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Hi all! I'm new to Cathe workouts. I have purchased STS (which I'll be starting in a couple weeks) as I Just finished Body Beast and am taking a break for a couple weeks from heavy lifting. I also have XTrain. I have done Hardstrikes and liked it, but really wasn't into all the jacks. I'm used to something more like Les Mills Combat (my favorite workout and love the music!). I also have the step that came with Low Max, Basic Step & Body Fusion. I have Athletic training and cardio supersets from the Low Impact series.

I have so far done Hardstrikes which I thought had too many jacks and wasn't like an MMA style kickboxing, but it was a great workout. I have done Athletic Training this morning. It kicked my butt and it was a great workout, but I would had been more motivated to get through it with some music. I did the basic step video and was just all over the place. I'm sure this will come in time. I used the step with Athletic Training this morning as well and it was a bit awkward for me, but I just need some practice! LOL I have done Zumba and can do that no problem...its just something about the step. What a great workout Athletic Training was for being low impact!

Anyway, What are some DVDs you would recommend? Are there any that have great music? Should I order the 2013 videos? I love to pump up the really helps to keep me motivated. Which videos are going to be like this? I'm probably not ready for the more advanced step videos yet. I would love some suggestions!


Hi Parias,
Glad that you found Cathe workouts, and I hope you like them! From what you've shared so far about what you like and what you're looking for, I would recommend Kick, Punch Crunch, which is an earlier kickboxing workout. I have done combat and like those workouts too, so I think KPC might be a winner for you. It's still a Cathe workout and has her style, but the music is motivating, and it has other moves to get your heart rate up that are not jacks.

The music in the low impact series, which is where Athletic Training is from, is not the most upbeat and a lot of folks don't like it, so you're not alone. I personally did not care, but there are a lot of folks who need something more upbeat to really get motivated. You might also try some of Cathe's circuit workouts like Circuit Blast, Cardio Core Circuit and DrillMax. These are very intense, sweaty workouts that don't have a lot of choreography. You can view long clips here, Cathe Friedrich - Video Clips, of all the workouts to see what looks good to you.

Cathe has a lot to choose from, so you're bound to find something that you're going to like.


Two of my favorite Cathe workouts are To the Max and Crossfire. These are not kickbox workouts, I think of them as circuit workouts but they are categorized as Hiit and interval workouts on Cathe's site. They both have a lot of variety and are really tough. To the Max uses a step, but it is just for basic moves similar to what you saw in Athletic training and not a typical step workout. They both have quite a few pre-mix options as well, so you really get a lot of bang for your buck. I can't really comment on the music because I can't remember it offhand, so maybe someone else can comment on that. Of course, there are very few Cathe workouts that I don't like though.......

HTH, Pam
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I second the recommendation for Crossfire and To the Max! :D Awesome cardio workouts and I LOVED the music in those two! :) You said you have XTrain...have you tried the Low Impact Hiit yet? I love the music in that one and the workout is really great and low impact. I also loved Cardio Leg Blast and Tabatacise from XTrain.

If you like to work lower body Cathe has some gems for that. My favorites: Lower Body Blast, Butts and Guts and Lower Body Trisets from the Low Impact Series. I loved all the leg workouts in STS, too.

I am just exploring the 2013 series as we speak. The only one I've done so far is X10 and I loved it, but I need to explore them more to really get a feel for the workouts. Have fun!

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