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I think I'm the first to post I double and tripled checked and didn't see other thread. I'm off work today and kids have no school. So I hope to have a fun relaxing day. All the kids are still sleeping (even the furry one).



Patricia Glad the Lasik went well!

Wendy How's the shoulder doing? Did the haircut turn out good?

Jeanette- How did your haircut/colour turn out? Hope your grandma is well enough to go the mother/dtr luncheon. 5 generations is really neat.

I have to pick up my race packet today. The pick up is at the police academy so I'm the kids and I are going to have a look around the police museum. DS wants to stop at Wal-mart to spend some of his paper route money :7 The exercise plan is to 4DS all upper body premix, yesterday I ran on the tm and did CC6 with Sean. My legs are a bit stiff today. Kim



Wow, the boss must have yelled at everybody to get to work and very few hanging around the watercooler this morning!!

Kim, you and I aren't a'skeered!

Today was Legs & Glutes, yes ladies, the whole thing!!! Even with 5# ankle weights on. I did do leg lifts instead of the glute sweeps as those irritate me and I think I'm hurting my hips when I do those. Something about them I don't like. Tonite will be a short bike ride before dinner with Mom and Dad.

Kim, my haircut and color turned out well. It's dark brown with reddish brown highlights. Enjoy this quiet time. A day off sounds great. I could stay home and crack the whip on my DH. He's finishing the back porch awning over the deck. He started it around 8 or 9 years ago, just never did the finish work. He's famous for that. I haven't checked out the upper body premix on 4DS. Does it do all the upper body parts on one DVD? Or do you have to switch? Hope you have a blast at the race! Have fun at the museum and Walmart!!! I'll find out tonite how Grandma's doing. Her worst hours are in the morning and the luncheon/fashion show/quilt show starts at 11 so may be very tough for her. We'll see.




Good morning,

My boss is just around the corner, so I can't linger long at the Watercooler :)

This morning I'm going to do High Step Challenge, and if I'm not in a mad rush I'll pause the dvd before every cardio segment and do some pull ups. Doesn't that sound like FUN?!?!?! x(

I went to my first Instructor Training course last night, and also had a few errands to run yesterday, so wasn't around for much typing-time. I really do want to catch up with everyone. Hopefully this afternoon. The course was very interesting. It was the introductory night, so we didn't get into too much serious content yet. I learned a lot about the history of the Ymca, which was quite eye-opening. For one thing, I didn't know they were a Canadian invention. How come I never saw that in those Heritage Moments a number of years ago? And how come we never see the Heritage Moments any more?

Kim - enjoy your day at home with the kids. Has the weather improved? Our nastiness is slowly moving away, but it's really taking it's time. My car almost got stuck in the back alley a few times yesterday. So much soft snow!

Jeanette - a luncheon with 5 generations? I'll have to go back and read what that's about! It sounds interesting! Anything yummy on the Friday Family Feast agenda tonight? You used 5# ankle weights with LG today?! I bow to you! I've never felt the urge to try to go heavier than Cathe for floorwork.

Hello to everyone who follows. Have a great day!


My boss;) just called. He's broke down about 30 minutes from home. The tow truck driver is dropping him off at the mechanics in our town. So, I've gotta pick him up there when he arrives. That means, I won't have a car today.:-( He better get home before 4:30. I have a massage to attend!!!

I went to my back-up hairdresser, the one who I used right before the retreat. I had to reschedule my appointment since my schedule conflicted with another appointment. Anyhow, the back-up was a bit, wee scared of me on account of me demanding a blow dryer the last time I was in the salon.}( I told her to relax, she did a great job cutting my hair. When she asked to change the color one shade deeper, she was so nervous explaining why. I told her to go ahead. It turned out great!!!

Dh is ready for me to pick him up.

BBS for personals!



Morning Coolers,

Todays workout is 3m Run and some yoga. I have not worked out yet, hoping that the rain we are suppose to get holds off so I can run outside today. :D Went to work early, so I could get out early too. I have enough time to talk at the water cooler, because boss isn't back to work until Monday. Just hope he is nice and relaxed from the time away from here.

Had a good time at the baseball game yesterday. The Brewers lost to the Phillies. Oh well! I left the game in the 8th inning, and went shopping for 25# db's. So I now have those in my hands. May get 30#'ers tonight or tomorrow.

Kim, Have a great day off today. Your race sounds like a lot of fun. My youngest does the dance, and my oldest is in track. I require my DD's to participate in at least one activity. Gives them a chance to be active, and socialize outside of school itself. I'm a dang demanding Mom aren't I. :7 :7 I'm slowly trying to convince my youngest into the running thing too. Such a inexpensive way to get exercise. We are suppose to be getting snow/rain on Sunday. x( Not looking forward to that at all.

Jeanette, WTG on the Legs & Glutes. Look at you, you did the whole dang workout today! :7 :7 Your DH and mine sound more and more alike. I have wall paper that was never hung in our kitchen. It was put up 13 years ago, and I am now at the point that I want to take it down to paint. :D :D I was looking at the ankle weights when I was at the store. Just couldn't part with the $ right now. But that is on my list of things to get too. I checked out that rotation too. It looks like the Feb08 rotation, and she changed things up. I noticed that GS was done 3 days in a row.

Sandra, Doing pull ups and HSC together does not sound like FUN!!! :D :D Sounds more like torture to me. :D :D Sounds like this YMCA training is going to be the start of something good for you. Do they give you discount on your membership? How did your "In The Ring" workout go yesterday?

Wendy, Sorry to here the boss is having car problems. Yes he better get back in time for your massage. I'm glad we didn't have to remind you about that today. :D

TG, Sorry to hear that 4DS is not your type of workout. I have yet to try the step portions of these. :D I have been finding the weight premixes to be very good for a short amount of time. And I can lift heavy, which is sometime hard with her other workouts.

Patricia, Glad the lazik went well for you.

Traci, I did the Lower Body Weight premix. I don't think that there is anything missing in that one, plus she adds in the calf exercises at the end.

Debra, Oh I wish I was a fly on the wall when your DD was giving CBL a facial. LOL :7 :7 Sorry to hear that she had a diva moment for you. Did you do that group presentation yet? If so how did it go? Did you get those young'ins in line? :D :D

Have a great day!



Hi all!!! Just a quick hi from me right now. I am headed to the Diva's school for an Art Show of the kid's artwork and then we are going with my mom to an outdoor antique show. The weather is warm and sunny...so that is good!!!!

BBL this afternoon to catch up a bit...Kisses to all!

Oh...Wendy...Be nice to the hairdresser...and to the masseuse...i can't believe you of all people would scare someone...LOL!!



To be a part of this Dance even for a moment is an unfathomably huge gift---Eoin Finn



Just finished my workout, sure enjoying a nice relaxing morning here.

Jeanette- I always find those glute sweeps hard! WTG on using the 5lb ankle weights. I have used 5lbs before too. I have strong legs and can usually go heavier than Cathe on legs but usually lighter on all upper body stuff. This was the first time I did the upper body premix from 4ds, it was hard!!!;( Yes, it had all the upper body from 3 differents workouts so total time was 67 mins. I got to try out my new toys! (slanted risers and high top) Glad you like your new hairdo!

My DH is quite the procrastinator (?sp) also. He put laminate flooring in our house 2 yrs ago and we still don't have baseboards in many of the rooms. ;) I really try not to nag!

Sandra- I think I knew about the YMCA being Canadian, wasn't it the Ymca that invented basketball? Glad you enjoyed the class! Good for you for doing except pull ups. Since I finished the X. I've done my daily 1-2 unassisted chinups and that's it. ;( It's no longer snowing here but it's still cold, sounds like it's moving east to Laurie now.

Laurie- Spring snowstorms are so depressing aren't they! It's going to be cold while standing waiting for my relay partner at the race on Sunday. I'm running first so I think I'll bring a whole change of clothes and change while I wait for her. You're not demanding at all, my kids are in two activities each during the school year. My son would sign up for everything if I let him. He does hockey and swimming. But of course he signs up for every school sport, and club. (right now it's track and basball) ALso his paper route. He is going to play football over the summer for a community team. DD does swimming and piano lessons and that's plenty for her. They are all so different.

Debra Sounds like a fun day you have planned! Enjoy!

Wendy Hope the car isn't anything serious! Enjoy your massage!

Patricia- hope you're feeling ok!

Off to shower! Kim


Okay! Time for personals!:)

Starting off with today's personals. I'll catch up with yesterdays if time allows.

Kim: LOL on doubling and tripling your WC Fri post search. Congrats to your *I think* first time posting first.:) The shoulder/upper back are feeling fine. The shoulder is a little stiff. It's not from working out for sure!!! But, I'm wondering if it's not from stress. I tend to tense up in my shoulders when stressed or suffering from allergies. Anyhow, I'm going to wait until I see the masseuse before I do any upper body or yoga workouts. I like this hairdresser, Jackie. She has a healthy amount of Lindy fear.:p :+ She's the same one I used for the first time last month when my regular hairdresser was sick. That time the receptionist penciled me in with another hairdresser who was already booked to the max. Anyhow, the receptionist told me that Jackie wouldn't be able to "finish" me. When I asked her if that meant I would be walking out of the salon with wet hair, she told me that would never happen. Apparently, Jackie and the receptionist have a different definition of "finishing". But, it all worked out in the end after I demanded Jackie hand me a blow dryer and I would "finish" myself!}( Jackie quickly found a hairdresser to finish my hair!!! <--- Glad you asked?;) What's this about a police museum? What's in there? Old police cars? handcuffs? pistols? Dunkin Doughnuts coffee?}( :7 ;)

Jeanette: ^^5^^ on doing the entire Legs & Glutes!!! You must have been reading my mind. I was thinking of doing that last night before bed. But, I talked myself out of it. Poor Captain! He doesn't need cracking the whip yet does he? Leave my Captain alone!;) Hasn't he suffered enough? What with drinking lite beer and all! :+ OMW! Just read he hasn't finished a 8-9 year project!!! Nevermind. Shall I loan you my whip?}( I hope your grandmom feels up to going to the mother/daughter luncheon. That would be nice.

Sandra!!! You have a boss?!?!?! Plueeze! Bake him a loaf and bread, and he should leave you alone for a bit!:+ Oh, yes. HSC is loads of fun! I especially luv how we can extend the fun with our pause button!:eek: ;) I haven't tried HSC since ??? at my MIL's house around 10 PM when my mind wasn't thinking right. Don't have any desire to try again anytime soon. Is the Y even a Christian association anymore? Heritage Moments must be another Canadian thing. Well, here's a toast to Canada... thanks for the Y.:) When we come for the retreat, can we go to work with you? Can you teach us HSC during step class?:+

Debra: Enjoy the art show! Be nice to the artists!!! Try not to squash the hopes and dreams of any 7 year olds.;-) Yes, can you imagine little ole me scaring people? Just because my son thanked me for being able to pick up whatever the Drill Sargent threw down, doesn't mean I'm worse than a Drill Sargent! }( ;)

Laurie: Remember when I was venting about crappy customer service? Okay. Yes, I realize I do that all the time. Anyhow, right before the retreat, I tried ordering gift packs from the massage oil company. I wanted the gift packs to be delivered to Debra's house. Well, their website sucks and didn't display the shipping form. So, I contacted them via email. Didn't hear back from them. Called their customer service number a few times and left voice messages too. Finally, I got through and the lady was a Beeatch!!! She basically thought I was lying to her! Then I had Jenn use her computer at work to try and order it for me. Well, she had the same problem. We both got on their case about the site sucking. Anyhow, they don't do over the phone orders. By the time, they got someone to fix their website, it was too late to order them for the retreat. So, I bought you guys the massage oil at CVS. But, you can buy the massage oil online through different companies if you don't want to buy it on the website.

Ya'll! I'm fine with remembering days! I have a problem remembering which hour!! If it wasn't for Jeanette reminding me to check what time, I would have shown up for my hair appointment at 6 instead of 3:30!!! Thanks Jeanette!:) Today's massage is scheduled for 5:00!!! I will be there!

Patricia: Hope all is going well with your eyes today.

Carol: My son's CAP got cancelled. If you want to do Power Torture Yoga on Sunday, I'll see if my masseuse gives me the okay!

Gotta open another window for yesterday's personals.

Hi to Traci, Tracy, Christiane, Nicole, Lea and Teddygirl. Sorry if I missed anyone.



Jeanette and Laurie: Here's their updated from crappy to useable website:

Jeanette: I wanted to order you the foot relief kit since CVS no longer carries their foot products. The foot soak, scrub and lotion are great!

Laurie: I love their massage oil! It's nice that it's non staining since dh uses it to give me massages. It doesn't stain my clothes or sheets. I like the Lavendar Stress Less Body Oil too. After I get out of the shower, I dry myself off before I slather the oil all over my body. Then I coat my skin with a small amount of Curel body lotion to lock in the moisture. Works wonderfully!



OMW!!! Laurie! I just love Tony! Sure, he got on my next to last nerve when I first started the X, but man he cracks me up!!! Personally, I enjoy working out with him than any other instructor.:eek: Yes, I did go there. I should investigate his retreats. That would be fun to do!



Hi Everyone:

Sounds like everyone has had some time off over the last few days. Sure is nice to be out and about to get errands done during the day.

Feeling great today. Saw my eye dr and my vision is 20/15 so even better than expected.:p Spent some serious $$ on sunglasses now to protect my investment so it's been an expensive last few days. oh well...

Kim - I saw last night you guys got snow. We're getting some rain here today and tomorrow. Wanting to go to a Maple Syrup Festival tomorrow so hope the rain is over by then. I'm sure by Sun the weather will be better for your 1/2 marathon. Running a relay sounds like more fun then going solo.

Wendy - sounds like we both have a high standard for c/s. Amazing how people don't understand you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. Did you buy anything at the antique show? I love going to those. Bough a Hudson Bay Blanket at one this winter.

Sandra - I didn't know about the Y either. I knew Canada invented basketball though. You're right, I don't think I've seen the Heritage Moments in a while and quite like them.

Laurie - I love going to the BB games but generally duck out around the 8th also. By then the outcome is usually known and there is always something to get done on the way home. Our company has a box at our hockey arena (Maple Leafs)/ basket ball arena (Raptors) and it's always fun going on the company dime.

BBL to catch up on eveyone else.


Hi all,

I had a meeting at a location away from my usual site so I was able to get in Sweat before work. Then it was over early, so I came home and did Hi/Lo Extreme, which I haven't done in quite a while and I didn't feel wiped out. That's a good sign. Then I did CM2 and if you haven't done those in a while they are not nice.

I still feel really bloated even though I sweat buckets today.

I'll try to get back a little later to catch up.



Patricia, are you serious that you get to go the box to watch the Leafs? What does that cost the company? WOW! My husband and ds would be in heaven. The company that my DH works for has a box at our arena so we get to go to lots of hockey games, the guys are going tonight and we're all going tomorrow to cheer on the Manitoba Moose during the playoffs! Kim


Yesterday: 8 mile walk (90 min)
Today: Slow & Heavy Legs and Shoulders
Tomorrow: Yoga:D

Hi all,

Sick boys at home:( Busy, busy!

Miss you all, won't be able to check in too much this weekend;(

Take care girls:*


Feel the burn!!!


Kim - I've seen the Leafs play a few times more from getting free tickets through my DH and once in our company box. I'm in "lowly accounting" and accounting only gets the box for the Raptors.

As you can imagine the Cost is astronomical but we built the ACC and we're in construction so owning the box is great for marketing.

My husband gets tickets frequently, sometimes he takes me but also I let him take friends who really want to go more than me (also good for paying back favours:p )

Now that we're up north for two more winters we won't be going to any games. DH tried to organize a trip last Dec. to Ottawa to see the Senators play the Canadiens but that didn't work out but will try again next winter. DH is a Canadiens fan so he is a pretty happy camper these days with the play-offs.

I got to see Cher for her Forever tour in our company box seats and it was great. It's not like the old days where you're sitting up in a box up above. At the ACC, a box has 10 seats in the platinum section and during intermissions you go under the seats in these 20x20 rooms where you have a full-time bartender tending to your needs and can order food. They always have Tim Hortons coffee ready at the end of the night too.:p

Nicole - sorry to hear you have some sick little guys. Never any fun.


Good Friday evening, everyone,

I'm sitting here after dinner, ignoring the mess in the kitchen, and the fact that DD#1 is lying on the couch reading when she should be clearing the table. The longer she takes to do that, the more time I have to write :)

So, what's been going on around here? Let's lookie.....

I see the July roadtrip filled up fast. Is anyone here going? Or planning to try for the August trip?

Kim - I know what you mean about triple checking to see if a thread's already been started. It's disconcerting when the regulars don't act regular :) How long is your leg of the relay? CC6 on the TM! That's a tough workout. Were you feeling green? The first time I did that workout, running outdoors, I was literally thinking to myself "I'm gonna puke", and then he asked, "Are you feeling green? Good!" Made me laugh, once I had enough breath to do it. Yup, I learned last night that the YMCA brought basketball and volleyball to the world. It's tough to keep up with pull ups, I agree. I dropped them a bit after my first round of the X, but I'm determined to stick with them this time. The only way I'll improve is by doing them, so do them I must.

Wendy - Did your boss get rescued? What a pain, hey? How was the massage? No, I can't say as I have a boss. The Man works such long hours that he's not around enough to act bossy. HSC with pull ups actually went well today. I've always loved HSC because of the variety, and it moves along at such a clip that anything you don't like to do is over before you know it. The music is the best in the whole HC series, IMO. Love that. One day when it's not 10pm and you're feeling spunky, give it another whirl. The Ymca in general is not a Christian association, although there may still be branches of it that have such a bent. Last night the class leader stated that the Y no longer serves just young christian men, but "Association" is not a good name, so they've stayed with YMCA. Heritage Moments were short clips played amongst commercials on Canadian tv stations. They were produced by the national government and were re-enactments of momentous events in Canada's history. They were always fun to watch because we were always surprised at what good things Canadians have come up with over the years. It's beyond me why we didn't learn these things in school....but I can name all 50 states, and find them on a map. Well, I *used* to be able to do that. I've been out of highschool for 20 years. We weren't supposed to retain anything this long, were we? And yes, you will all be able to come play with me at the Y, when you come for the visit. We'll have to stop by a couple times to pick my kids up from the daycare, I imagine :) :) :)

Debra - Nice life you've got these days! Kids' art show, outdoor antique show, all sounds so nice.

Laurie - Now, why didn't you buy the 25 and 30# dbs on the same night? Don't tell me you didn't want to carry 110# of weights in from the car? (reminds of the day we moved into our new house: oh, the groaning the boys did when they had to move my dumbell collection). I'm really stoked about becoming so involved with the Ymca. They sound like a great organization with which to be affiliated. If I were a member I would get a discount on the course. Once I start volunteering for them (a requirement of taking the course), I get free childcare, which is ideal. "In the Ring" was a very good workout yesterday, thanks for asking. My brain was choreo-fried by the last combo, but I managed to hold it together to the finish. My only problem with it was the large amount of roundhouse kicks, which were starting to aggravate my left knee - the whip kick motion. I'll happily do this workout again, though. Well, how did you find that clip??? Do you deliberately search youtube for Beachbody clips? Or did you hear about this from BeachBody? This should be an interesting set of workouts.

Jeanette - Do I recall you asking whether to buy 1.25lb platemates, or 2.5lbs? I say go for the 1.25lbs. To balance out your dumbell, you need to put one on each side, so 2 of them comes to 2.5lbs. That puts you half way between 15 and 20lbs. I bought 2 sets of 1.25lbs a couple years ago and really like them. They were super useful during the X, and I imagine will be again with STS. Count me in as another person who finds the glute sweeps hard. Ugh.

Patricia - Wow, how fast and easy was that surgery?? Did you feel anything? Was their anything queasy about it, or did it just feel like they shone a light in your eyes? I'm glad it went so well for you!!! Oooooh Patricia, you are so mean to Kim! She's so envious of those of us with a professional hockey team. I refrain from mentioning the Oilers, out of respect for her feelings ;) (okay, I actually refrain from mentioning them because I...yaaawwnnn...find hockey boring).

Tracy - I don't do the CoreMaxes very often, and I don't know why. The second one, especially, I often overlook. There's a thread on the videos forum right now about how frequent use of those seems to bring results. Maybe I should give that a try for a while. I've never even tried all the premixes. I'll bet they're pretty good. Can you do the levitation holds in CM1? I can't. So, I suppose that could be a goal. I liked In the Ring. I like her two new ones better than Hi/Lo Extreme and Kickbox Extreme. They're less bouncy, but still pretty busy. I've got so much Amy now, I don't know how often I'll get around to using any of them. How did you like using the medicine ball in In the Ring?

Tomorrow's my rest day as I need to be at the downtown Y from 8am-4:30pm for training. Have a great evening,



Hi all....Sorry I haven't been able to get back for a real chat...Hopefully over the weekend I will have a little more time...but tomorrow I have take the Diva to dance rehearsal, get my notes done for my group presentation while she is at dance, email my notes to the guy in charge of the power point presentation, go to the farmer's market with my mom (it is also wine tasting day at the market!!), exercise, plant whatever I buy at the farmer's market, and then CBL is coming over tomorrow night. I also have to play tooth fairy this evening since the Diva has finally lost the wiggly tooth she has been nagging for 2 months!

Sorry...I am just too tired to chat right now as it has been a very busy day today. Please know I have read all of your posts...and I will be back if not tomorrow then Sunday for sure for a real chat!!

Kisses and happy weekend to all!!


To be a part of this Dance even for a moment is an unfathomably huge gift---Eoin Finn


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