Watercooler -----Trotting on Tuesday


Hi all,

Today I hope I will be trotting, well I prefer to think that I run, but it's still raining so I'm not sure if I'll get the run in. Then I'll do a little yoga later.

I see many of you were busy posting while I was asleep. I didn't make it through the end of Dancing with the Stars last night. I'll catch up with personals a little later at work. I have several meetings at another school and I'll get some breaks.

Happy Tuesday to everyone.



Good morning all!! It is chilly and wet here again today. Ugh. I am ready for a real Southern spring!! Or maybe this is a typical spring and I have made it in my head to be a more glorious time of year...lol. I am thinking it will be a yoga day for me...probably one of B. Kest's. I am hoping to get a bike ride in tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be better. I am obviously not as dedicated as sweet Jeanette! My bloating is a bit better today, but I was up a lot last night, so I am pretty sleepy this morning...the weather isn't helping either.

Tracy...Hope your meetings go well today. Are they with parents or other staff members??

I'll bbl with the rest of personals...Hope everyone has a great morning!!



To be a part of this Dance even for a moment is an unfathomably huge gift---Eoin Finn




Debra - it is rainy and about 60 here. I'm ready for spring, and dressing like it whether it is spring like weather or not. I was so bloated yesterday I felt like I was going to pop. Way too much salt in my diet, but sometimes I just can't help myself. The meetings today are with parents and teachers. They should be pleasant at least for me, because none of the kids are appropriate for this setting, but I have to attend the meetings anyway. It's nice to get out of the building for a change. I've backed off on the yoga a little. I felt like I was way overstretching my hips and causing problems with my hip joints.

Jeanette - That picture was from last year. I'm not sure if we'll get to travel out west this year because of the fuel. At 4.30 a gallon for diesel now it almost doubles the cost we paid last year and I'm sure it's more out there.

TG- 1600 miles is doable. I thought it was further. We do 1800 in 36 hours with 3 drivers. It's a long 36 hours, but then you are there.

Wendy - No, my mom does not bake yeast bread. She's a good baker, but doesn't fool with yeast. I'll post the pizza recipe later today. I make the crust on the thicker side, but I'm sure you can roll it thinner. You know you can speed up the rising by sitting the bowl in a bowl of warm water or preheat the oven just ever so slightly, let all of the hot air out, then stick the dough in there. If you get your yeast to rise initially, you really can't do much to hurt it unless you expose it to really hot temps. I do my pizza in two hours, sometimes less.

I'd better get back to work.



Good morning,
Today was Slow & Heavy Legs, then the supermans, planks and abs from S&H. Bike ride is scheduled for after work, but if the weather is nasty, I'll come home and do a Cardio Coach on the bike and trainer.

Sandra, did you get all those sleep hours in? I think I fell right to sleep last night. All this talk of making bread reminds me that I never took that day off from work to bake bread and watch the snow swirl outside. Might still happen.

Wendy, glad you are feeling better, but now poor Phil! We always hurt the ones we love, don't we? I envy you and doing the bread baking. Something so satisfying about the whole process. Yes, Debra is more LOUD and TALKATIVE in real life than I pictured. What, they didn't have bottled water at Hams?????? I checked out Fitness Wholesale. Should I get a pair of 1.25's and 2.5#ers? I'm thinking of that jump from 15# to 20#. My DH doesn't use the computer at all, though he asks me to look stuff up all the time. The Cap'n let me know that painting/scraping this week is a workout enough for him. What a wimp.

Tracy, hope the rain eases up for a run for you. I much prefer to ride outside, rather than on the trainer. May have to hit the trainer today though, much as I dislike it. We're cutting our driving time down too. We're fortunate to have close by places to camp and roads to ride the Rhino on. I worry about the economy and the price of fuel just shutting things down soon. Times are not good for lots of folks. The luxury activities will be eliminated for a lot of folks. Horse hay is now around $200 per ton. I'm glad I don't have to worry about buying it anymore.

Debra, hope you can get the bike ride in. I thought of you and your fab calves today while I was doing the calf work from S&H. Bet you've always had nice calves.

Gotta run,



Patricia: Hi, Yes I have flew before, to and from California, the most scariest thing I have EVER done in my entire life. Thank goodness my mother and family members were there with me. I tell you, I cried like a b#### :+ I ain’t afraid to admit it. My oldest son loves to fly he tried and tried to get me to fly again but NO can do. I passed up a lot of opportunities b/c I’m a big a## baby.

Wendy: Hi, don’t worry about posting the skirt, but would love to see new pictures:) :)

Tracy: Hi, and thank you! You are a better woman than I cuz, I ain’t or should I say I can’t stand to drive more than 10 hours, after that, I’m in some bodies hotel sleeping like a baby.

Jeanette: Hi, nice workout:D I hope you get to bike ride, this evening. Yesterday, I did a 5 mile power walk and it was awesome, slept like a newborn last night. Tonight, is MM I haven't done that one in a lonnnngggggg time.

And too everyone else, have a great day :)


Morning Coolers,

My workout this morning was a 3m run and 4DS Lower Body Weights. I didn't get the calf work done, but will be able to do that later today. Yes the workout didn't happen last night, and I never got to the store. I did stop and get some milk, so at least the girls can have it with their meals. :D Hopefully I will be able to tackle some of these errands tonight.

Tracy, I too had a hard time staying awake last night. DH started watching one of his shows on the DVR, and I fell asleep. :D Maybe it was just that boring for me. :7

Debra, We are suppose to be getting rain today too. We had some great weather for a whole week. :D It was very nice. :D DD's dance recital is May 17th, and she is doing three dances all together. Miss Sharon has all the Beg-Int. classes do a dance, then she has Oliver and finally her dance with her group. Last night different people got to be the "audience", while the others where stars. The second group didn't do as well as the first (which DD was in). DD is suppose to know the whole dance, because she is the leader of her group. Only three more dance classes left for us.

Wendy, You mean to tell me that Phil didn't want to take the turtle home so you could make soup out of it? :7 :7 I don't even know how to cook up a turtle, so don't mind me. :7 I have never been really good at baking bread. My DM could turn out beautiful loaves all the time. Wonder why I wasn't blessed with the ability. :D Probably because I would eat the whole warm loaf, with butter. :D

Sandra, I had to LOL about CTX being light at one point. There was a time that I felt that way too. Now I huff and puff through the KB one. My legs always feel like lead weights now. :7 :7 Hope that weather starts to turn to the more spring like weather.

Jeanette, LOL about painting being your DH's choice of workouts this week. That would be exactly what mine would determine to do to. :7 Dang on the weather for your training. We have been having better weather than you are. What is with that! Maybe just a repreave for us. I feel the same about grocery shopping too. I just can't stand to see the prices ring up anymore. x(

Patricia, Sounds like a nice day off for you. Maybe you needed that little break before the lazik. My DB had lazik done, and he is very happy with it. I don't know if I can get it done, should probably check one of these days. It has become so inexpensive to do. I have to get into my youngest DD's clothes too. All her winter clothes can go away, she will be to big for them come fall.

Nicole, Hope you are feeling better today. All the heavy lifting is a good thing to do also. ;-)

TG, My first flight was a nightmare for me, but it was a good thing it was so smooth. My second flight I was holding on to my new DH for dear life. We where going through storm clouds. I remember an episode of Fraser or was it Cheers where he was trying to get people with flying phobias on a plane. It was very funny, but I'm sure when you suffer from that, it can be awful.

Have a great day!



Good day everyone,

I just completed GS Legs, then decided to give the first half of Amy's In the Ring a try. The warm up of the cardio was a bit tough because my legs were out of gas. But since the workout is so low impact compared to her other stuff, it actually turned out okay. I like how she uses the med ball.

Tracy - a new season of DWS has started, huh? My mom adores that show. We have the DWS Wii game, and it's a lot of fun. I'm sure once you get going you won't be trotting a bit.

Debra - chilly and wet? Ugh. Sounds like the perfect day to turn on the fireplace.

Jeanette - What do you enjoy more: Spinervals or CC? I haven't tried any of DH's spinervals yet. Yeah, I got a pretty decent sleep last night. It helps so much. How much did a ton of hay cost when you were buying it? I can't say I know much about price of hay.

Teddygirl - my husband has a very wealthy uncle & aunt who could go anywhere they want. But the aunt is deathly afraid of flying, so there they sit with all their $$$ in their posh Toronto house all the time. Such a shame, really. She even refused to take a first class seat on the Concord to Europe a few years back.

Laurie - I need to buy some of that milk stuff today, but I'm afraid my little car will get stuck in all this snow. It's coming down so fast and thick that they can't keep the streets plowed. Our back alley is the worst. Alleys are always left to the very last. So, we'll live without milk until DH can pick some up on his way home from work tonight. LOL about CTX. I think it's in 10-10-10 where she says if you're not working hard enough you can always add a riser, but she's "fine right here" on her 6". I used to smile smugly as I stepped along on my 8" height with seemingly little effort. Now I commiserate along with her at 6". What's happened to us???? Oh yes, I backed off the intense, frequent cardio because my knees were getting really sore. At least these days I can't complain about knee pain.

Wendy - I would think that having only stiffness in the shoulder, rather than pain, is a sign that it's healing? I hope so, anyway. Excellent work on the bread yesterday! Is there a banana bread recipe in Laurel's book? I'll have to check that out! Thanks! I don't bother doing the hole poke for the proof rise, I just look at how big the loaves are. If I like their size, they're done, IMO. You, Traci, Me, Debra...we get the most points for chatty posts, I think. Now that Traci's off living a real life, you, Debra and I need to pick up the slack. Don't go all Martha Stewart on me and suddenly have no time for chatting just because you have to bake or something. I'm sure Debra is not at all like you describe her. She's demure and polite at all times, isn't she?

Well, the sweat has cooled on my body and I need a HOT shower. My core temperature must have dropped 10 degrees by now. Gotta go!


Just had to thank you for coming to my defense!! I don't know why Wendy has the idea that I am a loudmouth???? How could she have ever gotten that impression?? Maybe because I introduced her to a complete stranger in a nice restaurant we were in....Or perhaps because as she and I were comparing bootays in the bathroom of the same upscale restaurant, I met another lady who helped us with our comparisons. I have NO IDEA what makes her think I am so chatty. It is a mystery. So thank you for noticing my demure and polite personality.



To be a part of this Dance even for a moment is an unfathomably huge gift---Eoin Finn



Debra: You are simply the most polite girlfriend for not mentioning how I hugged said stranger, Lisa???, who wouldn't disclose her last name in fear of being googled:eek:, in said upscale resturant bathroom when she declared my bootay desirable!:7 For all you reading, I had on all my clothes!!! Unlike afterwards when I took off my shirt to give to Debra before heading upstairs to change into my official Xer Retreat gear: pjs!

Okay ladies, I still have to go to Performance Bike. I've been behind schedule all day! BBL for personals.



Well...it wasn't me either who insisted on copping a feel of Traci's unshaven legs in the airport! I believe that was you, too, my dear...LOL! Hey...I sent you out a check today...keep an eye out for it later this week....kisses to you!

And kisses to everyone else! I am in a very loving mood today.


To be a part of this Dance even for a moment is an unfathomably huge gift---Eoin Finn



Howdy Coolers!

Sorry I didn't stop by yesterday. I was entertaining my MIL all day (where's the crazy icon? lol). Actually, though, she was well behaved. She came over to go to DS's choir concert last night (he's in a choir of all homeschoolers, it's well done and really neat). Sadly, though, I didn't get any computer time all day... That and now we have a brand new screaming fast computer that DH built over the weekend. I'm still getting used to it all, and I have lots of stuff to install and set up, but it's nice :D One of the (really huge) hard drives was bad, though, so that has to be sent back. Never fear, we have another one that's exactly the same and then 2 smaller ones that are just wickedly fast. I'm married to SUCH a geek! lol. I love him anyway :) Anyway, today is back to normal. I'll probably return to the 4DS this week b/c I just like it :D I'll be starting off with HIS which includes Chest & Back. Now I need to play catch-up on personals...

Tracy -- Yup, we stayed in Purcellville when we went to VA. We really had a blast and want to do it again as a day trip (we live probably 2 hours away from there, but we made it a weekend getaway last time).

Traci -- We'll miss you!! Stop by when you can and I hope you get great results from your rotation :)

Patricia -- LOL about the iron. I'm too lazy. The only thing I iron is sewing stuff or DS's karate gi. Are your post-LASIK restrictions permanent? I've never heard that before about that procedure. DH would be lost! He's a computer geek by profession, too, so that would be a deal breaker for him. He gets treated for dry eye syndrome due to the refresh rates of the computers he works on (we really need an eye rolling smiley here). I hope you're still able to check in :)

Jeanette -- The parties were fine :) Family was on good behavior on Sunday, lol. Even my MIL was well behaved yesterday (which is a rarity) :D :D :D

Sandra -- Good for you changing up the routine :) I'm feeling the need for a shake-up myself.

Laurie -- LOL about the meet the morning after prom. I did that once my senior year of HS. It was even the regional championships. Needless to say, I didn't do well, either. April seems early for a prom, though. When do they graduate?

Wendy -- LOL about wrestling DH for the computer. Thankfully with the new computer, we'll be setting up a wireless network with the other computers (yes, plural, he really IS a geek) and it won't be as much of a problem. In theory. LOL about Phil and Carpal Tunnel. Men can be babies sometimes ;-) I hope you're feeling better today. Sounds like I missed quite the party with you and Debra :-O

Hi to everyone else! I hope you all have a great day!



Just want to say that I did do a nice long post to everyone yesterday but I noticed that it is MIA. :-( I'll see if I get a chance to try again tonight. Kim


Fitness Formula- Kari Anderson

Got some low key cardio in today. I'm glad I had this one on tap because I needed a low impact one for sure. Too much jumping does not help the UTI thingx(

Ran errands today and I have Bible study tonight so I'll have to try to sneak in here tomorrow or Thursday. I have a full day tomorrow too so we'll see.

Everyone have a lovely evening!!


Feel the burn!!!


Hi all...back for a little chat. I did a Baron Baptiste yoga today...It is an instructional one...so it moves pretty slow...but you stay in the poses REALLY long since he is chatting while you are holding poses. I felt great afterwards...much more centered and balanced and strong. All those good things you get from yoga!! I am hoping to get a bike ride in tomorrow...if that doesn't work out due to weather, then I will start on Amy's Slo Mo.


Glad to hear that MIL was on her best behavior over the weekend. I guess there are certain bonuses to having a geek for a husband...like really fast computers!!! Have fun with 4DS...I know that Tracy has seen really good results with that as a rotation.

Thank you for thinking of my calves...It is my only claim to fame...LOL! Hope you got to ride outside, but I admire your dedication even if you didn't. Good you took a full rest day yesterday...I am sure your body needed it! The topic of my group presentation is interpersonal communication and relationships with substance abusers and addicts...Doesn't that sound like a happy topic...LOL!!! I can eat pancakes...but I just don't normally order them...I would rather save the calories for something else...like the burger I am eating tonight for dinner!!

Best laid plans, hunh?? I actually did make it to the grocery store today..and I think it is the first time I have done a real trip since you gals were here! So...needless to say, it was a big one, but at least it's done! It seems like it as been raining here all month...but I guess it is supposed to be nice for a couple of days before it starts raining again. I bet DD is going to be great in her recital. What do the costumes look like?? My DD's recital isn't until June...so we still have lots of classes to go!

DS must be feeling better and you must be busy at work since we haven't heard from you today!

Thanks again for sticking up for me! Wendy just doesn't seem to know what she is talking about...LOL! It's not that I am so loud...although, I guess I am...but I have lots of hand gestures and arm movements that you just can't display online!! Sounds like you had a monster workout today, woman. Good for you! So, the toddler isn't going to sleep well at night?? How old is she now?? I remember when my DD wasn't going to sleep well....I ended up having to cut out that last nap...which I really didn't want to do! We made it 'quiet time' instead, but it just wasn't the same...LOL! I can't believe I missed you doing Squeeze....WTH was I???? Glad you at least partially enjoyed it! I am trying to be good to my knee...I promise.

Sorry about the missing post...Ugh!

I was actually the inventor of the naked Kenpo! I was having a hard time doing the pivots with shoes on...so I took them off....and really enjoyed the workout more! LOL on the hemp pancakes...I'm with Phil...Let's smoke those bad boys...LOL! And poor Phil...Does he have any idea you have told us exactly how long your bedtime maneuvers last?? The sushi comment was just for you my dear. I think I will have sushi for lunch tomorrow, come to think of it!

Waving as you fly by!!!!

Get thyself on a plane to visit us!!

Hope today was an easy day for you at work!! How many more weeks until you are off for the summer? I keep dressing like spring too...I am in complete denial! Also..I am incredibly hot natured...LOL! Everyone else has on sweat shirts and sweaters when I have on short-sleeves and tank tops...It's from living so far north for years. I guess too much of any exercise....even yoga...can play havoc with your body.

Okay...caught up for now, I think...Hope everyone has a great evening!!



To be a part of this Dance even for a moment is an unfathomably huge gift---Eoin Finn



Good evening. I have a few minutes before I need to start working again.

Debra....I'm completely convinced you are who you say you are: a genteel southern belle with all good manners. I'm sure those incidents you describe were much more low-key than you all make them sound. Which Baron yoga did you do? I have his Challenge 1, 2 & 3. I think only #3 is out of its wrapper. I can't remember where you were when I did the segments of Squeeze, but I do recall you weren't around. Maybe you were on your weekend away with CBL, or something. The toddler is 2 1/2 now. I've tried cutting out her afternoon nap, but then she actively seeks out places to sleep, no matter where we are. It's so obvious that she's tired, and seems like torture to force her to stay awake. So, I give her a nap, but keep it no more than 30 minutes. She'd sleep for 1-2 hours, if I let her. So far it seems to be working.

Wendy....tsk, tsk to you for trying to smear Debra's good name. And you felt up Traci's leg at the airport?! No wonder she's gone into hiding!!! Actually, she's probably gone into therapy!! Oh, did I read that you're getting a bike trainer? Cool! How come? I think DH has one of those magnetic trainers. It's about medium on the noise-scale: quiet if you're just crusing along, but gets noiser when you're sprinting hard. The noise isn't a problem at all when I'm using my iPod for the Cardio Coaches. I'm not sure, but I may have a harder time hearing the tv if I try a Spinerval video.

Carol....I wasn't wanting a shake up in the routine. You know how it is: the children get older and their needs change. So, we change with it. I dread the teenage years, when I'll be losing sleep over worrying about where they are at all hours of the night. Have fun with 4DS! Will you be doing it as-produced? The new computer sounds like a lot of fun.

Kim.....Another post got fed to the cyber-monster, did it? That thing's gotta be huge by now. I hope we hear from you soon. Did you read that I found Eoin Finn's latest release at London Drugs, on Sunday? How are you enjoying your new yoga dvds?

Well, time to get to work. Have a great evening!


Evening Girls

Boy, what a busy day here. Have not stopped from the moment I got up until after my yoga class tonight. Wouldn't be so bad at work if I wasn't already going to be off on Thurs/Fri.

DS is much better today, however, he couldn't go to pre-school since he had a fever yesterday, so I sent him to a home daycare that I checked out last month. I told her he needed a nap in the afternoon, but she asked him if he wanted one and of course he said no. So I pick him up at he's sitting at the kitchen table waiting for dinner and just yawning and weaving. So I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he just got up, walked into his bedroom and went to sleep. He's been asleep since 5:30 and I hope he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night with hunger pains. What kid out there ever says he wants a nap??? Duh.. Anyhow, back to normal routine tomorrow.

Had the car in for some maintenance since it has 136,000km on it and the bill came to $1600. Yikes, I guess I'll have to wait on the Turbo Jams I was interesed in.:-(

Wendy - do I sound younger than I am??? No, just the one child is enough for me. How anyone gets up the courage and energy for more is beyond me. I like watching Jon & Kate +8 on TLS and thank my stars it's not me:) Crap about the weather for you. I'm looking forward to some rain to clean up all the sand here from the winter and make things green. Your group presentation topic is a real tongue twister. Try saying it 3x fast.

Jeanette - are you a lefty or righty when swinging the golf club. I've only tried it a few times and can't decide which I am. When I swing a bat I'm RH and when I play hockey I'm LH. Just one sport that I'm not good at so just don't do. I think its fun just hitting the ball at the driving range. I'm lucky I'm not docked vacation or sick days. Just as long as my work is up-to-date they're okay with it. My boss is pretty flexible and nows I've put more hours in, in the past and the company probably owes me... My LASIK Thursday and it's starting to become really real to me know. BTW, what do you use horse hay for?

Sandra - what time do you put your toddler to bed. Mine still naps for 1-2 hours in the afternoon and usually asleep by 8pm but generally up anytime between 6-7am. So we don't generally get a lie in on the weekends. That's why we generally go out for breakfast either Sat/Sun. It sounds like a lot you girls bake bread here from scratch. Is there a reason you don't use the bread machine? Have you tried the 1st pre-mix of Amy's ITR? It skips combo/interval 2 and clocks in under 1 hour and I think I'll stick to that one for a while.

Tracy - how was your "trott" today? Did you get your yoga in?

TG - did you do MM tonight. I've done it a couple time in the last week and really enjoy it. I'm practicing the pushups on slanted risers as I've never been able to do them on my toes and thought this was a good modification that would help me work up to them.

Laurie - do you run outside or on a TM?

Carol - I wish I had a computer geek for a DH. I've got a new laptop this year with Vista and it does some wonky things. I only know how to turn them on and use the programs. Anything else I'm useless. After LASIK I'm just to avoid eye strain for a few days I believe so they would prefer you not to watch too much t.v. or read or do to much on the computer. I'm back to work on Monday so would expect to be up and running by then.

Nicole - I'm enjoying my more intermediate w/o's lately. I found that even doing CTX in a whole week was just too much. I'm really enjoying alternating cardio and weights and doing cardio no more than 2-3 days/week and between 30-60 min.

I think that catches me up. Talk to everyone tomorrow.


Good day all around today. Ended up with a good hill climb with 2 other girlfriends. My legs burned a little at the start of the riding, but then felt fine after a little bit. Can tell the 2X a week leg workouts are really helping. The weather was windy and looked like it could rain, but we knew the wind would be a tailwind all the way up the grade, and it was. Interesting descent though. I went pretty slow as I was worried about getting hit by a big gust from the side. Anyway, a satisfying climb for all 3 of us ladies. I may try another ride tomorrow as Thursday and Friday will be out for riding. We plan on a 60 miler this Sunday. Temps look to be around 70 so will be perfect and will set us all up good for our 50 hilly mile organized ride on May 4th.

Latrese, so sorry the flying doesn't agree with you. It doesn't bother me, but I'm really scared of fast freeway driving. Just ask Debra how much of a backseat driver I was. How was Muscle Max? I really enjoy that workout. Something about the pace of it that feels good. I am looking forward to nicer weather so I'll get out and do more walking on a work break. I looked at my watch today and there was only 20 minutes till quitting time. Time flies when you are busy.

Laurie, did you get the shopping done? I am out of milk. Need to decide what we are cooking for Mom and Dad, then will shop for it. Also have to pick up a baby shower gift for a co-worker, though I'm not interested in attending the shower. The dance recital will be fun, I'm sure. My sister wrote and said she is taking a tap dance class this summer. How's that dress coming?

Sandra, good job on GS Legs. Did you do all of it? I enjoy Cardio Coach more than Spinervals, though I think Coach Troy really knows how to work those legs in different ways. The music is just so much better in CC. And Sean's voice, so motivating. When I was buying hay (alfalfa), it was running about $130 per ton. That was a couple years ago. A guy was telling me today that he's paying $21/bale at the feed store. He goes thru 2 bales a week for 3 horses. Nope, don't miss owning them right now. Are you talking about a different Debra when you say demure and polite? I don't think she could talk if her hands were bound!

Debra, thank you so much for sending the massage oil, foot scrub and Childress BBQ Sauce! You are a sweetie!!!! Hmmmm, your presentation topic does sound interesting. Have you had any relations with addicts? Is your group helping you out, or are they leaving it up to you? Just bring candy and they will all be happy. How was that burger? Hope you can get the bike ride in. I'd like to start wearing spring/summer clothes so I can show off these massive biceps of mine LOL! Seriously, I think we are all going to be so psyched to start STS and building up those muskells. Can I have your calves???

Carol, so your MIL is a character? Bet she can't top mine, who, by the way, saw Elvis recently. She's a bonafide nutcase. Last time I saw her about 4 years ago, she was still wearing short shorts, very damaged bleach blonde hair, a skinny cigarette and a can of beer in her hand. Oh yes, wearing a halter top too. All at the age of 70. Caller ID comes in very handy. Must be wonderful to have a geeky computer expert on hand. Mine can't even work the TV remote when the dogs step on it and mess it up. What would he do without me? I'm still doing a 4DS rotation too. Like the short cardio and short weight work.

Kim, sorry about losing the post. I've lost a few with Vista, but haven't had too many other problems with it. Knock on wood. Got a long run planned for this weekend? I see Lance Armstrong ran the Boston Marathon in 2 hours 50 minutes (I think). Bet it's hard for him not to be top dog like he was with the cycling.

Nicole, miss you posting here. Sorry the UTI is still bothering you. Can honestly say I've never had one. Knock on wood again.

Patricia, glad your little one is feeling better. Found out my niece has bronchitis. She was in the hospital last night having a hard time breathing, but she is better today, thank God! I'm a righty for sure with the golf club. There's just something about sending that ball sailing thru the air, especially after sending it skimming along the ground time after time. Sounds like you have a great work situation. Good luck on the Lasik surgery. My son-in-law will be having the RK surgery, can't have Lasik for some reason. Horse hay is fed to horses. In our neck of the woods, most people feed either alfalfa or grass hay, or a combination of both. Other parts of the country may feed timothy or oat hay or some fescue. Horses are a luxury item for so many people.

Traci, hope you are doing okay and getting lots done. Miss you girl.

Wendy, are you still baking up a storm? I want your life. You know, the part with the massages, foot rubs, new workout clothes, trips to exotic countries and baking desserts. Hope the back/shoulder is getting better and better. Did you find a trainer yet?

Gotta go,


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