Video Clip of Lift It HiiT It Legs


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This a Video Clip of Lift It HiiT It Legs which is one of 9 Ripped With HiiT workouts.

This intense lower body workout is based on a technique called contrast training. This method kickstarts muscle growth by shocking your muscles into recruiting additional high threshold muscle fibers thereby increasing strength and lean body mass. In this workout you'll do a weighted exercise followed by an explosive plyometric exercise for several rounds to stimulate muscle growth in the lower body. This workout is sure to help you break through plateaus and recharge your lower body workout routine. For best results, take a few rest days between all contrast training sessions to allow proper recovery time and avoid unnecessary overuse risks. Ready to give this workout a go? Let's HiiT it!

$8.88 per workout.*Price based on discount bundle purchase of all 9 workouts). Act now, offer ends November 21st!


I am sooooo EXCITED about these workouts! Not only do they look fun, they look like a typical Cathe challenge! Also love the shorts in this workout Cathe! Been looking for something just like that. Please share where I can find some.


Hope we get them soon. Would love to start a rotation in December to get a jump start on the goodies around Christmas time. Hope there will be a check in group, would love to see how everyone is doing and keep me accountable

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