********Watercoolers; Fantastic Friday********


Just getting us started.
This is the first Friday with no school for the kids (I don't work Fridays) I'm looking forward to spending time with them. It's going to be a hot day! Going to get CS done right now while they're both still sleeping.

Happy Holidays to those south of the border!



Must be nice not to work Fridays Kim. We don't even get summer hours anymorex( x(

I'm thinking of running home at lunch and doing a quick circuit w/o since we're driving south after work and won't be home until sometime Sunday.

Busy day at the office so far.



Happy Independence Day!!!

I'm glad Patti forgot the sucking cups. I wanted a deep massage! She said my legs felt like they were in the best shape ever. This makes me wonder... They look great! But, I haven't really done any lower body workout in awhile. I've been sticking to yoga for the most part. So, I'm going to ask her what does she consider best shape really is... I'm thinking she thinks inflammation. But, I better ask for clarification because she could mean something else.

I'm going to do some Shiva this afternoon/evening before we head out to see fireworks. Then I'm going to an Iyengar class on Saturday and a Kripula/Vinyasa class on Sunday. I might contact a private instructor for a couples class, and see if she's available this weekend. She only charges $12 per person for yoga for two classes. Her background is in Kundalandi and Iyengar... perfect. :)

Hope all is well with everyone today.

Back for personals in a bit.

Ballistic Hugs to ALL!


Got a little time for personals before we leave for downtown.

Kim: I still have to email the lady in Canada about joining our check-in. She may have forgotten about the check-in by now.:eek: She doesn't know about Cathe except for what Patricia and I told her. But, she enjoys working out and staying in shape. I've never seen X-Weighted. What's the show like? Have fun with the kids today!!!

Debra: What a busy life you lead! Enjoy the 4th. Hopefully, your neighbors will have 4th of July plans of their own and not crash your cookout!!!

Patricia: I saw your post on VF this morning. :)

Sandra: Thanks for liking the Eoin shirt!:* I can see how labels sewn inside the seam allowance would bother people. Usually, it bothers me if the edges are sharp. I think Eoin's shirt's label doesn't bother me because I flip the sleeve up, and the bottom label doesn't touch my skin. The bottom of the shirt slides over my pants. LOL about the Eoin scent!!! Oh, why do you think I waited sooooo long to wash my shirt!!!! }( :+ I was a bigger fan of Eoin until I got to know him a teeny bit more. He's no longer a guru in my mind. Now, I consider him an kind older brother who can also help me with yoga.:7 :+ I love the earlier CCs. They are short and intense!!! I think after a round of STS, I'll do a month long rotation of yoga. :D

Jeanette, Laurie, Tracy, and everyone else... Have a great 4th of July!!!

Ballistic Hugs to ALL!!!



Happy Fourth of July all!!! The boys are off at a parade so I am here cleaning, surprise!:)

Wendy, So sorry you had to endure rain without me:( I'm over though because you got to go see Eoin and now you're showing off your fancy shirt;)

Debra, Glad to see you got to make the trek to Eoinland:) Hope all with XDH will be over soon and you'll be free to live life again:*

Jeanette, Enjoy your bike ride and long weekend!!

Kim and Patricia, Wish you could join us all for our 4th of July weekend! I guess you get Canada Day:)

Have a great weekend girls!!


Feel the burn!!!

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