Video Clip of Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam


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This video clip shows just the normal Cardio Slam workout. In addition to the regular workout we have a premix that will show modifications for the majority of high impact moves in this workout. This is done by having a small box pop up at the beginning of the high impact move for several seconds to show you a possible low impact modification you may want to try.

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Looks amazing! Is this the one with the pop up that shows modifications?

Edit: I totally missed the answer to my question in the description. In my defense, I was really excited to see a clip. :D
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This looks absolutely amazing! I have never been so excited for a Cathe video! So many new moves, a great challenge, adaptable on those days where you just can't seem to get the lead out of the sneakers, and just a great way to have fun on a cardio day. Love the use of light weights to keep me working hard. Thanks Cathe and crew!


so glad there is a premix with the looks like the whole workout will need to be modified...

I pretty much modify every workout I own because I like to change them up anyway. On this workout there looks to be a lot of fun jumping that I can do on my rebounder. Its wide enough (49 inches) and the mat is extra-strong, works amazing with a lot of the high impact moves.

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