

Doodling Diva Debra!!! I won't have a massage table for another month. But, Patti said she'd bring her extra massage table down to the shore for me to use. She's only going to be at the shore for a few days. I think she's going to need to take the massage table back with her since she massages some of her clients at her home. She keeps her extra table at the yoga studio. OH! My physical therapist, Paul, reminds me of an old bear.... all rough and short on the outside, but sweet as can be on the inside... He's just misunderstood. Can you guess how I'd know. :D Anyhow, he stretches my arm after I do flexion and strength exercises. He's so good!!! I get the impression that he considers massage as a compliment to PT, especially for me because I'm in pain a lot and it helps stretch my muscles which is what I need to help break up the contrated tissue in my fibrous capsule connected to my delts. Hey, I do believe that's a paragraph of a sentence.

Okay ladies, I got my haircolor in the mail today too!!! Tomorrow is hair coloring 101 day for Phil.:eek::D

I've also decided that my non-clean eating habits require some cardio. On my non-PT days, I'm going to do 2 cardios and 1 lower body workout a week.

Okay, off to take a shower and go to PT. I doubt anyone would want to touch my skinky self as is.

Ballistic Hugs to ALL!


just looking around


Wendy - Yes you could have been more creative with your interim screen name. I personally really liked 6swans4me:)I feel pretty good about just changing from taprice to anything....:eek: I'm getting my hair done this week. I keep toying with doing the color myself, but sometimes it just looks so fake when people do it at home. Please let me know how yours turns out. I'd love to save the money.

Has anyone looked at the rotations forum? Interesting what they did with
that one.

I don't think I like the way the check ins are listed alphabetically and not by date; too much scrolling. If this one isn't started with a character it's going to be at the very end.

Back to work and just playing with the little icons. Some of them are so cute.



Tracy - try clicking Forum Tools on the link on the upper r-hand side of the screen (next to the search button) and it'll sort at least by the most recent post. This may be a work around for finding our Thread b/c you're right, listing in alpa order isn't going to work that great. :mad:
Hi all....you can also go into your User CP to set how you want the threads to pop up....I have mine set in both places by most recent posts and that has seemed to work...at least most of the time..I have had to reset it a couple of times...but i think that may have to do with SNM fiddling with things...:p

Sorry we missed your thread this morning!! Promise we still love you!!:) Thanks too for posting all the pics in your user cp thingy...can't remember what it is called, yet!...Oh yeah!! Your 'profile':D!! I'll get it eventually. You son looks so proud of his trophy and your daughter is beautiful!

Well, I want why you don't have your own massage table now!! Everything should be done to make this as convenient as possible for me....LOLOLOLOL!!! Surely we can use the sofa or the sand or something!!! I am glad your PT is really helping you. It sounds like you will have full range of motion before too much longer. Are you going to post pics of your hair once it has the home touch up??? You won't be able to lie to us and tell us it looks great since I am going to see you in another couple of weeks...LOL!

Okay..off again for a while....I really must do some sort of workout today since I can't remember the last time that I did since I have been on the IL for waaaaay too long. I think I will do PUB (with no abs) and CM for the abs, of course! I also started ttom and I am feeling extra bloated. My weight was down, but now i have had the munchies due to ttom, so I MUST workout...using something beside my lower body!

Later chickies!!


Just seeing if I can figure this all out:)
Hope all is well in your world today!! I am on birthday countdown mode so I am trying to workout extra ard right now because I know I'll have some Coldstone on my birthday:9

Miss you all bunches!!!

Last edited:


Good to see everyone finding their way here. I guess Laurie is still on holidays? I wonder what happened to Jeanetter, hope she finds her way back soon!

So what is the difference between a social group and a check in?

Thanks Debra, for the compliments on my pictures.

I'm supposed to do Interval+ and Abs+ tonight but not feeling too energetic.



IntervalX and Abs/Core+ done! DH did them with me, he knew that I was not very motivated so decided to do it with me to help motivate me. What a sweetie! Kim


P90X Yoga done - did the 1st hour and felt it went pretty quick. I think I'm getting stronger as it seemed more doable. I'm glad I did it as I was thinking about taking a rest day or doing a quickie w/Eoin.:D

What's nice about the new forum you don't have to have 2 sessions open to get caught up. Just scroll down and there are all the previous posts.

Glad to see you found your way to us Kim. Yes I wonder where the rest of the gang is. Hope all is well.

Okay, I'm beat so off to bed. I have BB at 9:45pm Tues and Wed and have to manage to get my X w/o's in. Wish me luck:)

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